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Posted by: Chele Jun 22 2012, 09:38 AM
Dear Guests and Potential New Members.

Firstly, let me say, welcome to Interitus. I hope you like what you see so far and if you do, and are considering joining us, the following will help you make that initial sign up that much easier and your transition from guest to member as painless as possible!

First Port of Call Information

In our you will find all that first step knowledge for the basic running of the site.

Interitus is a Post Alien Invasion Sci-Fi RP. The Adveni fully invaded in 2012, and after a six month war where many cities were obliterated, the Adveni assumed full control. As such, humans became second class citizens and must serve the Adveni. On Interitus, both Humans and Adveni are playable characters. For a more general backdrop to the site, please take a look at

Please read our carefully. While many are similar to those you will find on most sites, there are a couple that are original to us.

The of the site will let you know how the setting we have created came to be this way, and you will also find information on the, their history, and the way they live. If you would like to create an Adveni character, this is must read stuff.

Optional Site Reading

Inside the Site Information area there is a forum named and inside you will find extra topics with information on some of the other aspects of the site.

As an original site, and a Sci-Fi/Fantasy one at that, there are a few terms/names that you won't have heard before. Our is a handy little place to find all those words and their meanings.

Creating a Character

On Interitus, we have the ability to link accounts together to save you logging in and out all the time. As such, the first account we ask you to create is an OOC account. This can be your first name, or an online handle that you use. All Character accounts you create after this are able to be linked to this main account.

When you have created your character login (First and last name properly capitalised please) and are ready to fill in your application, please do so in our forum, where you will find an active, the site, a, and

In this forum, you will also find our and our These two threads offer some character ideas that we would like for the site, either because they have important and useful positions, or because, in the cases of the Friends and Family, are connected to characters active on the site. Once you have been accepted, you may also contribute to the F&F list.

Once your character has been validated, the application will be moved to our, where they are sorted by Last Name under their race.

Help and Questions?

In our Announcements and Suggestions forum, you will find our This is a guide on how to get around a few of the features we use on Interitus. If you would like something submitting to this Guide, please let one of the staff know and we will create a Step by Step for you and other members.

Please do not hesitate to post in our forum or contact a member of staff if you have any problems or questions. This forum is guest friendly, so you don't even need to sign up to ask questions.

Happy RPing.


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