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Ty Addison

Human Eighth Army

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The Human Registry

Name: Tyler (Ty) Sequoia Addison
Age: 25
Birthday: 7th September
Prior Occupation: Soldier
Current Status: Registered, Sect Member
Registration Number: HS9020TS34
Level of Education: High School Graduate


Father: Hadley Addison
Mother: Chloe Addison
Children: none
Siblings: Hawker Addison


Height: 5’7”
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Playby: Summer Glau


Likes and Dislikes: Ty is a girl of opposites. She likes people, but she also likes solitude. She loves weaponry and enjoys examining it to see how it works. Coupled with this, she loves puzzles and figuring them out, and the Adveni weaponry is fascinating to her. A way to make sure Ty likes you is to give her chocolate, or jam, or to tell her some really bad jokes, she absolutely loves them, but a PB and J will not score you any points, as she hates peanut butter.
Ty hates her full name with a passion. She hasn’t told anyone her middle name since she was 12 years old, and she’s been known as Ty practically all her life. She also hates getting sexual attention. – Did you hear about that guy in the Underdog a couple years back? Got his face smashed into the counter and broke his nose as he was knocked out cold? Yeah, that was Ty because he grabbed her ass.
Her combat boots are her favourite item of clothing. She will hardly ever wear any other footwear, even if wearing a dress (which she doesn’t do all that often.) Instead, she likes being comfortable, so will usually be in combat trousers and a t-shirt.

Strengths and Weaknesses: If asked about Ty Addison, most people would say not to get on the wrong side of her, as she is the bitch from hell. She’s fast, vicious, and completely unafraid of getting hurt physically, so she will go completely hammer and tongs into a fight if she needs to. She can be incredibly loyal and protective of those she cares about, but she doesn’t trust easily, so it takes quite a lot to get her to that point.
Smart and sarcastic, when she’s in a good mood, she’s great to be around, but when she’s in a foul mood, it’s best to just run away.

General Personality: The best way to describe Ty is a child in a grown up’s body. She flips between cheerful and playful to the most dreadful moods seemingly without cause, she loves childish things like making a mess and stupid jokes, and she cannot, for the life of her, sit still for a long time. She picks at her clothes and plays with things, not often able to sit still for a long time. Oh yeah, and Ty has the annoying habit of telling the truth... rather bluntly. She won't sugarcoat things. If she thinks you’re an idiot, you’re going to know about it.
She is a sweet girl, but time in the army coupled with her time as a Drysta have given her a tough shell that is hard to get past.


Are you a Sect Member:
She used to be. She was a member of the Eighth Army, but being caught as an Unregistered and sold from the Drysta Yard, she keeps that fact to herself.
Name of Sect: Eighth Army
Rank/Position Private


Ty, born Tyler Sequoia Addison, was born second child to Hadley and Chloe Addison, just outside Washington DC. Her parents were very alternative types (if it was 20 years earlier, they would have been hippies) and let their children do whatever they wanted. Ty was a bright girl, and for a long time, hung on her parents every word. She was close to her brother, Hawker, and really looked up to him. However, the older Ty got, the more she realised that she wasn’t like her parents. She didn’t disagree with everything the government did, she in fact, agreed. She didn’t hate society and the oppression it put on people to follow out of date rules.

By the time Ty was eighteen, she realised that she couldn’t stay in her parents’ lifestyle, and did the most despicable thing a child of Hadley and Chloe Addison could ever do, she joined the army. Disowned by her parents, she joined the army and created her own new family.

Once she was through her training, Ty was stationed just outside Adlai under Beck Casey. Everything was going pretty well until the Adveni revealed themselves.

Ty followed Beck off the base with a group of others while the rest of the base readied themselves for a fight. While Ty believed they should have stayed and fought, she trusted her officer, Beck, and followed him armed to the nines, the group headed toward Adlai. By the time they reached Adlai, their base had been completely destroyed, not a single man living.

Ty joined the Eighth Army along with Beck and a number of the others with them. While some moved up the ranks quickly (like Beck,) Ty remained a private, liking it better that nobody depended on her or looked to her for answers she just didn’t have.

