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James Harper-Flynn
 Posted: Feb 21 2014, 01:08 PM
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James Harper-Flynn

The Human Registry

Name: James Harper-Flynn
Age: 34
Birthday: August 28
Prior Occupation: FBI Analytics
Current Status: Registered Human & Owned
Registration Number: HD8147TS98
Level of Education: degrees in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Analytical studies


Father: Dennis Flynn, Federal Judge
Mother: Maria Harper-Flynn, FBI Unit Chief
Children: none
Siblings: Nicholas Harper-Flynn (32)


Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Playby: Daniel Craig


Likes and Dislikes:

- James likes a challenge and something to keep himself occupied at all times. Simply lying back and staring up into the sky isn't his kind of thing
- to balance a mental challenge, he also enjoys physical ones, always wanting to stay in shape. Physical exercise has become a routine that he simply can not stop and it relaxes him.
- appreciates beauty in all things, be it fine wine, beautiful women, music, weapons
- likes things to be in order, whether it's his apartment or the world, he can't stand chaos

- dislikes being held back, not being given a chance
- loosing control
- failing, inefficiency
- emotions, especially love is confusing, he would prefer if emotions could just be turned off completely

Strengths and Weaknesses:

- a strong sense of right and wrong - something he was taught by his parents early on
- physical strength, something he likes to keep up with a regular workout
- hardworking, determined and self confident - all qualities taught by his parents
- a quick learner, perfectionist
- works best under slight pressure
- honest, direct, dedicated
- headstrong

- forever the analyst, he keeps analyzing everything, even when perhaps he shouldn't
- can sometimes get a little too obsessed and absorbed by whatever he is working on
- has a difficulty expressing emotion or relaxing
- likes to think that justice is more important than mercy

General Personality:

James's parents taught him right from wrong, and that's what he lives by. He likes to think he would always do the right thing, when it came down to it, always make the right choice, no matter how hard it would be.

James is quite stone faced, something that runs in the family, as it was another thing taught early on by his parents - never show your emotions, never admit to being hurt. He is also loyal to those he believes in, independent.

James is calm and collected. He likes to listen more than talk, to observe and weigh his options. It doesn't mean that he is slow, he can make a choice in an instant, going on instinct and then stand by his choice. He was never the life of the party, instead he'd rather stay back and observe others. He also doesn't like to get too drunk, as he feels it makes him loose control.

As an adult and having gone through the last two years with the Adveni rule, all the youthful pranks are now left behind, along with the laughter. Instead James comes across quite serious, very much a man who keeps his emotions reigned in.


Are you a Sect Member: No
Name of Sect:


James always wanted to follow in his parents footsteps. It was just a question of which footsteps, his fathers or his mothers. Both of them encouraged him with his studies, which came quite easily for him. He always got the grades he needed, without having to apply himself too much. He also saw how much his brother struggled to go after the things he found interesting, the things that did not include proper studying. James always found ways to indulge in fun things, because he also knew how to hide them from his family. They never knew he was running out late at night, meeting friends and having fun, because he was never caught and his grades never suffered.

He did watch out for Nic, his younger brother, even if Nic didn't always realize it. There were times James would check up on him and keep him out of harms way, but it was always in secret. If Nic would ever ask about it, James would deny it. In fact, James liked nothing more than to put Nic through every kind of prank around the house, always landing Nic right into the biggest spot of trouble. It was only if things ever turned serious, especially out of the house and away from the family, that James would step in. No one would hurt his brother except for him.

He was never as wild or impulsive as his brother, instead he knew how to go after the things he liked more carefully. That was the reason he always got away with his pranks, because no one would ever have believed he was responsible for them.

When it came time to choose a career, he knew he would have to disappoint his father. As much as his father wanted him to go for a career in law, James was more interested in stopping crime before it happened. He'd watched his mother work within the FBI, and he knew that's where he was headed as well. It was a natural choice for him and his mother was pleased.

Working hard, he eventually landed a dream job in Analytics in the FBI. He was absolutely swamped with work and loved every minute of it. He didn't have much private time for relationships or for his family, but his parents understood. He worked under the leadership of Maric de Valence, who would later turn out to be an Adveni infiltrator.

In his very sparse spare time, he came across the lovely Felicity. James had always seen himself as a one woman man. He'd dated before, but things had never gotten serious, he'd not really cared about emotions or loving anyone until he met Felicity. She was exciting, unpredictable and he fell in love with her. She was the one.

He bought the diamond ring and planned a romantic proposal, planning on bringing her home to meet the family after she'd accepted, but he never got the chance. Instead he woke up to a copaq in his face one morning. Felicity was Adveni, and the invasion had just begun.

James was held with a number of other FBI agents and chiefs, never getting the chance to actually fight in the war. He didn't know where the other humans were eventually taken to, if they were thrown in prison or executed - or both. His fate was to become the drysta of Felicity.

The role of slave didn't sit well with James, and he kept fighting it, wanting to run and to do his bit by joining the rebellion, until he met with a wise old friend who told him to stay where he was. Keep close to the enemy, he'd said, and do your bit from within. One more man with a gun wasn't going to help the rebellion to win, but inside intelligence just might. Reluctantly, James had to agree. And so reluctantly he settled in his role as drysta, biding his time.

Role Play Sample

James is not a poet.

The Human behind the Human

Name: Sehlatus
Gender: still a girl
Age: and still not telling
How you found us: I was forced! This is slavery!
Any Previous Characters: my beautiful boys Zach, Luka and Jason

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 Posted: Feb 21 2014, 01:42 PM
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