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Evelyn Quinn
 Posted: May 23 2016, 03:14 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Evelyn Quinn
Nickname: Eve, Evie or Miss Quinn
Age: 26 yrs
Birthday: May 19, 1989
Prior Occupation: Broadway actress (dancing/singing)
Current Status: Registered Human
Registration Number: HS8945TP12
Level of Education: High school degree
Two years at a dancing academy through scholarship
Two years at Berklee College of Music


Father: Patrick Quinn (67 yrs, former music producer)
Mother: Gemma Quinn (59 yrs, former semi-famous musician)
Children: Eleanor, 4 yrs (Lenny) and Michael, 3 yr (Mikko)
Siblings: A total of eight, four brothers and four sisters.


Height: 5'6"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Emmy Rossum


Likes and Dislikes:
- Extremely fond of music, couldn't live without it.
- Musicals, threatre; all of which she misses fondly. Her life pretty much revolved around it. It was what she loved to do, be it standing on stage or going to see a play.
- You'll often find Eve humming on a melody or singing a tune even when she's not performing on a stage. She's the kind of girl who doesn't restrict it to singing in the shower. She sings everywhere. Literally.
- Dancing is something Eve has done since she was a little child. It started out with balet before she moved onto modern dance, street dancing and break dancing. She's tried bellydancing, tango, salsa and even pole dancing. She's not well versed in all of them, of course, but make no mistake. The girl can move.
- Ice cream! Especially eating straight out of the tub, YUM!
- Yoga, meditation and aerobics. They keep her focused, relaxed and in control of her body.
- Tea. She drinks tea in the mornings and before going to bed, every day.
- Long, late-night conversations with friends about everything and anything. They are the best.
- Warm weather, the summer and just enjoying the sun.

- War, militarism, terrorism. All of the things that affect the people who are only trying to get by and live their lives in peace, really. It's an evil circle because it never ends with 'an eye for an eye'. Violence will keep breeding hatred and that will only continue to raise the civilian death toll.
- Unwillingness to learn, change or adapt. Basically narrow-minded people.
- Cold showers. Running out of hot water is the worst feeling. The worst.
- Waking up early when she doesn't have to go to work. Ekh.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Always aiming to do her best in everything she does, and always looking to improve.
- Has an overall likeable persona that most people enjoy and can connect to.
- Very creative and open to new ideas and influences, likes trying new things
- Emotionally strong in the sense that she bounces back quickly from stressful or challenging situations. Life can get her down, she can get upset like anybody else, but she recovers well when bad things happen.
- Lives a very healthy lifestyle and thus rarely gets sick.

- She doesn't do well with darkness. It makes her incredibly paranoid. She always sleeps with a light on, usually the one in the hallway with the bedroom door slightly ajar, and when she goes home after work she always calls for one of T's taxis.
- Suffers from a pretty nasty dust allergy against which she takes regular medication, so she really doesn't suffer from it unless she forgets to take her meds which doesn't happen very often.
- Very emotional person. Evie has a tendency to get heavily involved emotionally with the people she considers to be her close friends, which in turn makes it very easy for these people to hurt her. You could say that she puts her heart on her sleeve and while it's not only a weakness it has hurt her quite a few times. Especially when it comes to love.

General Personality: Evie values professionalism. She's got no delusions about her place while she's at work. She'll put on a polite smile and play the humble girl, she'll entertain a conversation and she'll flirt. She understands that the people she's entertaining will view her in a specific way and she's okay with that. At work, that's fine because she realises that she's been very fortunate to be able to do this.

However, outside of work, she's a bit of a different cookie. She won't ignore you if you walk up to her and want to talk but she won't take your shit with a smile on her face. Basically if she thinks you're rude, don't expect her to stick around. Outside of work she's not paid to keep your ego intact. That said, Evie is a very friendly and easily likable person. It's something that naturally applies to her both in and outside of work. She's the kind of person who tries to see the good in everything. Not to say that she's overly positive but she tries to have a good outlook on life.

She has a good sense of humour and a very playful persona, Evie often flirts with people without the intention of following through. She's been romantically involved a few times and that hasn't changed even if the world has. If someone catches her interest she doesn't sit around and wait for them to make a move. She's not afraid to take that step herself.