After about eighteen months, six months after the supposed end of the war, Ty was captured as an unregistered human and sent to Lyndbury compound. It was luck and luck alone that nobody discovered she was Eighth Army, and she was placed on the Drysta Yard. The Yard was still in its earlier days, and it took a couple of weeks before she was placed up for sale. During those weeks, she took a few heavy beatings, but also managed to break an Adveni’s jaw. (She received a much heavier beating for that one.)

Sold to an Adveni Volsonne, Ty was adamant that she would not submit to this man’s authority, and did everything she could to make his life a living hell. She screamed and yelled for hours on end, refused food, and tried escaping multiple times. She even managed to actually escape once, but had barely made it across the Rion district before she was picked up again, too weak from starving herself to fight back.

Punished severely for her insolence, Ty suffered more in the following months than she ever had in her life. She began to withdraw into herself, becoming more prone to even worse mood swings than she had before. However, even after weeks of attacks, Ty refused to be anything but hell on Earth for her owner, screaming long into the night and in the fights, causing him more injuries than he had expected or cared to gain. It was, in anger, that he sold her back to the yard.

Her second owner, sold off the meat Market, had absolutely no idea what to do with a woman who wouldn’t submit to his every whim. Why he thought a human woman would submit to being treated like a punching bag and blow up sex doll, Ty didn’t know, but he got so frustrated that she didn’t instantly love him after their first encounter, that he sold her back within two weeks.

And so, she is currently an inmate of Lyndbury Compound, occasionally brought out onto the Yard, but too many Adveni have seen her now, and knowing the trouble she causes, want nothing to do with her.

Updates: Surprisingly, Ty was bought out of the Yard by Damien Braven. After a period, Ty managed to escape, running to the Eighth Army in hope of protection. However, as her owner, Damien, was a Hunter, and Tzevstakre, she was asked to return and spy, feeding information to the Eighth Army.

She has been given the handler Keiran Zanetti, and more recently, met Alec Cartwright, a Drysta for Damien's boss, who is in the exact same position as her.

Role Play Sample

The dark wood was wet and rotted in places, and there were a few places, nearer to the water, where it had disintergrated altogether, but Ty liked it here. At least, she thought she did. She remembered liking it here, but sitting against one of the wooden posts of the railings that stopped young children, and more safety unconscious teens from running head long into the water, Ty couldn't quite place why.

The star littered sky sparkled, dimmed from the glowing lights of the city, but those lights were just far enough away to still be able to make out Orion with his sword and shield, and infamous belt. Why someone would be famous for their belt, she didn't know, especially when he had a shield and bear killing sword, but that was a question for the ancients, which she would never get to ask.

In all honesty, she didn't even know how she got here. She couldn't re walk the route she'd taken, nor name any street she'd been on in the last two days. Everything passed in a blur of lights and faces, and she found herself weary with the concentration of it all. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall forwards and away from the glittering lights of the sky high above. Before her, she could see a dank wall, a grotty floor, her own blood stained skin. Ty started and opened her eyes again.

The water looked exactly the way she remembered it to look, oil stained and dirty, in this end of town at least. She wrapped her scarred and bloody arms around her waist, hugging them against herself as she hunched her knees up toward her chest. If only she knew.

She didn't know where to find the people she remembered. She'd tried a few old haunts, but they weren't to be found. She'd even tried her brother's apartment, but he had seemingly moved, a kindly woman begging her to come in and get cleaned up. Ty refused. As nice as it would have been to see some familiar surroundings with nice memories attached, she just couldn't bring herself to go into a confined space, so she headed away, walking aimlessly until she reached the docks.

Hair hung limp and dirty around her face, shielding her pale skin from view. It was a position, a way of life, that had become so normal to her, that she couldn't quite think of how she should be sitting. If you made yourself small, maybe they wouldn't see you, maybe they wouldn't notice. Of course, it never worked, but with no other options available, it was worth a shot.

Ty closed her eyes again and buried her head against her knees, the pressure causing spots to appear behind her eyelids. At least spots were better than another scene. At least the coloured spots were vaguely pretty, glimmering like the stars above, her own little Orion.

The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 26
How you found us: I am a Drysta to the Adveni who forced me to build this place and suck other people in.
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