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Jax Webb
 Posted: Jul 1 2012, 12:52 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Jax Michael Webb
Age: 31 yrs
Birthday: August 20
Prior Occupation: Undercover cop in Detroit
Current Status: Registered construction worker
Registration Number: HS8347TS76
Level of Education: High school, college and police academy degree.


Adoptive father: Tyrone Webb (63 yrs, adveni)
Adoptive mother: Ebony Webb (61 yrs, human)
Adoptive siblings: Caleb Webb (33)
Dante Webb (30)
Matteo Webb (26)
Willow Webb (23)
Thomas Webb (19)
Jasper Webb (17)
Nadine Webb (16)
Janice Webb (13)

Father: Marcus Harper (status unknown)
Mother: Carrie Harper (status unknown)
Siblings: Unknown but possible
Children: None, but wants a family some day


Height: 6'
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Hazel/green
Playby: Jensen Ackles


Likes and Dislikes:
✖ Everything that involves the beach and a surfboard
✖ Sports: Red Wings, Tigers and Lions fan
✖ Family: very important, he loves family nights
✖ Seeing other people smiling and having a good time
✖ Re-living small parts of how life was before the invasion

✖ Seeing people end up badly
✖ Hates small, confined spaces
✖ Anything related to advanced tech
✖ People who make money on others’ flaws
✖ Letting other take care of him

Strengths and Weaknesses:
✖ Puts effort and soul into everything he does
✖ Family-oriented: family always comes first
✖ Justifying: often acts as the family mediator
✖ Good at covering his tracks: he’s a survivor
✖ Goes out of his way to help others

✖ Goes out of his way to help others
✖ Afraid of being abandoned/left alone
✖ Smokes quite a lot: he’s trying to quit
✖ Can’t stand being, or feeling, powerless
✖ Is absolutely rubbish at anything tech
✖ His family, they are his biggest weakness

General Personality: Though Jax thinks that one should draw experience from the things that happened to you in the past, he also thinks that you shouldn’t let what’s happened to you define who you are as a person. Overall Jax is considered one of the good guys. He can be a little uptight sometimes and take things too seriously but at the end of the day he will go out of his way to help those who need it. If he can do something about it he’ll make sure that people don’t end up on the street without any way to support themselves, and that they have a chance to make a decent living for themselves. Lending a hand is one of the things that keep him going despite their current situation with the Advena ruling them. Making people smile gives him hope for a better future.

Being the oldest of the siblings Jax has always felt a responsibility for his family. It doesn’t matter that each and every member in his family are more than capable of taking care of themselves and making their own decisions, he thinks it’s his duty to make sure they always stay safe. That said Jax doesn’t forgive those who puts his family at risk. He’s incredibly protective of them and will do whatever he can to make sure that nobody hurts them. He’s yet to learn how to balance all things in life while taking care of himself, and in the heat of the moment he’s likely to forget about his own needs and wants and put the needs of his family first.

Though Jax will gladly help a fellow human, sometimes even Adveni who he feels he can give the benefit of the doubt until (and if) they prove him wrong, he is close to always on high alert and extra wary around them. His trust has to be earned and for an Adveni that’s not always an easy feat. The reason for his cautiousness bases itself on the fact that the Adveni know about his extracurricular, and a lot of them have expressed how little they like it, but has so far they have been unable to prove it which keeps him safe (at least he thinks that’s why). And he very much wants to stay alive and out of chains.

Underneath the part of Jax that screams business you’ll find a sweet and loving guy with a big heart for sports who absolutely loves his family, and is looking to have one of his own some day. He jokes around a lot, and can often sink down to the same level of a kid’s mentality. He’s great with kids. Despite the circumstances he figures that you’re supposed to have fun in life and so when the moment presents itself he’ll always take the chance. Jax has an easier time relaxing around kids as well as animals because he feels like they’re more trustworthy and innocent.

Another thing about Jax is that he’s hard to anger. Try and provoke him and he’ll just shrug it off. He’s learned the hard way that anger makes you do stupid things, and it makes you say things that you often don’t mean. He had some issues controlling his anger when he was younger but as of today he can proudly say that he’s able to control himself in most, though not all, situations.


Are you a Sect Member: No
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect:


Jax was born in late August, 1983 in Warren, Michigan. He was the first-born child of Marcus Harper, a flushed out ex-alcoholic, and Carrie Harper, a pre-school teacher. The two met during the wedding of a common friend and after only a few dates they decided to move in together. Eventually Carrie got pregnant and that was when they decided to get married as Carrie came from a semi-conservative family. One month later they stood on the altar professing their love to each other and eighth months after that Jax was born. Still looking for a job at the time, Marcus was home with their baby boy the entire first year. He eventually landed a job as a janitor at a hotel and things were looking up for the family. Shortly after his second birthday Carrie got pregnant once more. Months passed and Carrie got bigger and bigger, eventually learning that she was having a baby girl.

