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Cayden Wilcox

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Nov 28 2015, 08:28 AM


The Human Registry

Name: Cayden Wilcox
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: 11th February
Prior Occupation: High School student
Current Status: Registered Human
Registration Number: HS9800TS14
Level of Education: Grade school


Father: Elias Wilcox
Mother: Stella Reid
Children: None
Siblings: One big brother (Camden) and one big sister (Ava)


Height: 5'10
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde in the summer, brown in the winter
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Playby: Thomas Brodie-Sangster


Likes and Dislikes:
- Carries everything he owns in a bag, which he takes with him everywhere. It doesn't contain much. A set of clothes, some junk that he's gathered through the years, his registration papers.
- Listening to music on his old, worn walkman. Yes, the one that plays old tapes. His headsets are practically broken but he's got some duct tape keeping it together. It works, that's the main thing.
- Hang out at The Underdog, where he usually begs for scraps of food. He tries to steer clear of Oscar because he knows that his presence isn't always welcomed.
- The Belsa. They are so badass! Especially the Marshal! He loves stories about them in general. Cayden was one of the people who refused to believe that the Eighth Army would lay down their arms after the flooding and let me tell you, he was ecstatic to know that he was right. Oh and did I mention that he dreams of becoming a Belsa himself one day?
- It's only fair to give the Marshal a paragraph of his own because the man is practically one of his biggest role models. One of Cayden's fondest memories from these past two years is from meeting this man. The correct term would be that he ran into him. He must have looked up with the biggest eyes because the Marshal chuckled at him, ruffled his hair, told him to be more careful and moved on. To most it might seem like something insignificant but not for Cayden.
- The underground tunnels, he loves being down there. With the water slowly clearing out he's started to return down here. He used to run through them all the time before the flooding, knew exactly where the sects were located (though to his disappointment they never let him in to see the Belsa's HQ) and the best (and back then less crowded) routes to get around.

- Being treated like a kid whose 'innocent' needs to be protected. Come on, the world went to shit and as far as he's concerned it's not gotten any better even though the war was said to have ended. He didn't survive these past years with his 'innocence' intact.
- Adveni, but that shouldn't be a surprise. He knows to discern people from the actions of a few but that doesn't make him any less wary of them. He knows what they're capable of. He's down-right terrified that they'll grab him off the street one day and put him into one of those programs. It's an irrational fear but don't say that to his face, he'll get pissed.
- His past life. It's not so much that he hates it but more that he hates it because it's gone. It's something he's not going to get back. There's also the inevitable reality that he's never going to get home to his family and friends again. While Cayden is not one to mope there are days when it gets to him.
- He's got a real bad fear of storms. He can handle a little bit of rain, he likes the rain even, but when you add thunder and lightning to the equation is when things turn sour. He's been afraid of it ever since his family decided to spend one summer travelling through the countryside of England and got stuck in a really bad storm. He was about five years old at the time.
- Birds in general. This is one of those odd things that he both likes and dislikes. Cayden can enjoy watching birds from a distance. A lot of them have a beautiful colored coat. What rubs him the wrong way is the bigger birds. Seaguls, doves, crows. They've got nasty beaks and dead looking eyes that make him cringe. One thing they all have in common is that he does not want any bird, big or small, near him.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- He's extremely quick on his feet. In school he was one of the fastest kids and it's something that still applies. He can outrun most people when he puts his mind to it.
- If there is one thing that he's learned it's to keep in check when he's around Adveni. He knows to keep his voice down (though he's been known to get lost in excitement a few times before) and to mind his own business. When spoken to, he answers. He's polite. He's submissive. Anything to stay out of trouble.
- As an ambidextrous person he's able to do things equally as good with his left hand as with his right. However he favors using his left hand over his right for simple everyday things, like when he's writing.
- One very important thing that Cayden's learned from his life on the streets is how to go unnoticed in a crowd. He's found that its a very useful skill. Especially when you're more or less hiding from the big bad aliens, or when you've just nicked an apple off the market and want to disappear into the crowd.

- Cayden is fairly easy to influence once you put your mind to it, which is both good and bad. As it happens that means it's also fairly easy for people to take advantage of him. He's aware of it, he knows that he has a tendency to get lost in what other people tell him, but it's still a learning experience for him.
- Being in the situation that he is isn't without its downsides. Sometimes Cayden makes himself out to be better than he really is. It's usually not substantial lies but more little white ones that doesn't really hurt anyone. For him it's a way to cope with the ocassional blow from low self-esteem.
- Looks younger than he actually is, which he has mixed opinions about. Sometimes it's good because people tend to have a soft spot for a kid in need. Other times it frustrates him to no end because y'know, he wants to be treated like an adult.
- His age. Seeing as he's only seventeen years old he's not infallable. No human is, much less a teenage boy. He likes to think that he's experienced but the truth of it is that he's not. He's young, inexperienced and sometimes immature.

General Personality:
For a guy who's lost more or less everything in his life Cayden hasn't stopped living. He's never been one to mope around and when he does it never lasts for long. Being homeless he doesn't have access to most of the common luxury that people tend to overlook, like regular showers and clean clothes, but it's never slowed him down. Cayden is as friendly as they come. He's a little bit tentative around new people but it doesn't take much coaxing for him to open up. He finds that he can usually make his mind up about whether the people he meet are good or bad eggs within a few minutes of meeting them.

Cayden is the kind of guy that's easily excitable. He'll get stoked over the smallest of things, like eating one of his favorite sandwiches (avocado, tomatoes and cottage cheese) or seeing the first snow of the year. People often say that his love for the simple things in life is contagious. He doesn't know if that's true or not but he decided a long time ago not to let his current living situation dictate how he's going to live his life.