While some people are sociable without actually taking the time to get to know people, Evie does. She finds people intriguing. Yes, of course there are those that doesn't play well with her but when she finds someone that she connects with she will treasure that friendship. She's the kind of person who'll come running when you need them, even if it's in the middle of the night or if she's hours away.


Are you a Sect Member: No
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect:


Evelyn Quinn grew up in a large household in Fairbanks, Alaska. She was the middle child in a family with four older siblings and four younger ones, most of whom were girls. Growing up, her parents made sure to find time to spend with their children. Sunday was their official family day. It was the day of the week that they always spent together. Sometimes it could be going for a picnic in the park, crowd the living room to watch a movie or go snow sledding in the winter.

When Evelyn was around 5 years old their parents took them to a children's threatre one sunday night. She loved it and it was the first of many that ignited her dream to one day be performing on stage. Starting out early, Evelyn took part in school plays as well as dancing and singing classes outside of school. She did balet for eight years and during the last three years she began to branch out a bit more.

Because Evelyn was extremely dedicated and good at dancing she later won a scholarship that allowed her to spend two years at a dancing academy. Later she applied for Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. While her parents were a little concerned about sending their daughter so far away they allowed it, both of them wanting their children to be able to chose their own paths and follow their dreams. Evelyn spent another two years there while performing on smaller stages in the city before, by chance, she was discovered by a producer who was to set up a show at broadway.

Asked to audition, she was able to land a supporting role in Dirty Dancing. Leaving college Evelyn moved onto New York to begin preparations for the role. It was after the premiere of the show that she saw her dreams to be on the big stage fullfilled and her career kicked off. Evelyn began to star in bigger shows, landing more prominent roles and making a name for herself in the show business.

Evelyn was living in New York permanently with a daughter and a son that she'd had together with her ex-husband by the time the Adveni revealed themselves. She did as most and ran. Hoping to escape the worst of the war she tried to make her way back home to Alaska, back to her family. She managed to make her way across country and got on a boat back home. Unfortunately they never made it to their destination. The boat was seized in the middle of the ocean.

The Adveni gathered them up and held for the remainder of the war.

Keeping to herself she managed to stay out of trouble and as the dust began to settle, she and many others were transferred through public transportations to Adlai. Evelyn and her two children barely saw the inside of the Lyndbury Compound before they were picked up by a man and a woman, both middle-aged and seemingly harmless. Not that she believed one of them could be counted as such. Still, she didn't think much of it at the time; the only thing that mattered was that her children were still with her.

It took Evelyn a while to learn to trust her new owners but in time, and through their kindness, she eventually did. It was also around the same time that she learned they were extending their kindness even further. They were actively helping other humans who'd fallen in a bad way and so her respect for them only continued to grow. She stayed with them for five months.

It was around that time the A.I.I came knocking. Her owners were apprehended, her children separated from her and she went through extensive interrogations (though not the physical kind) so that the A.I.I could find out how deep the betrayal ran. Three more Adveni were taken in and despite cooperating Evelyn was told that her children would be taken into custody while she would be returned to the Compound, where she would then remain indefinitely. She was told that it wasn't because she was human. It was because they needed to make an example of those breaking the law. In a sense, she was lucky as the Adveni who'd gone against their own were executed.

Four months later, Evelyn was told that she'd been purchased by a private owner and that she was leaving the prison. It was how she came to meet Claudia Dubois. For whatever reason the Adveni had put resources and money into ensuring she was put back on the block and sold to her. The first thing Claudia did when they met was grant Evelyn her freedom. The second thing she did was offer her a job as an entertainer at her club. Evelyn accepted, on the condition that she'd try to reunite her with her children. Claudia agreed to the terms.

Since then Evelyn has slowly started piecing her life back together. She has an apartment of her own. Money to help her get by. She's once again back in the entertainment business, splitting her time between performing at Chicago and ocassionally dancing at Claudia's strip club. The promise made to her was kept and she gets to visit her children, both now in Adveni care, regularly.

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Cizzito
Gender: Female
Age: 24 yrs
How you found us: My... preciousssss.
Any Previous Characters: More than the alphabet.

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