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Rebecca Stone
 Posted: Dec 6 2015, 12:18 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Rebecca Stone
Age: 18
Birthday: 4th April
Prior Occupation: Student
Current Status: Registered Human In Hiding
Registration Number: HD9700TS10
Level of Education: Grade School


Father: Johnathon Stone
Mother: Marie Stone
Children: none
Siblings: Jacob Stone (22), Denise (Dessie) Stone (16)


Height: 5'5
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Playby: Katie Findlay


Likes and Dislikes:
*The A.I
*Activities that keep her hands and mind busy
*Maths - It makes sense no matter what you do to it
*Being warm and dry

*Not being able to remember what happened to her
*The Adveni
*Being cornered or cooped up
*Needles, pills, medicine in general
*People getting too close
*Noise and things being busy

Strengths and Weaknesses:
*Plays the piano very well
*Good at hiding and evading people
*Good muscle memory: Very good at picking up various crafts

*Severe Memory loss
*Struggles with risk management
*Has trouble controlling her emotions
*Doesn't trust easily
*Allergic to nuts

General Personality:
Rebecca is skittish at best and difficult to get to know. It's not that she doesn't like people, but she doesn't know enough about herself for other people to know her either. Her captivity with the Adveni, and the drugs they kept her on constantly developed a serious memory loss and a condition much like bipolar disorder. She suffers draining bouts of depression and extreme highs in which she believes she is special, that she can do anything. She can swing wildly between the two with next to no notice. However, if you get Rebecca on a good day and can earn her trust enough to make her remember you, she's a sweet girl.


Are you a Sect Member: No


Up until the age of 16, Rebecca Stone lived a pretty normal life. She wasn't in the popular group at school, but like her older brother, she was friendly enough that most people liked her company and she never really had any enemies. Where her brother liked baseball, Rebecca enjoyed music, and began learning the piano at an early age. Her life was great.

When the Adveni came and the war ended, the Stones were forced out of their house to make way for Adveni. In the panic and confusion, their father Johnathon got into a fight when he took her with him to try to secure housing. As the fight got out of control, Johnathon Stone was shot and killed by Agrah Adveni. Rebecca was sobbing over his body, screaming that the man was evil. When his Captain showed up, he merely laughed. Seeing that Rebecca was not yet registered, he had her rounded up with some other women and taken for 'testing'. She never even got the chance to tell her mother or sister that their father was dead. She didn't learn whether her brother, Jacob, survived the war.

The testing Rebecca was submitted to proved fruitful for the Adveni, and she was soon transferred to a facility the Adveni had appropriated to their cause. She was told every day how lucky she was that she was suitable, that the women who were found unsuitable were sent to the compound to be sold as general slaves. She was kept and monitored, told again and again how lucky she was and how useful she would be. Rebecca started to believe it... until they decided she was ready.

The man they sent in was in his late thirties, and while he tried to be gentle, it was the worst experience she'd ever had. She was tested again, and again, and after a week, they tried again. It was then that Rebecca realised what she was suitable for.

The first time she got pregnant, she was treated well enough until she starved herself for four days and miscarried. After that, the Adveni kept her on a cocktail of alien medication to keep her compliant and, for the most part, only half-conscious.

She remembers flashes of her time. She remembers a pain she'd never experienced before. She remembers the tiny body they took away and how grey and malformed it was. The drugs were lessened just enough to flush her system and then it was back to the routine.

Rebecca was kept in the facility for two years. She escaped when a nurse didn't notice she'd managed to dislodge her drip. For three days, she became more and more aware of what was happening, always rolling over when anyone entered so they wouldn't realise the drip was only held into the crook of her elbow by tape, not a needle.

She made a run for it, and lived on the streets. When she found her brother, Jacob, she thought everything would be alright, but the drugs had done their job. Rebecca doesn't remember running from him, but when she next had a clear moment, she wasn't in the tunnels anymore.

She remembers that the A.I were kind to her, and that her brother and sister was with them. She's scoured the tunnels multiple times in the last month, but she can't find them and she's starting to doubt she ever found her brother or the A.I at all, wondering if they were just a figment of her imagination.

But she finds the tunnels comforting, so she stays down there a lot.

Role Play Sample

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 30
How you found us: Shhh, it's a secret!
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