That Cayden is from the UK is very discernable because of his accent. It's not heavy in the sense that people would have a hard time understanding him but it's very blatant that he's from out of the country. He also still uses a lot of phrases and words that make Americans frown in confusion. What else? Oh, Cayden considers himself one of the Belsa's biggest supporters. His love for the rebels is something nobody will be able to take away from him. As a result, he also feels the need to defend them when somebody talks badly of them. As long as that someone isn't Adveni.


Are you a Sect Member: No
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect:


Cayden was born in a city called Birmingham in the West Midlands, England. He was the third and last addition of the Wilcox family, preceded by a brother and a sister. None of his siblings were doted on quite as vigorously as Cayden. It all started in the hospital, the day of his birth. He was a very small baby as he was a premature, born teen weeks earlier than he was supposed to. Thanks to the excellent care from the hospital there were never any major complications but due to his small size and because they wanted to keep an eye on him and ensure that he was healthy and strong by the time he and his mother were to be discharged they kept him there for two months.

Because he was a lot smaller than other children his age his parents always kept a close eye on him. It didn't much matter that they were already experienced parents, they kept doting on him and always made sure that he was doing alright. That he was smaller than the other children never slowed Cayden down. He ruffled and played with the best of them and was a healthy and strong child growing up. Once he was old enough to start in grade school he went through a growth spurt, putting him at a similar height to his classmates though he was still very thin. Again, this never stopped him. Cayden was, in fact, a very athletic person. As soon as he was able to he became a part of the school's track team.

Beyond his talent in the gym he was also a very creative person. Music was always one of his favorite past-times and the teachers would often find him plinking songs he'd made himself on one of the guitars in the music room. While sports and the creative subjects came easy to Cayden he had to put a little more effort into his other grades. It was thanks to his good grades that he managed to land a scholarship which gave him everything he needed to apply for a three year exchange program. Cayden was absolutely ecstatic when he found out that he'd been accepted and that he was going to spend three years in Portland, Oregon in the United States where he would get to do high school degree.

Saying goodbye to his family and flying overseas was among the hardest things Cayden has ever done but in retrospect he was happy with his decision. He was fitted at a student dormitory near the school he was to attend where he met other overseas students. Making friends had never been difficult for him but it was first when he was able to join the school's track team that he was starting to feel like home.

Unfortunately for Cayden his visit to the US was interrupted by the Adveni. All flights out of the country were cancelled as soon as the war began and he found himself trapped in the city. With nowhere to go he sought shelter at the school he'd been attending. It didn't take long before the war reached their doorstep. Bombs dropped by the Adveni practically wiped the school to the ground. Cayden watched people, wounded by the attack, running across the streets and crawling on the ground. Others had been set on fire by the inhuman devices used to kill them.

He was taken in by the sports teacher, Harold Winters (who'd gone to great lengths to help him settle in when he'd first arrived) put Cayden in his car with what little belongings he had and started driving towards his the city where he'd been born and raised; Adlai. They made it out shortly before Portland was overrun by Adveni infantry. Cayden isn't sure how long they were driving for. When he wasn't asleep, he was crying or muttering about the things he'd seen at the school. He doesn't actually remember much of it but it's what he was told. That he was able to recover from it at all is because Harold helped keep him grounded.

One night, only a few days away from their destination, the pair woke up upon having the window of the car they were sleeping in bashed in by a group of humans. Desperate to escape the war they made an attempt to steal the car and any valuables the two had on them. Not willing to part with the only memory he had of his family, an old locket with pictures of them in it, Cayden tried to hide it away. One of them spotted him doing it and tried to wrestle it from him. Refusing to give it up Harold stepped between him and their robbers and before long words turned into pushing and pushing turned into a knife fight. Only, Harold didn't have anything to defend himself with. He was stabbed several times. Unable to hold them off Cayden had the heirloom taken away from him, the photos discarded onto the ground the same way he was before the group took off in the car.

Cayden sat with his teacher for three days before the man was claimed by the wounds. The kid trekked to Adlai after that, hiding down in ditches and off the road every time he heard people approaching. It took him an additional three days of walking before reaching his destination. The war ended some months after his arrival, during which he'd been rounded up with other human stragglers and locked up like cattle. Cayden's first decision was to register himself to avoid getting into trouble.

Being among the first to register himself, he was one of the humans who got a taste of the Adveni's post-war hospitality. No, not the kind where they kick you when you're lying down. When the war first ended people were tired of fighting but they were also afraid. As a means to win the trust of the human's the Adveni promised to assign living quarters, food and clothes to those who registered. Cayden was placed into a temporary housing which he shared with about twenty other people. They provided him with fresh clothes, the ability to shower and meals three times a day.

Cayden was allowed to stay there long enough to recover from his time on the road but as soon as the need to house Adveni started growing, they were kicked to the curb. With nowhere to go he started living on the streets. Food, showers and clean clothes became a luxury and he quickly forgot what it felt like to sleep in a proper bed. For the most part he slept down in the underground tunnels, finding that they provided the best warmth for the cold winters and the warm heat of the summer sun.

After the tunnels were flooded Cayden was forced to spend cold months on the streets, seeking shelter wherever he could find it. For the most part he traversed the city, only sleeping for thirty minutes at a time before moving on. Luckily, the water in the tunnels have started to sink away and so more often than not he sleeps down there again.

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Age: 24 yrs
How you found us: Ways.
Any Previous Characters: Yes.
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