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Paige Wolfe

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Mar 28 2014, 09:17 PM

Paige Wolfe

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Paige Wolfe
Adveni Name: Nyxah
Age: 22
Birthday: 28th February
Registration Number: ATZ922T683
Occupation: Engineer, Tzelik.
Level of Education: Six months of Tsevstakre training, Engineering further training


Father: Cainav
Mother: Nolaya
Children: none
Siblings: 2 brothers on her mother's side.
Uncle: Maric de Valence


Height: 5'7"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue/Green
Playby: Jessica Stroup


Likes and Dislikes:
- Junk food
- Creating things from scratch
- Superheros
- Gambling. Yes, Las Vegas wore off on her
- Reading

- Failing
- Things she can't figure out
- Badly designed machines
- Boats

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Logical and intelligent
- Friendly and funny
- Dedicated
- Passionate
- Decent fighter

- Desperate for the approval of her family, a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.
- Doesn't know when to stop.
- Stubborn
- Can be fickle in friendships
- Quick temper

General Personality:

Paige has all the markings of a girl who never really dealt with being abandoned by her father. She's fiercely independent, but secretly, she's desperate for any semblance of her father's approval, which, now that he's dead, is rather pointless. This need for acceptance and approval has now manifested itself into her work, which she throws herself into with reckless abandon. When Paige get an idea into her head, she won't stop until she's figured it out.

Outside of work, she's a rather likeable person. Generally friendly with a geeky sense of humour, Paige finds that she can get on with both humans and Adveni. However, she's very aware of the way a proper Adveni is supposed to behave, so, in the interest of protecting herself, she would quickly put down a human if they were to become a problem. Similarly, if a friend starts becoming a problem for her, she's quick to drop them and move on, instead of risking failure in fixing it.


Thoughts on Earth: She loves it. There is a lot to explore, and despite what some Adveni think, there is a lot to be learned from the human technology.
Thoughts on Humans: Ingenious buggers. Paige has no problem with humans, though she is very aware of how she is supposed to behave, so she keeps a mask over her excitement about their technology and culture.


Cainav was only 17 years old, fresh from taking his nsiloq, when he was asked to take part in his first pairing. Nolaya was almost a dozen years older than him, and by the time she gave birth, Cainav was long gone into Tsevstakre training.

Nyxah grew up the way most Adveni children did. She had visits from her father every so often, even met her uncle a couple of times, though he never stayed around long. The most she ever gained from her father was that great things better come from her.

By the time she was ten, she had two younger half siblings, not that she really cared for them much. In all honesty, she didn't actually care for her mother all that much. Most of her training was spent in trying to make her father proud of her, something she was never entirely sure she achieved. Sure enough, when she was ten, her father, still quite a young man, fell in love with another woman, and Nyxah was all but forgotten.

Funnily enough, it was her uncle, Coeziv, who visited her more regularly. When she was 12, and again at 15, her uncle was enrolled for tletonise pairings, and so was around for a couple of weeks each time. He visited her a lot, and once again, Nyxah was told that she was expected to do great things.

She waited until she was eighteen before taking her Nsiloq, desperate to get green and make her father remember her again. She only got to about a third of the green design before she begged for them to stop. She was glad that there was no one there to see her fail.

Still, with a blue/green nsiloq, she was accepted into tsevstakre training. She had the pedigree, she should have been brilliant. Except, a few months into the training, Nyxah realised that she was far more interested in the construction of the weapons than she was about firing them. She carried on for a couple more months, but in the end, she asked for a transfer to the tzelik division to train as an engineer.

Sure enough, Nyxah found something that she could truly excel at. Technology and weaponry spoke to her, and she quickly progressed into not just fixing the technology, but helping those more experienced than her to design it.

As the war on Earth raged, Nyxah's superior was tasked with going to Earth to help develop weaponry and technology to be used on Earth. He asked for Nyxah to come with him, and she was thrilled. Her father had been on Earth since the beginning of the war, her uncle a lot longer, and she was desperate to show them what she had become.

Nyxah had been on Earth for all of two weeks when she learned that her father had been killed. Having had to set up her position, she'd not even had the chance to go to Adlai to see him.

She wanted to go to Adlai, but stubbornness and the inability to deal with her grief kept her in Las Vegas, diving into work. The Adveni presence was lower than in some of the other cities, and was useful for having the space to create. She'd taken on the name Paige Wolfe, and had settled pretty well.

It was during a routine program upgrade call with one of the Adlai communication's team that she learned about the fate of her uncle. He said it casually, in amongst a stream of constant babble that amused her, telling her what was going on in the city while they waited for the new program updates to load. The Head of Security had been shot, three times, and stabbed. He was alive, just, but everything was in a bit of an uproar.

Paige asked for a transfer within the hour. It took a few days to go through, but she hopped a Nhyrahby transport up to Adlai, and upon her arrival, has headed straight to the hospital to see her once loved uncle, Maric.

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The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Chele
Gender: female
Age: 28
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