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Jack Yorke
 Posted: Jan 9 2014, 10:55 AM
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Jack Yorke

The Human Registry

Name: Jack Yorke
Age: 28
Birthday: 21st June
Prior Occupation: Air Force mechanic and engineer
Current Status: Registered Sect Member
Registration Number: HS8646TS76
Level of Education: High School and applied credentials in mechanics and engineering


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: none
Siblings: Unknown


Height: 6'2
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: blue
Playby: Chris Pine


Likes and Dislikes:
- planes, cars, weapons, anything he can take apart.
- Adveni technology
- Kelly, his best friend.
- The Ocean
- Mickey Ng. He has a bit of an unsung crush. Despite never saying more than three words to her.
- Comic books

- Oreos
- Failure. It drives him up the wall when he can't do something.
- Throwing things away, he's a hoarder when he gets the opportunity.
- Disrespect to women.
- Superman and Batman. He thinks they're douches.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- modest
- confident
- intelligent
- decent shot with a handgun
- great understanding of mechanics and technology engineering
- making things out of scraps

- Cannot fire anything bigger than a handgun to save his life, not if you expect him to hit something.
- Short sighted, needs glasses
- Doesn't always know when to shut up.
- Can be a bit of a pushover, and has difficulty saying no to others
- Over protective of those he cares about

General Personality:
Jack is a typically nice guy. If he’d had a Texan accent, he’d probably be considered a southern gentleman or something similar. Though, almost a decade on a Texas Air Force base, and he’s certainly picked up some of the twang. He likes things that work, even when it comes to people, and so disagreements around him really drive him around the bend. If people are working toward the same goal, why can’t they just try to get along?

Jack is an active guy, and can’t sit around doing nothing. Even if he’s got to stay in one place, he’ll always have a comic book on him, or something to tinker with. He’s always got about five different projects on the go, and as a hoarder, he’ll usually have that part you need.

Growing up in an orphanage, Jack is a big people person. He’s always willing to take a back seat to others, and it constantly pushing people to go for the things they want. Unfortunately, he’s not as good at it himself. Despite having had a crush on one of his lieutenants for almost a year, he’s yet to say more than three words to her, something he’s mocked about by his friends who suspect he likes her more than as an Eighth Officer. They’ve never seen him as quiet as when she is around.

Kelly is Jack’s best friend, and there are certainly no secrets or awkwardness between the two. Going through three days of being trapped with someone will quickly get rid of any semblance of pride or discomfort about their bodies. Occasionally, people think that they’re a couple, but it’s nothing like that. He loves her and trusts her completely, but it’s purely platonic.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
Name of Sect: Eighth Army
Rank/Position Private


Jack Yorke was born sometime around the end of June. No one is exactly sure when. There was no note or birth certificate left with him when he was dropped off at a Fire station in Sugarloaf Key, Florida. There was a brief call for his parents to collect him, but with the safe haven laws, no one was ever found.

It would have been thought that the firemen handed him straight over to the authorities, and they did call, but they liked the little guy, so while social services looked for a decent home for him, he was kept in the fire station, looked after by the guys on duty. Most people think it's parents that have a hard time picking names, but funnily enough, the men of the station argued for six days over what to call the baby under their care. There were some traditional names, some rather wacky ones, but in the end they decided on Jack. In their opinion, it was the only logical choice. He'd been left to them in a box, and so Jack-in-the-Box was born, given the last name Yorke for the time being.

Once Jack was moved to an orphanage, life went pretty smoothly. He was put up on adoption lists, but for some reason, he was never taken up. Mr and Mrs Henson, who ran the orphanage, could not figure it out. Jack was a bright little boy, no obvious problems.

By the time Jack was starting high school, they'd given up on trying to get him adopted. Jack was practically their child anyway, and he was well adjusted and good with the other kids.

Living so close to the sea, and in a tourist hotspot on Key West, Jack soon began working in a local jet ski rental at the weekends. He got a little money, and was able to take the jet skis out during quiet periods. By the time he was seventeen, he was taking the groups out on tours, and the owner was teaching him general repairs.

When Jack graduated from High School and was considering college, choices became difficult. He didn't have the money to go to a good school, and scholarships were being snapped up all around him. Instead, he began looking at alternatives. Wanting to study mechanics, he accepted a place with the Air Force. Five years service in exchange for full training in car, plane, and boat engineering.

After that, time seemed to slip away from him. Before he knew it, he was a fully trained engineer, not just in vehicles, but also with some of the weaponry and guidance systems, and his five years service was up. However, despite the fact he was given a decent package to walk away if he chose, Jack felt that he'd found his life in the military, and stuck with it.

Two tours later, at the age of 26, the Adveni arrived. Jack was on a base in Texas when it happened. Fighting tooth and nail against the invading forces, Jack survived the first waves because he was held off the front lines, told that they'd need him for repairs when things went down.

Before a week had passed, the base had been completely destroyed. Bombs rained down on them, and Jack found himself trapped under the rubble of what used to be their workshop. One other person, Kelly, was trapped with him, and the two of them quietly discussed their childhood, their hobbies, their families (or lack of them in Jack's case,) anything to keep them from screaming out. They were under there for three days, nibbling at a single packet of Oreos and drinking sips of the water bottles they'd had with them until they figured it was safe to move the rubble and come out.

There was no one else left on the base, and so Kelly and Jack made their way north. They registered themselves in Vegas. Neither ever touched an oreo again.

Joining up with the Eighth Army in Adlai, Jack found himself enthralled by the Adveni technology that was becoming available. He loved taking it apart, and after a year or so, he was even able to put it back together. It was by accident that he worked out the cinystalq collars, but it was fiddly work. Not long after, he was helping others out of them. Not often, and they had more failures than successes, but the more he tried, the better he became.

So he's been doing it ever since.

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 28
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 Posted: Jan 9 2014, 11:21 AM
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