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Dan Goretti
 Posted: Jun 24 2014, 02:56 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Daniele Goretti
Age: 26
Birthday: 19th September
Prior Occupation: Unemployed
Current Status: Owned Human
Registration Number: HD8835TP10
Level of Education: College Graduate


Father: Alonzo Goretti
Mother: Celia Goretti
Children: There's a baby girl, but Dan has never met her, nor knows her name.
Siblings: 4 sisters, Caterina, Luisa, Seraphine, Rachele


Height: 5'11
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Kit Harington


Likes and Dislikes:
*Sex, drugs, alcohol; anything to give him a high.
*Control - Something he doesn't get very often, but when he has it, he enjoys it.
*Proper Italian food
*Time alone
*The idea of knowing his daughter some day.

*Being called Daniele - It's Dan, Danny, or That One, thanks very much.
*Being recognised as his father's son.
*Crap Italian accents. If you can't speak the language, don't try the accent. You sound like Super Mario Brothers.
*Being looked down on for what he does.
*His old owner for selling him to pay a debt. Though he's gotten used to his new job, he is still angry that she handed him over and won't let him see his daughter.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
*Street smart and persuasive
*Can hold his own in a fight
*Let's put it this way, 'Italians do it better' isn't just a phrase.
*Physically fit
*Adaptable, a good actor.
*Fluent in Italian

*Often sullen and closed off
*High propensity to addiction
*Suspicious nature

General Personality:
Dan is a relatively nice person, as long as you don't figure out he's that Danny Goretti. He hates the recognition his father's name brought him. He enjoyed the fame it brought for a while, up until he was nineteen, when it started ruining his life.
Dan is slow to warm up to people, except with clients, but then, they rarely see the real Dan. They see who they want to see, and he shows them the person they want, whether that is cheerful and kind, dark and brooding, or charming and persuasive. With others, it takes a while before he begins to open up, as long as you don't push him. Pushing him will only make him close ranks even tighter. He learned that from the police interrogation room.
Dan is very good at his work, and knows how to please people, whether it's physically or emotionally. Even if he doesn't like someone, he can keep his emotions securely locked away and present a charming front.


Are you a Sect Member: No


Daniele Goretti was the fourth child born to Alonzo and Celia Goretti. Alonzo, born and raised in Chicago, was obsessed with his Italian descent, and married Celia after meeting her in 'their true home'. Alonzo quickly became an Italian American cliche, puffing up his accent, ensuring he had a big family all around him, including wanting a male heir. With three older sisters, Daniele was the boy his father had been waiting for. By this time, Alonzo was involved with the family wars in Chicago.

Dan grew up with a relatively normal life, kept out of his father's business except to know that family and his heritage should be revered above everything. Dan was the perfect son at home, and like any other American teen as soon as his father was out of earshot.

When Dan was fifteen, everything changed. He was introduced to the rest of the 'family' in a more official manner. His father had risen to the head of the family, and it was time that Dan learned the business, which included theft, drugs, gambling, loan sharks, and, though Dan never knew for sure, murder.

Money was flowing, and Dan's life was great. His friends suspected, but Dan never let on what was happening behind closed doors, he just kept the money and parties flowing.

When Dan was nineteen, having taken a year off to help out before he went to college to get a business degree, his life was turned upside down. His father was arrested by the FBI. Their entire world went to hell, and what was worse... the entire country knew about it. Followed by the paparazzi everywhere, journalists cold calling asking for quotes on the case, his friends questioned and secrets spilled. Everyone knew everything about the son and heir, Danny Goretti. The police were just as interested in Dan's involvement in the 'family', or 'mafia' as they called it. Dan kept his mouth firmly shut, but they had nothing concrete on him.

Accusations and rumours flew around in the press, and his sister, idiot that she was, did a reality TV show, bringing even more public interest into his life. Portrayed as the dark and brooding brother, Dan found himself partway between scorn and obsession.

Once his father was behind bars, luckily, University of Chicago were smart enough to realise the accusations against Dan by the media of drug abuse and illegal parties had no proof behind them. He was accepted into the business track, which he completed... with lots more accusations by the time he'd finished.

When the war came to an end, Dan was unlucky. He was ambushed by an old family member, who thought Dan would have access to his father's old power. When he couldn't deliver, Dan was handed over to the Adveni as someone who refused to register. Dan was sent to the nearest prison, where he was then sold to an Adveni who'd been on Earth a while, and knew who he was.

Dan was treated rather well as long as he pleased his owner, which he did. She was pretty, and he had no problem with it. However, when his owner found herself in trouble, and leaned on the brothel owner, Chow, to help pay her way out of her indiscretion, Dan was levied to pay off the debt.

The trouble she found herself in: She was pregnant. With Dan's child. She didn't report the pregnancy quickly enough, and Chow stepped in to help smooth things over. Dan was handed over before his owner reached her seventh month of pregnancy, and despite knowing that she gave birth to a girl, he has never been allowed to meet the child, and his old owner never came to see him again.

When Chow was sent back to Ovtenlaist, and the brothel changed hands multiple times, Dan's deal to pay off the debt before being returned to his owner was lost in the constant change. However, by now, he's pretty used to his position.

Role Play Sample

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 28
How you found us: Nope. Didn't.
Any Previous Characters: NOPE!

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 Posted: Jun 24 2014, 03:03 PM
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