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 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 11:19 AM
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Lexa smiled at his answer, teeth digging into flesh when his thumb briefly brushed against her skin as he pulled away her underwear only to let it snap back into place; the smile turning into a grin as she made herself comfortable in his lap.

It was an interesting concept, the way the law worked. For those not in the top layers of their hierarchy, rules were everything. They were meant to keep people in line and if you disobeyed, or stepped out of line, there were consequences. For those that tried to exploit them, use it to their own benefit, those consequences were even worse.

Things worked differently when you were floating above the clouds, she’d learned. The consequences were less of a concern, if anything they acted as something of a motivator to see how far they could go. There was a thrill in it, bending and stretching the rules and knowing you’d most certainly get away with it. At least if you knew how to maneuver yourself.

Lexa tilted her head a little to the side as he admired the view, soon leaning in to find his ear.

“I certainly hope so,” she murmured, planting a kiss on his temple shortly afterwards before she began working on putting him in a similar state of undress. As he moved to assist in the matter she ran her tongue over her lower lip and smiled.

He’d been making a lot of promises already, which in turn left her excited to see if he intended to come through on them. Smoothing her hands down over his chest she let out a longing sigh against his neck when he once more only barely touched her, teasing what was to come.

When he called her dirty, she laughed softly.

“I can hold my own,” she mused. “Seems we both can.”

If anything she’d say that he was more boldly so, given that he’d made his approach whilst they’d been surrounded by others at the poker table. As he laughed at her comment about his left hand she could feel his chest vibrating, her hands exploring along his collarbones. Putting on a thoughtful pout she leaned back and studied him for a moment.

“Ah, so I’ve already won two hands?” she asked mockingly. “Then you owe me two screams.”

Leaning in she drew another kiss from him only to squeak lightly and laugh when he maneuvered himself forward and started to rid himself of his clothes. Despite having her sitting in his lap he worked quite efficiently, soon sitting in nothing but his underwear. As he tipped her over she shifted against the couch, making herself comfortable as he studied her languidly, not shying away from his eyes.

“I was raised in a home where you had to take what you wanted,” she told him.

Pressing her elbows against the couch she pushed herself up ever so slightly, watching with curiosity as his hand began its exploration. Her chest heaved as he felt his fingers, warmth spreading through her body and up into her cheeks. She was about to continue speaking when he drew a moan from her lips upon giving her even more attention, this time adding his tongue as his fingers continued their work.

“If you didn’t, you’d risk missing out. I do not like missing out.”

With one leg resting between his knees she slowly drew it up, rubbing her thigh against the noticeable bulge of his underwear. Sliding her hand into the hair at the back of his neck she moved her leg slowly as she allowed herself a moment to enjoy his full attention. His breath was warm against her breast, leaving her body in goose bumps, while her own breath quickened at his touch.

“There’s certainly nothing wrong with your left hand,” she agreed after a moment, soft laughter spilling from her lips as she used the hand that was at the back of his neck to guide him up to her, seeking out another kiss. This one a little sloppier than the last as his continuous explorations made her buck her hips against his hand and gasp. “I wonder how the right will fare.”

She giggled against his lips, kissing him again before seeking out his gaze.

“Actually, never mind the right hand…”

To get her point across she pressed her thigh more firmly against his crotch, grinning at him.

She knew what she wanted, and she didn’t think he’d protest.

At least not if she was going to judge by what she felt.

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