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David Prince
 Posted: Jul 14 2012, 12:52 AM
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The Human Registry

Name: David Henry Prince
Age: 51 years old
Birthday: April 4th
Prior Occupation: Navy medic assigned to the marines
Current Status: Registered Sect Member
Registration Number: HS6357TP78
Level of Education: High school, hospital corps school and field medical service school (including marine infantry training/further medical training)


Father: Keith Prince, deceased
Mother: Felicia Prince, deceased
Siblings: Heather Prince (48, A.I member)

Spouse: Cornelia Prince, died christmas 2009
Children: Tina Prince (17 and missing), Karen Prince (11), Mary Prince (9), Amanda Prince (5)


Height: 6'
Hair Colour: Dark brown and gray-ish
Eye Colour: A mix of brown and green
Playby: Timothy Olyphant


Likes and Dislikes:
- His four daughters
- Botanic and flowers
- His job, saving people
- The outdoors: camping etc.

- Losing a patient
- Being disobeyed
- The Adveni
- False hope

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Sees to his people's needs
- Works well under pressure
- Good sense of orientation
- Very skilled marksman
- Inventive handyman

- Takes painkillers for phantom pain in his shoulder when he got hurt many years ago
- Narrow-minded towards new faces
- Needs glasses to read and stich up wounds
- Allergic to all kinds of nuts

General Personality: It's no secret among the members of the A.I that David looks upon new arrivals with suspicion and gives them a hard time until they prove that they can be of use and that they belong with the rest of them. With so many to look after he feels like mistakes can't be made. They can't afford it. David cares a lot about his people, and foremost his family, but rather than offering comfort and a friendly smile he's strict, up-straight and honest. If he has something to say, he'll say it. He's not the kind of guy to beat around the bush, he takes command and he's not afraid to voice his thoughts.

That said, David rarely offers people compliments when they've done something good (but yes, it happens every now again). Instead he challenges them to become better and to push themselves even further, but only if he sees the potential. He's not a bully, or a bad man, he's simply trying to help people evolve and improve their talents. David has long since gotten used to the tunnels and he practically lives in them. He doesn't like the upside world as much anymore. It's too crowded. Not to mention dangerous. He's most at ease when he's down underground.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
Name of Sect: A.I
Rank/Position: Leader


Growing up David was very family oriented. He'd much rather spend time playing with his younger sister, Heather, who was his best friend, rather than being with the other kids. Every weekend and holiday, he and his family would go out into the woods and camp, sometimes for several weeks. Some of his best childhood memories are from times spent camping and hiking in the outdoors.

It was first in high school that the two siblings drifted apart enough for David to seek out and make new friends. Shortly after graduating from high school, however, he lost contact with said friends as one went off to become a firefighter and the other wanted to pursue a path as an athlete. At the time David didn't know what he wanted to instead of going to college he started working at the gas station. He spent nearly half a year doing the same thing every day and eventually it started driving him crazy. That's when he signed up at a recruitment center downtown.

David had never really thought about joining the military before, didn't seem like the kind of thing he could do, but after a long talk with the recruitment officer he signed on. It took David some time to find his place in the military but with some help from said recruitment officer he decided to become a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy. Once his training finished he spent about a year in a hospital before he requested to be reassigned to the marines. His request was granted.

David spent two years with the marines, saving lives, until he was hit by the shrapnel of a grenade. He was seriously wounded and it took him several months of rest, rehab and therapy to get him back on his feet. During this time David met with Cornelia, who happened to be his rehabilitation doctor. They fell in love and got engaged only a month before David signed up for another tour. The next time he came back they married and during their honeymoon Cornelia got pregnant with their first daughter, Tina.

Three more followed.

When Cornelia was pregnant with Mary, their third child, David's mother passed away in cancer. Life slowly continued and in 2007 he started discussing with his wife if it was wise to sign up for another five years now that his current contract with the military was coming to an end. He decided to do one last run, even though Cornelia suggested he should stay home and get to know his kids a little better.

In march 2009, David and Cornelia had their last daughter. The same year Cornelia passed away on Christmas eve after getting into a car accident. David wasn't home at the time as he'd been unable to get leave this year. They sent him home a couple of days after her death to give him time to take care of the funeral and to spend time with his family. Only a month after the funeral David was forced to return. Thankfully David's father and sister agreed to take the daughters in and look after them while he was working.

David had just finished his contract with the military when the Adveni invaded. When he got home his house was destroyed. David found his father's body but there was no signs of his sister Heather or his daughters. It took David about three months to track them down. Heather had taken to the small cabin that they'd used to rent back when they'd been kids. Everyone but his oldest daughter was accounted for. Tina had been with her boyfriend when their home had been hit and with all the commotion and three kids to look after Heather had packed their things and gotten to safety.

They spent a month in the cabin where David made due with what they had. Most days he spent by the lake, fishing their dinner. During their second month the food started to run out and so David took the car Heather had taken with her, and drove his family to the one city he'd heard on the radio was supposed to be decently safe. Adlai. Upon arrival he and his family all registered. They spent another two months trying to make a living until David came in contact with the A.I. He joined them and within a year he became one of the sects three leaders. Since then he's mostly kept to the tunnels, doing his best to look after his family as well as the people who trust in him to keep them safe.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Human

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Female
Age: 20, soon 21!
How you found us: <3
Any Previous Characters: An army of 'em!

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 Posted: Jul 14 2012, 07:04 AM
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