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Brandon O'Kelle

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The Human Registry

Name: Brandon O'Kelle
Age: 30 years
Birthday: May 2nd
Prior Occupation: Unemployed
Current Status: Unregistered
Registration Number: N/A
Level of Education: High School degree


Father: Gerard O'Kelle
Mother: Makenna O'Kelle
Children: A son he doesn't know
Siblings: Benjamin O'Kelle, younger twin


Height: 5'10
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Playby: Warren Kole


Likes and Dislikes:
✖ Film festivals, he used to love them
✖ Getting up early in the mornings
✖ Benji, his brother is a big part of his life
✖ Taking aimless, hour long walks

✖ Overly competitive people
✖ Cats as he is allergic to them
✖ Mirrors and anything with a reflection
✖ Being labeled or singled out as 'sick'

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Good at fixing broken things
- Charismatic when his disorder allows it
- Charming by nature, seems trustworthy

- Diagnosed with bipolar disorder
- Problem with most authority figures
- Fights his manic depression with alcohol
- Doesn't handle responsibility very well
- Makes a lot of impulsive decisions

General Personality: Brandon has always had a little bit of an attitude problem, all of which stems from his bipolar disorder. What that essentially means is that his mood, energy levels and ability to function as a normal person alternates often. Like everyone else, he has his highs and lows. The difference is that his are more extreme and have a great impact on the way he lives as well as the lifestyle of those around him. The limited access to proper medication also plays its part in it, and not to the better.

When Brandon is having a good day, you'll meet a very up-and-about and charming guy who knows how to make people feel comfortable and at ease. He's charismatic, as holding conversation has always been something he's excelled at. He'll feel competent and confident about making his own decisions and isn't afraid of taking the initiative. During a good day Brandon even feels like there's a future for him out there. That he can make up for everything that's happened to Benji due to him, and that maybe everything will be alright in the end.

Once it passes and he slips into a depressive episode, he turns into a child who needs to be looked after and cared for. Guilt often plagues him during these episodes and it's not unusual for him to refuse to leave his room, or even his bed, some days. He'll feel like a burden and lose interest in trying. His concentration, which was never really good to begin with, gets even worse. The only one he'll allow near him during one of these episodes are his twin brother.


Are you a Sect Member: Eh, no
Name of Sect: Nu-uh
Rank/Position: Nope


Being Gerard and Makenna O'Kelle's firstborn son never really meant much to Brandon. From the get-go, he and his brother were spoiled with the best education available for them so that they would be able to make something out of their lives and continue to uphold the family name. While on par with his younger twin at first, the years slowly separated them. Where his brother excelled in his studies, Brandon began to struggle and fall behind. Their parents urged him to try harder. Despite his growing will to make his parents proud, Brandon continued to struggle. It was at the age of 16 that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. With Benjamin helping him every step of the way, Brandon somehow managed to pull through and graduate from high school.

It was first when his brother went to Harvard that Brandon really started to fall apart. So used to having Benjamin supporting him, he quickly realised that he wasn't ready to stand on his own two feet but with his grades, he wasn't qualified to go to Harvard. Attending a college closer to home, Brandon was forced to endure painfully long days of classes. After struggling through the first two years, he quit school. At first he didn't tell anyone about it, not even Ben, spending the days down by the park. Once the truth got out, his parents got very upset with him and tried to talk him back into it.

Refusing to listen to reason, Brandon took the car and left for the park. After drinking several beers, which helped cloud his thoughts, he decided to head on back home. After not paying attention to the light switching from green to red, Brandon only just managed to avoid hitting a couple who was crossing which in turn sent his car straight into the traffic-light. As police arrived at the scene, he was sent to the hospital for a check-up before being taken in for driving under influence. Fortunately, nobody got hurt in the accident and all Brandon had to show for it was a couple of bruises.

Sentenced to six months in jail, Brandon spent most every day looking forward to the once a week visit. Seeing his little brother again brought him back a little and upon being released, he agreed to his parents wish for him to return to school after doing his community service where he would try again. Things were a little better this time, and keeping closer in touch with Benjamin helped him keep his eyes on the finish line. Having spent half a year in jail, they decided it was best he was put with a class of sophomores.

For a little while, everything went well. Brandon was determined not to make another mistake like the one he'd already made. Unfortunately it was but the first of several. While his parents had done everything in their power to hide what he'd done, one of the students in his biology class had a father who worked in the hospital. Rumors slowly started to spread at school but it was first when the guy started bad-mouthing his family, and his brother in particular, that things got really bad.

Confronting the student in the school hall, their argument was quickly diverted by the teachers and they were both sent home. Later that day, Brandon went out for a drink with one of his friends. Upon noticing a familiar face in the crowd, taunting him with mocking words and slick smiles, Brandon, who'd had one drink too many, was on him in a matter of seconds. Before the bouncers managed to break up the fight, Brandon pushed the other guy into a table where he hit his head and fell unconscious. He'd never meant to hurt him, but as it was police was called to the scene and within a couple of weeks he was trialed for assault. This time, Brandon was sentenced to three years.

While on the inside, Brandon did his best to try and mind his own business. All he wanted was to serve his time, quietly and without any interference. That quickly went out the door when his uncle, Jonathan O'Kelle, won the election and became the president of The United States. After two years, he was granted probation. Benjamin arranged for him to move to New York, where he attended weekly meetings and tried to reintegrate in the world outside the prison.

Living with Benji, he watched as his brother worked on finishing his studies and found himself a girl that he liked. While happy for his brother's sake, Brandon slowly began to feel like there was no room for him there anymore. He loved Maddie, she seemed like a sweet girl and he held no grudge against her for being with Benjamin, but as Brandon was hit by a heavy depression he sought comfort in the only way he knew how: drinking alcohol.

As Benjamin knew of his unhealthy relationship with liquor, there was no booze to be found at the apartment and rather than confess to not being able to cope (he didn't want to disappoint Benjamin again) he grabbed the gun they kept around the apartment just in case and went for a drive. Upon finding a small store, empty of customers, Brandon made an attempt to rob the place. Upon entering it, he spotted a camera staring back at him but knowing it was too late to back out he went through with it. Busy cleaning out the shelf stocked with alcohol, he bounced when he heard police sirens that grew louder and louder.

Upon getting home, Brandon worked himself up and was horrified of the idea of going back to prison. Two years had been bad enough, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to survive if they sent him inside a third time. As Benjamin got home that night, he'd already emptied a third of what he'd gotten his hands on and after explaining what had happened, his brother quickly found a way to keep him out of prison: Benjamin decided to take the fall for him.

While relieved to not being locked up again, Brandon was left on his own. Their parents decided not to spend more time on him, and so he spent the next year struggling to stay on his feet. With Benjamin in prison because of his choices, his guilt got worse than ever and he spent many months locked up in the apartment, living on what little money their parents spared him. It was first when Ben was released that Brandon found the will to live again.

The Adveni revealed themselves not long after that, and as the O'Kelle were executed on national television, Brandon and Benjamin escaped the city before it was reduced to ashes. They slowly started making their way across the country, and eventually they reached Adlai.

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