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Jason Regnier
 Posted: Apr 24 2013, 10:48 AM
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Jason Regnier

The Human Registry

Name: Jason Regnier
Age: 34
Birthday: 24 April
Prior Occupation: wealthy, living off investments and dabbling in money schemes
Current Status: Registered Human & Sect Member
Registration Number: HS8032TS14
Level of Education: cheated his way through college


Father: Martin Regnier, deceased before the war
Mother: Elyse Regnier, deceased before the war
Children: None that he knows of
Siblings: None


Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Playby: Mark Wahlberg


Likes and Dislikes:
+ power and control
+ money
+ sex
+ winning
+ anything that goes fast

- losing control
- boredom
- someone trying to figure him out

Strengths and Weaknesses:

+ he can put on the charm in order to get what he wants
+ when he sets his mind to do something, he stays with it until he gets it, one way or another
+ doesn't let fear get in the way

- impulsive with moodswings
- doesn't always think things through and takes unnecessary risks
- finds it difficult to resist temptation

General Personality:

Jason is very much a control freak and feels the need to stay in control of both himself and everything around him. He also likes to control other people, using them to get what he wants. Turning on the charm is a way of achieving that. But if his control fails, he can get irritable and can lash out in an instant.

He doesn't have much empathy and doesn't really care for other people's feelings. He's more sorry that he lost all his money than for any relationships he's lost or any feelings he might have hurt. If he asks for something to be done, he expects it to be done. That is one reason why he doesn't like to give out too much power to others, because he doesn't trust that the job will actually be done the way he wants it to - another way of keeping control.

Doesn't have a problem with killing, if it gets him what he wants. Because of his controlling personality, girl friends usually don't stick around for a very long time. He's the kind of guy that would kill your dog and leave it on your porch for you to find - then turn up with with a bouquet of flowers to comfort you.

Jason is heterosexual, but could easily swing the other way, if it got him something he wanted.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
Name of Sect: Chemical Cartel
Rank/Position Crew Leader


As a child, Jason moved around a few times with his family. He was an only child, his parents both being wealthy lawyers, working at the same law firm. They were career people, which left Jason to spend his time pretty much as he pleased. With no one to look out for him, Jason soon found himself in trouble, both in and out of school.

His parents tried to help the situation by moving the family to another city, taking up positions for themselves at another branch of the same law firm. Jason soon found new friends and a new school, and still did pretty much as he pleased, going to school when he pleased and spending time with friends how he pleased. His parents let him, both being too busy with their careers. Jason found new troubles, but miraculously never got punished for them or got into any heavy trouble with the law.

In his teens, Jason's parents were tragically murdered. Someone had broken into their house and murdered them in their beds. Jason appeared to be heartbroken and told the police he had been the one to find his parents after coming home after a late night out with friends. He was investigated by the police, but eventually let go without any charges. The case was never solved.

After the murder, Jason was still a minor and so was appointed a guardian. He inherited his parents fortune, but couldn't fully get his hands on it until his 21st birthday, provided he get an education. Until then he went to school like any other kid and spent his spare time with friends. He did get a monthly fee that he could spend as he wished.

On his 21st birthday he got full access to his trust fund and inheritance, and started living his life fully the way he wanted to. For the next ten years he lived a life of luxury, changing friends, girls and cars almost as often as his underwear. The money he had inherited was enough to pay for his way of living for a while - but to make sure the money would last, he started to dabble in different money schemes, including some non-legit ones. One of his investments lay in Ray Ashes' businesses in Adlai, expecting it to bring him a neat little extra sum.

As the Adveni struck, Jason lost everything. Suddenly money, status, cars and real estate meant nothing. Like most other people, he was forced to register with the Adveni, and he found himself struggling to make a living - just like everyone else.

Jason despises the Adveni because they ended what was a comfortable life for him. He would now do anything to make the world as it once was, getting rid of the Adveni rule for good. He has now joined forces with the Chemical Cartel, hoping to recover at least a little bit of the control he used to have.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Human

Name: Sehlatus
Gender: Female
Age: not telling
How you found us: don't even remember anymore
Any Previous Characters: my boys Zach and Luka
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 Posted: Apr 24 2013, 11:01 AM
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This one looks like he could cause some trouble! Love it!

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