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Emily Tennison
 Posted: Feb 17 2015, 06:20 AM
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Emily Tennison

The Human Registry

Name: Emily Tennison
Age: 28
Birthday: 25th May
Prior Occupation: Physiotherapist/Exotic Dancer/Gym Dance Instructor
Current Status: Registered Human
Registration Number: HS8644TS12
Level of Education: College Graduate


Father: John Tennison
Mother: Wendy Tennison
Children: N/A
Siblings: Bradley (31), Laura (29), Christopher (27)


Height: 5'9
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Playby: Phoebe Tonkin


Likes and Dislikes:
Breakfast foods (her favourite is pancakes and bacon)
Dancing and music
Her journal
Anything that comes in a shot glass

Early mornings
Being alone
Being treated like crap because she's a human
Sour sweets

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Very active. Has great stamina and flexibility.
Street smart
Cheerful and handles people well

Makes the easy decisions
Backs down from arguments as she doesn't like people not liking her
Doesn't deal with quiet well. She needs things going on.

General Personality:
Emily is a person who likes to be in the middle of chaos. Growing up with three siblings made things a bit crazy, and she finds being alone completely unnatural. Emily thrives under pressure and finds the crazier things are, the better she works. She misses the days when she could go out clubbing with her friends and be out all night.
She still loves to dance and will often dance around her small apartment, much to the amusement of Aaron. She loves the feeling of protection she gets with Aaron and adores having him around.
Emily is cheerful and kind. She doesn't like being at odds with people and will generally help people if they need it. She has a pretty brash sense of humour and won't shy away from a bad or dirty joke.


Are you a Sect Member: No.


Emily grew up in a busy household. She was the third child to the Tennison family and with a brother following only a year later, Emily only ever knew chaos. She was a happy and bright young girl who looked up to her older siblings and looked after her younger brother. Honestly, everything was relatively perfect.

With an interest in sports and dancing, but told that a college education would get her further in life, Emily went to college in Adlai, the nearest city from her small home town. Her grades were good, and she found an interest in physiotherapy, specialising in sports treatments. She graduated with good grades, and that was when things started getting tough.

In the rough economy, getting a job with her specialised training was difficult. None of the professional teams were willing to take a risk on someone without experience, and the only experience she could get was to work for free as an intern.

She took an internship with the Adlai baseball team and started teaching step and zumba classes in a local gym. Only, the gym wanted more hours, and with so much overlap with her physio job, she had to go to being a temp at the gym after only a couple of months.

It was a friend who suggested she go to one of the local strip clubs. She was pretty enough and she danced well, it wouldn't take much to get some decent money. Emily was horrified at the idea, but with rent day looming, she went for a trial.

She made more in tips in that three hour trial than she had for an entire day of work at the gym.

Emily didn't dare tell her parents what she was doing for money. Instead she lied and told them she was still working at the gym as well as her internship. In truth, she was working ten til three am at the club and then afternoons of physio after the team practice ended. She was busy as hell, but she was enjoying herself.

That was when he showed up. It was the middle of winter, just before Christmas, and her boss, genius savant that he was, decided to dress the girls in themed outfits. Emily had been in the skimpiest Mrs Clause outfit ever known to man when Aaron came in. Aaron was attractive, but Emily, who had taken on the stage name Ivy, didn't pay that sort of attention to the paying customers. She gave him the dance he paid for, along with his 'ho ho hot moment', and figured that was the end of that.

When she left that night, wrapping herself tight in her coat and heading towards the underground, another customer grabbed her by the arm and demanded a little extra for his money. Emily tried to pull away from him, and she knew she had pepper spray somewhere in her bag, but he wouldn't budge. Strippers were all the same, he said. It was the tease before you paid for the rest. He wanted the rest. Emily told him no more than once, but the guy wasn't having any of it. He got angry at her repeated rejections and shoved her against the wall, obscenities on his lips. The punch came out of nowhere and before Emily could blink, the drunken idiot was on the ground, and the attractive guy was standing there shaking off the pain in his hand.

Emily wasn't about to trade one idiot for another, but Aaron just laughed and told her he didn't want anything. Deciding that she should do something, she grabbed his hand and inspected his knuckles. He needed some ice if he didn't want the joints swelling. Taking him over to the diner, she got him a towel full of ice, bought him a three am breakfast, and they were still there at seven. They'd talked all night and she hadn't even noticed.

Things went smoothly with Aaron after that. They hung out, they had sex, and slowly but surely, Emily fell in love.

Then the Adveni arrived, and Emily found out that one of them had been there all along. That wicked tattoo on Aaron's ribs, the one she liked so much, was actually a nsiloq. Aaron went off to fight, and Emily hitched a ride back home. Her parents were fine, as were her siblings. They stayed locked away in the family home and Emily figured it was the last she'd see of Aaron Kelso.

He turned up two months after the end of the war. Her brother, Bradley, was furious and threatened him with a shotgun when he asked to see her. A good old traditional country welcome. Luckily, Emily got Brad to stand down, and agreed to speak to him. It only took one look for her to know she still loved him, and Aaron had been stationed in Adlai. If she went back she could make money to send back home, and she could be with him.

Aaron was worried about what others of his race would think, and so after registering, with Aaron's help, Emily got her own tiny apartment and a job as a waitress at one of the Adveni run restaurants. Aaron would come and see her whenever he could get away from work, and things have been that way for two years.

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: female
Age: 29
How you found us: Found who?
Any Previous Characters: HA!

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