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Joshua Kane

Adveni Military

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Apr 12 2014, 05:30 AM


The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Joshua Kane
Adveni Name: Kaine Rasic
Age: 36
Birthday: April 12
Registration Number: AAG782T761
Occupation: Agrah intelligence
Level of Education: full military training


Father: Yorez Rasic- military instructor on Ovtenlaist
Mother: Olesia Cebo - miltary instuctor on Ovtenlaist
Children: none yet
Siblings: younger brother Kazse - dead in the war


Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Hair Colour: light brown
Eye Colour: blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: blue-green
Playby: David Lyons


Likes and Dislikes:
- being in charge, weapons
- comfort, partying and drinking
- gambling and risk taking (russian roulette has turned out to be a fascinating game)
- women, both human and Adveni (it's fun to sleep with a human woman in the dark and then afterwards turn the lights on and listen to them scream as they see your nsiloq)

- being told he can't
- being told what to do
- weakness in others
- surprises
- the cold

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Joshua is very determined, once he sets his sights on something, he stays on task and can be like a dog with a bone, not letting go until he gets what he wants - sometimes bordering on obsession. He knows how to improvise, making decisions on the spot and going on instinct. It has served him quite well so far. Recognizing that sometimes brute force won't do you much good, the strong determination is coupled with patience, meaning he knows how to wait for a prey to walk straight into his arms. He is also very self reliant, which means he doesn't depend on team mates to back him up.

His strong willpower can make him seem very controlling and stubborn, because he wants to do things his own away. He has worked on his own for such a long time that he has a hard time recognizing authority or even keeping appointments. His way is the only way but at the same time, he's not afraid to try new unconventional solutions or to bend the rules when the situation calls for it.

Someone could see him as greedy, insensitive and inflexible, although he wouldn't agree with you. He doesn't express emotion very well but that doesn't mean he has no emotions. They are always there, boiling just beneath the surface.

General Personality:
Joshua is very self confident. He generally stays calm and cool, and his friends might even see him as laid back and charming. For the right person, someone he knows and trusts, he can also be loyal. Even so, he demands loyalty and respect from those around him, expecting people to do things his way, whether they are human or Adveni. If he feels threatened, he doesn't hesitate to kill.

The process of a mission can sometimes be more enjoyable than the outcome, so he can take his time in getting to his goal, drawing out the pleasure. Being observant, he always looks for opportunities and is not afraid of making his opinion known.

After working so long on his own, he's accustomed to doing things his own way and often thinks his way is the only right way. Works better alone or with a single partner than part of a team.


Thoughts on Earth: What's not to like? It has beautiful nature and lots of space. Could be worth settling down on if you find the right spot.

Thoughts on Humans: They are everywhere, but not so bad once you get used to them, especially the women - they can be quite fun! It's just a pity they are the weaker species.


Joshua's parents met while working on the same Agrah team. They were both very professional and didn't actually become a couple until the team had dissolved and they'd found new jobs, but having worked so closely together meant they had a very strong bond from the start. Joshua and his younger brother were both born the natural way, while their parents both worked at a training facility on Ovtenlaist. Joshua's father was a instructor in combat techniques, raising both his son's with a hard hand, teaching them what it means to be Adveni. Their mother worked at the same facility, teaching military psychology.

Both boys eventually went into the Agrah - their parents didn't give them much choice in the matter. When the time came for people to be chosen to infiltrate the new planet, Joshua and his brother both signed up, hoping to be among the chosen ones. Joshua made the cut, being able to use his knowledge of enemy psychology while his brother would be sent down later.

So Joshua came to Earth before the war to help with the infiltration. He was quite good at worming his way into human society and successfully living with the humans, building trust, which came surprisingly easy. None of the humans ever suspected they had an alien species living among them. Joshua even joked with the humans about what would happen if aliens ever landed.

When the war broke out, Joshua took out his targets without another thought, despite having lived with them and close to them for years. Even while befriending humans, he never forgot they were ultimately the enemy. During the war, he left the actual fighting to other military teams, instead continuing what he was good at; infiltrating and worming his way in amongst the humans to weed out the threats. Time and time again, he managed to build up trust only to kill his target and relay the secrets he'd learned to his Adveni superiors.

During the chaos of fighting, he received a message that his brother had been killed in combat.

After the war was won, Joshua kept working and doing what he did best: infiltrating human groups, identifying and neutralizing threats before they even become a problem. Most humans were brought into custody, to be executed or sold off as dreta, others he killed on the spot.

Originally, he worked with an Adveni partner, the two of them working together to seek out human rebels and bringing them in. During an ambush by a particularly forceful human group, his partner was killed and rather than returning to base to find a new partner, Joshua kept moving on his own, restless. Finally he came across a human named Levi Oakes, and instead of killing each other they decided to team up to for the ultimate hunting team - one Adveni and one human.

Joshua enjoyed his time on the road, being his own boss and wasn't very thrilled when he received instructions to report to Adlai for new assignments. He has spent most of his adult life on Earth and now considers it his home.

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Nice guys are last cause I'm always first wink.gif

The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Sehlatus
Gender: I'm begging to wonder
Age: just no
How you found us: it wasn't me, it was the Adveni hunter
Any Previous Characters: the boys; Zach, Jason, James, Luka
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