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Felix Steiner

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Nov 27 2014, 12:03 PM


The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Felix Steiner
Adveni Name: Shac (Cha-ac)
Age: 31 yrs
Birthday: 13/05/1983
Registration Number: ATZ833T653
Occupation: Programmer/Computer Engineer
Level of Education:
Basic Tzelik training
Computer engineering


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: One boy
Siblings: None


Height: 5'10
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue
Quirks: Writes with his left hand but does everything else with his right hand
Playby: Nathaniel Buzolic


Likes and Dislikes:
- Soda/soft drinks, a sucker for Sunkist and Mountain Dew
- Human history, in particular the French Revolution
- Snake! Have you played it? It's fun and simple! He loves it
- Cats, he's taken in a stray cat named Domino that he cares a lot for

- Rule-breakers, there are rules for a reason
- High pitched noises, for example whistles
- Dysfunctional/faulty equipment, very frustrating
- Religion because, come on, it's like believing in the boogeyman

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- He's always been very hungry to learn and to succeed. He knows that he can always improve and get better and he's very eager to live out to his full potential.
- There's no denying that he is very good at his job. One of the reasons for this is that he's very good at working with numbers and finding solutions to problems, which is a given in his line of work.
- Organized, almost to an extreme level. He doesn't lose things because he knows exactly where he puts them. This is something most can appreciate except it sometimes borders on an obsessive behavior.
- In a way he is very loyal to his own people. He wants to be with his own, to fit in with them and to prove himself worth of being an Adveni. As such, his loyalties lies with his own.

- He values his personal space a lot, and you'll be quick to notice that invading that space when he's not comfortable with it or on the same page as you, it can unravel him in the worst ways.
- He is a workaholic who is highly invested in his job and what he does.
- When the stress gets to him, and it often does, he finds a comfort in chewing on things. It's a stress relief for him. He can chew on anything from his finger nails, the drawstring on his hoodie or a pen. Basically anything that's close by that he can chew on, he will chew on.
- While he is certainly good at what he does, he is used to working under certain conditions as he suffers from some concentration problems. Sometimes even the right conditions won't help him focus. In times like that, he often becomes restless and feels the need to move around.

General Personality: While maintaining a friendly and cheerful exterior, Felix is a workaholic through and through. He feels appreciation and a sense of worth in working hard. As such, work is and always will be his first priority. Because of his intimate relationship with his work you're probably thinking that Felix doesn't have a big social circle. You're not right, but you're not completely wrong either. He has friends and he enjoys spending time with people as long as it's on his terms. He doesn't like when people take the liberty of paying him a visit without letting him know first. He likes to know what is going on and finds himself most comfortable when he gets to call the shots.

Felix could be described as a control freak who spends far too much effort on empathizing his good qualities, if only because he is terrified that people won't like him for who he is. Again, this is where he feels like he can fall back on his job. It makes him feel good about himself because he's useful. Another thing that sets Felix apart is that while he has friends, he doesn't trust a single one of them. He knows what it means to trust. It means that you're setting yourself up to get hurt and after his time on Earth, after letting the humans get a little too close, he's intent on never hurting that way again.

Felix need to fit in, to be with his people and to be like them, is something that defines him. He avoids controversial conversations and anything that might set him apart. This, too, is a big reason why he tries to stay away from humans because generally humans equals trouble and he wants none of it.


Thoughts on Earth: After his stay, he's grown quite fond of Earth. He both loves and hates the extreme changes in the weather. On one hand he enjoys the heat but not when it's too humid. He likes the cold and enjoys the snow as long as it stays out of his clothes. Brrr, no thanks!
Thoughts on Humans: Pretty much everyone sees the humans as a weaker race, so why wouldn't he? He's not one to deviate from the opinions of the masses, especially not when it comes to the humans. In fear of finding himself sympathizing for them, he tries to keep them at an arm's length.


Felix parents took part in the tletonise program because they were asked to, not because they had any interest in children. After doing his duty, Felix father moved on with his life and as soon as the little boy was born, his mother had him sent away from her arms without any hesitation. Felix childhood was a very confusing time for him, especially when the other children who'd been placed with the same caretakers as him were visited by their real parents. Unable to understand why his parents didn't want anything to do with him, Felix decided to pretend that they were dead and that it was why they weren't here, because they couldn't be.

Growing up, he discarded the fantasy and came to terms with his parents absence in his life. As he became a teenager his mind was engulfed by other, more important things. At least that's what he told himself at the time. Young and brash, Felix was eager to prove his worth and while he was talented with electronic devices he knew that the most efficient way to make a name for himself was by becoming a part of the elite; The Tsevstakre. Smaller than most boys of his age group, Felix struggled to keep up with the others and to learn fighting techniques. It got to the point where his mentor took him aside, told him to reconsider his options and pointed him to the Tzelik.

Embarassed that he was unable to prove his birth parents wrong in abandoning him, Felix kept his head down and kept to himself. He specialized in computer engineering where he found himself far more comfortable than he'd ever been in the Tsev programme. He found comfort in knowing that he could outsmart his classmates and on his 18th birthday, he decided to finally take his Nsiloq. He settled for blue, not caring that he could have gone further as it was more than enough for what he had in mind.

Felix spent years working before the opportunity to go to Earth and infiltrate their ranks came to him. After giving it much thought he accepted, knowing that it was the opportunity of a lifetime and that it might give him the acknowledgement he thought he deserved. His job was to infiltrate the military but rather than work out in the field, his job was to stay behind a desk and accumulate as much information as possible. Working in air traffic control he got insight on the way the military operated in the air.

Once the invasion took place, Felix knew what was expected of him and as difficult as it was for him to turn against the people he'd spent years working next to, assisted in taking down their defenses and gaining access to vital information that would help them win the war. Knowing that the information he helped acquire killed countless of people left him with mixed feelings as he'd grown very fond of his life on Earth.

As soon as the war was over Felix was commended for his service to his people and tasked with an important job in Adlai, where he was to overlook and protect IT servers all the while working on ways to improve the system they had put in place. He decided to put his past behind him and accepted, transferring over to Adlai where he's been ever since.

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