On January 6th the family got into a car accident when they were heading home late after Carrie’s fathers 50th birthday party. Jax was sleeping soundly in the backseat at the time while Carrie sat in the front and Marcus drove. When a deer ran out from nowhere Marcus was forced to evade and it drove them right off the road and into a tree. Still conscious Marcus managed to call an ambulance and with that the entire family was taken to the hospital. Jax survived without as much as a scratch and though both parents were battered and bruised they would live. The baby girl wasn’t as lucky. The doctors informed them that she was dead but that Carrie still had to give birth to her.

The time that followed was hard on the family. Marcus blamed himself for the death of their baby and started drinking again; losing his job as he did, while Carrie had a hard time getting back on her feet after the birth. Daily fights started between Marcus and Carrie, each of them blaming the other for what had happened. At first they were merely mouthing off but that and Marcus reckless drinking got to Carrie one day. She decided to leave together with Jax until Marcus had sobered up. Another fight ensued. It quickly went out of hand and Marcus raised his hand against his wife for the first time. At the end of the day, Carrie didn’t leave. The violence slowly poisoned Harper’s lives after that but Jax was never a part of it. Not at first, anyway. The first time Marcus raised his hand against his son was when Jax was five.

Noticing the bruises on Jax body, the mother of a friend of Jax’s called the social services who made short work of the investigation. Jax was forcibly taken from his parents and put up for adoption. Not knowing what was going on at the time he felt abandoned and cried himself to sleep most every night. After two weeks they finally managed to place him with a new family; The Webb’s. Being thrusted into the new family in Detroit without much of an explanation other than strangers telling him his real parents were bad for him, it took Jax a long time to feel comfortable in his new home. Tyrone and Ebony did what they could to warm him up. Having two other adopted siblings in the household helped a lot with the transition but it took almost a year before he accepted them as his parents and stop asking when he was going back home.

Growing up the family bonded very well despite their different backgrounds. None of them shared blood but they were as any other family. There were times when they fought but they always made up. At the age of 15 Jax set his sights on becoming a police officer. He wanted to help others. With motivation and encouragement he eventually graduated and began patrolling the streets. The first thing he did was start a cooperative investigation with the officers in Warren and after meeting his birth mother again, he managed to talk her into coming clean to all the things Marcus had put her through during the years. Marcus was sentenced to prison.

After a couple of years Jax was asked by his superiors to go undercover in order to try and bust some of the more organized criminals operating in Detroit. He accepted the offer, had his history of ever being in the force erased and was sent into the street. It took him three years, one of which was actually spent in prison, to rise from a common street thug to get in contact with the bigger fish in Detroit. On the way there he picked up various, less amiable, skills and traits. Shortly before Jax was able to start the official investigation against one of the big fishes, Yuri Ivanov, the Adveni invaded Earth.

Not caring whether or not Yuri ended up behind bars anymore Jax went home to his family, which during the years had extended into his parents, his birth mother, seven siblings as well as the families of Caleb and Dante, he was relieved to find that they were all alive and well. Laying low in Detroit while the war lasted Jax only focus was to keep his family out of the line of fire.

When the war finally settled the family realized that there was nothing left for them to do in Detroit. At Tyrone Webb’s suggestion they gathered their belongings and headed for Adlai in order to register and be able to get paying jobs. Arriving in Adlai gave them a rough wake-up call on what had actually happened since the war ended. Humans were treated like pets, and worse, while the invaders thrived on their new throne of power. Still, wanting to get back as much as possible from the life they’d had before the invasion the family registered and started looking for work. Jax and the other boys in the family, except Jasper, began working in construction.

Life was going pretty well and the family got on alright. Living in the same apartment complex they kept a close eye on each other and always stepped up for each other. After a month of settling in Jax got tired of watching people starve in the streets without roofs over their heads. He began reaching out to help them get a better life. He quickly became the guy people went to when they were looking for places to hide out or if they needed a job or fake papers and ID’s (much of which he gets help from Oscar, the owner of the Underdog). Helping people became the thing that kept Jax own spirits up. The Adveni knocked down his door a couple of times but after being unable to get anything out of him and having no evidence of what he was doing they were left unable to take any course of action against him.

A couple of years passed by without the Webb’s getting into any sort of trouble, but it so happened that an Adveni spotted Willow in the streets one day and became interested in claiming her as his own. For a month or so the Adveni had her scared and after almost cornering her, Jax and Dante decided to put an end to it. After beating the Adveni up, they figured that he had learned his lesson and would stay away from the Webb family. Instead it brought the authority to their door and Dante was arrested and sent to the compound. Why Jax was never brought in still remains a mystery to him and the rest of the family.

After spending two weeks in Lyndbury Dante was sold off as a slave. Jax kept in contact with his brother who, despite his new life, stayed strong and refused to let the Adveni break and tame him. Six months passed and Dante remained a Drysta. After attempting to escape, tired of not being his own master, Dante was taught a harsh lesson that nearly claimed his life. Jax quickly found out about it and decided to find a way to get his brother out. So far he has been unable to make any progress but he’s currently trying to save up as much money as he can in an attempt to buy Dante’s freedom.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Human

Name: Ciz
Gender: Female
Age: 20 yrs
How you found us: Once upon a time...
Any Previous Characters: Lots!

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 Posted: Jul 9 2012, 12:34 PM
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