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Kyle Jennings
 Posted: Jan 7 2014, 03:58 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Kyle Jennings
Age: 26 yrs
Birthday: September 19
Prior Occupation: Air Force Pilot
Current Status: Registered human
Registration Number: HS8837TP16
Level of Education: High School and college
Military air force


Father: Victor Jennings
Mother: Donna Jennings
Children: Abel Jennings
Siblings: Only child


Height: 6'1
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Bright blue
Playby: Liam Hemsworth


Likes and Dislikes:
- His little boy, Abel
- Star watching
- The idea of a better future
- Story-telling

- Injustice and people standing by it
- His decision to leave Abel in Ameena's care
- Cold weather, he prefers the warmth of summer
- Anything vanilla, be it taste or scent

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Kyle is a decent technician. He knows basic hotwiring and is good at figuring out how things work. Back home he was always the go-to guy when people had a problem whether it was plumbing or anything that needed fixing. Something else that Kyle is very good at is telling a story. Writing has never been his thing and math has always been a little tricky for him to understand, but telling stories? Now that's something he excels at. He might not be very well versed when it comes to using fancy words but he can enthrall most with his story-telling: whether it's reading from a book, telling a child's tale or retelling a memory.

He often pushes himself past his limits and spends very little time seeing to his own needs. Balancing three jobs is not an easy task but he does it because he has to. Kyle also has a bad habit of selling himself short and overthinking the mistakes he's made: in particular leaving Abel which has resulted in the boy barely knowing his own father. He's got a way easier time forgiving others where as he rarely gives himself a break when he makes a bad call.

General Personality: Kyle is a family man who will always prioritize his family before anything else. His son is the only motivation he has left and so he does everything within his power to make sure that Abel will be set for a good life. It's not just his own son that he cares about, he also loves children in general. Kyle has his heart in the right place but when it comes to himself he is very prone to think negatively. He'll always blame himself for mistakes that he's made. Although he's not a huge fan of the Adveni, Kyle would never actively work against them because he realises it would only do him and his family harm. If submitting to them means that his boy will be safe, he'll do it.


Are you a Sect Member: No


Kyle was born in Denver, Colorado and spent most of his childhood there. Being a single child he was pampered by his parents as well as his grandparents and grew up to be a man with an average amount of confidence and a bright looking future. In his high school years Kyle figured out what he wanted to do: he wanted to fly. Trying to find the quickest way to be able to spread his wings he decided that the military would not only help pay his education but they would allow him to take a shortcut. With his goals set he worked hard in school, eager to reach the expectations that he'd set up for himself.

In the middle of all this, Kyle started to grow an interest in the daughter of their new neighbours. Luckily for Kyle the family had a dog that was keen on running away and so every time he found the german shepard outside his door, he got a chance to return the energetic dog and talk to Monica. Once the two realised they had some things in common, they became friends and eventually that friendship turned into something more. With the support from his girlfriend and his family, Kyle graduated high school and college as he continued to pursue his dream. At the age of 23 he was able to turn his dream into reality.

Once the invasion took place, Kyle grabbed Abel and Monica to try and find shelter until the worst of it passed. Staying hidden at his grandparents farm out in the country, they sat tight in hopes of surviving the war. It didn't take long before a patrol of Adveni came across the farm while on their way to regroup with command, deciding it would be a perfect resting place as they resupplied and took care of their wounded. With nowhere to run or hide, Kyle, Monica and his grandparents were forced to take the unit in. The Adveni stayed for four days during which they had to suffer through abuse, starvation and worse. The first day Kyle tried to stand up to them but after receiving a brutal beating and being asked by Monica, who offered herself to willingly entertain them if they let him live, to let it be as she was afraid to lose him. He reluctantly fell in line after that night, watching as the Adveni used his wife for their own pleasures, and did everything that was asked of him in the days that followed. Kyle still hasn't forgotten about that night, what they did to Monica and to his family.

Two months later the war was still going and humanity's imminent defeat was obvious to most. Monica couldn't handle the idea of being forced to serve the Adveni as she still struggled to go back to living normally at the farm and hung herself in the barn on August 11, 2012. Kyle stayed on the farm for another month before the constant reminder of Monica's death became too much. Packing all their things, he grabbed Abel, took the car and left. The remainder of the war, Kyle travelled from city to city - only stopping to get more gas and supplies - as he and Abel made their way along the coast.

When the war was finally deemed to be over and the Adveni crowned themselves as winners, Kyle decided to do the best thing for his boy: to stop running. Their next stop happened to be Adlai, which happened to be the closest city, where he registered both himself and Abel before finally setting out to find a job to support what was left of his family. After looking long and hard he finally managed to get a job in a factory on the outskirts of the city. The pay wasn't good but he made it work by sharing an apartment with another family and by putting his son's needs before his own, often going to bed hungry.

When Adlai started to fill up with more and more Adveni, Kyle witnessed as human's were abused and kicked around at the factory for trying to demand better pay to take care of their families. When he spoke up to try and defend them, he was told not to bother coming back the next day because there were plenty of humans who'd be willing to take his place for the same pay he was receiving. That reignited the anger and grief that had grown in him since Monica had been taken from him and for the week that followed he left his boy with Ameena, the woman with whose family he was sharing the apartment, to look after Abel as he stayed out drinking till early morning every night. It was first after receiving a scolding from Ameena that he tried to pick up where he'd left off and once again he was forced to go look for a job.

For some time Kyle got used to hearing his son crying as they were forced to fall asleep on empty stomachs. Finally able to score a job, Kyle realised that there was no way he would be able to support his family with the low pay he received. So he took on one more, and then a third. Despite loving his boy and wanting to look after him Kyle found himself caught up in his work, and the few times he didn't have to he usually collapsed from exhaustion on the couch. Asking Ameena to look after Abel for him, he bought an apartment in a very poor codition which he's been sleeping in ever since and he spends a little of the money he earns on fixing it up in hopes of being able to bring Abel home to him again.

That was over a year ago.

Role Play Sample

No. Just no.

The Human behind the Human

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Fem
Age: 22 yrs
How you found us: Nobody really remembers anymore
Any Previous Characters: You don't ask a woman about her... number of characters!

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 Posted: Jan 7 2014, 04:05 PM
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