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The Human Registry

Name: Zachary Knowles
Age: 28
Birthday: 1986, December 13
Prior Occupation: small time crook, thief
Current Status: Unregistered Human
Registration Number: N/A
Level of Education: high school


Father: Karl Knowles - an alcoholic, was sent to jail for a long time for bank robbery, whereabouts unknown
Mother: Ruth Knowles - whereabouts unknown
Children: None
Siblings: older brother Jeffrey, 30, dead in the war, younger sister Julia, 24, whereabouts unknown


Height: 5'9"
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: green
Playby: Jonas Armstrong


Likes and Dislikes: Zach likes anything that makes him feel good at the moment and he often does as he pleases. He seeks instant gratification. He likes the drink, the rock music and the girls, that's his idea of a relaxing time. He does like alcohol and drugs. He also likes his peace and quiet though, so after partying he often wants to be left alone to do his own thing. He doesn't like being intruded upon. He also does not like being told what to do, he would rather go out and do things on his own and be his own boss. He doesn't care about cutesy and nice, give him a bottle of hard liquor or something to smoke, and he will be as close to happy as he can get.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Zach can get by own his own. He knows how to make his own decisions, and he knows how to get around and where to get things. Using his skills a thief makes moving around natural to him, he can do it unseen and anonymous. If there's anything anyone needs, Zach is the guy to go to. He'll know where to get the right information, he will get you the drugs and he will find you the weapons. It's what he does. Zach is observant, flies under the radar and knows how to get what he wants.

The drawback to being able to find the drugs is that he is little too fond of alcohol and drugs himself. He knows that is what destroyed his family and what made his father such a loser, but it's in his blood and it's where he learned to escape as a child. He doesn't care about anybody else, the main thing is taking care of himself. Zach always sees the downside of things and can get easily depressed and feel like there's no point in anything.

General Personality: Zach is a loner, keeping much to himself. He knows how to have a good time, but will most likely disappear somewhere on his own. After the war he started working as an informant because he thought that would be the easiest way to survive. He wasn't about to give up and give himself over to the Adveni and be a slave for the rest of his life, he still had some bit of pride left. But he wasn't about to start fighting the Adveni either, just look where that got his brother. No, the easiest way to survive would be to go on playing both sides, but trusting no one. It is a dangerous choice, but so is life. Maybe one of these days he will land a job big enough so he can retire somewhere and not have to put his neck on the line anymore.

Zach could be described as moody or cynical, arrogant, greedy and selfish. Zach lives for himself and for himself only. He would lie, cheat and steal his way out of anything. He might be very charming if he wanted to, it's just that most of the time he doesn't want to. Why would he need to impress anybody? His motto: Trust no one, and no one will ever betray you.


Are you a Sect Member: No, he doesn't care enough


As a kid, Zach's father was an alcoholic and a criminal, doing small time crimes. Zach was often afraid of his father and his moodswings. His father often had friends come by the house, sometimes to drink and to party, sometimes to plan out small heists or pass on drugs to each other. Zach grew up seeing all of this as normal behavior. Some of the friends were nice enough to the little kid, but others wouldn't pass up a chance to smack him on the head on try to make him drink alcohol to see him get drunk. Zach's mother did the best she could, but wasn't strong enough of a person to defend her children against her strong husband or even stay sober. She was warm and loving, but weak after being put down by her husband for some many years. Zach loved her dearly, but as he grew older, he started to resent her for being weak.

The person Zach most looked up to was his older brother Jeffrey. In Zach's eyes he was strong and confident, always succeeding in everything he tried. The truth might not have been exactly that rosy, Jeffrey was up to his own tricks, but nothing would make Zach see anything bad in his brother. Jeffrey was strong and confident however, and when the war with the Adveni started, he was on the front lines trying to save humanity. And got killed. Then there was Julia, sweet little innocent Julia. She was four years younger than Zach, and the light of everyones life. The two brothers tried to look out for their little sister and keep her safe. During the war with the Adveni she disappeared.

Growing up was tough. Zach tried to help out around the house and keep the family together when his parents were drinking or fighting. He did his best to bring money home, even if meant he had to go out and steal. He soon learned the fine art of pickpocketing and stealing. His brother Jeffrey did his best to move away from it all, to become something better and get an education. Zach was torn between helping his family and following his brother. In the end he chose to stay with his family to better be able to help his mother and sister.

Living with his parents was not easy. His father was a moody man, especially when he was drinking. Several times Zach was kicked out of the house and several times he returned home again. Finally, after one especially bad fight, Zach decided to move in with his brother who had already left the family home. His mother begged him to return, and he almost did, but in the end he decided to follow Jeffrey and make a life for himself.

With Jeffrey's help, he managed to finish high school. By now he had developed a taste for alcohol and drugs, and never really managed to get back to school or even find a decent job. His brother pushed him on, trying to help, but Zach couldn't get a grip on himself. He spent his days sleeping late or roaming the city, learning to find quick and easy opportunities and taking advantage of everything and everyone. When the war came, Zach lost touch with his family. Jeffrey was killed early on, for being a hero. His father had been in jail for years. His mother and sister disappeared. Zach went back to the family house when it was safe to do so, but there was no one there anymore. The whole street was empty and everyone was gone, without a trace.

UPDATE: Zach has been doing business with both humans and the Adveni. Among other things, he has sold out an entire houseful of unregistered humans to the Adveni, all for personal gain. Slowly, dealing with the untrustworthy Adveni and living on his own in dangerous Adlai is all getting to him. The lure of alcohol and drugs is strong, and for Zach, it's a way to forget about everyday life.

Zach had spent the entire day down in the Belsa tunnels. He had met with Beck on business, and it was just his luck that he managed to get caught in this stupid lockdown. For some insane reason, after leaving Beck's so called office, Zach had taken his good time in leaving the area, thinking he had all the time in the world to do so. Little did he know that once he got to the check point, the entire Belsa head quarters had been placed on lockdown. And now he was stuck.

It wasn't the first time Zach was down in the tunnels, but now it seemed like it might be the last. He was fully aware of the disease spreading through like a... well, plague. He did not intend to die down here with some resistance fighters he had no ties to. He could imagine the end of his life at least a little better than that. Like with his system full of calming meds for one thing. Oh, he really needed to get out of here fast.

He had already tried to leave but had been stopped at the check points every time. He had tried the smaller tunnels, the crawl spaces, everything. There were guards posted everywhere and they simply wouldn't let him leave. He had spent the entire day trying to avoid people. You could tell who was sick and who wasn't, but there was no way of knowing who was only a carrier at this point, running around infecting others. There was no way, absolutely no way, that he would simply sit back and die down here. He was tired, he was hungry and he was cold.

Right now he watched Belsa come and go through the tunnels, standing back in the shadows as they passed him by. There were a few of them that he had managed to aggrevate in his attempts to leave, and he didn't want to come face to face with them now. Who knew what they would do, probably chain him to the wall in some abandoned tunnel and leave him to rot.

As the men passed, Zach stepped out of the shadows and moved towards one of the smaller tunnels. A change of guard meant new guys at the check points and a new shot at getting out. Zach sped up his step and walked up to the guard at the entry point looking as if he was on an urgent errand.

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