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Maric de Valence

Adveni Volsonne

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Jan 30 2013, 02:44 PM


The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Maric de Valence
Adveni Name: Coeziv
Age: 40 yrs
Birthday: January 28, 1974
Registration Number: ATS741T793
Occupation: Head of Security in Adlai
Level of Education: Tsevstakre training


Father: Neroq
Mother: Kaydra
Children: A girl of 7 and a boy of 9
Siblings: A brother who's dead


Height: 5'11
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Nsiloq Tattoo: Green
Playby: James Purefoy


Likes and Dislikes:
- Good company
- Pestering humans
- Sparring
- Productiveness
- Being in charge

- Humans in general
- The Eighth Army
- Being let down
- Getting outplayed
- Waiting around for others

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Has connections within the hierarchy
- Strong drive, rarely gives up
- Has no qualms about getting his hands dirty

- Can't handle being disrespected by those below him
- Quick to violence when things doesn't go his way
- Cruel and volatile, favoring humilating others

General Personality: Where as some consider Maric to be a complicated man, he likes to think of it more as him knowing where he stands, and letting nothing stand in his way. When there's something he wants, he'll make damn sure to get it, no matter what. Proud to be an Adveni, Maric doesn't tolerate bullshit nor does he like it when others try to play games with him. He's cruel and vile towards humans, and sometimes towards his own kin if he feels like they're not worthy of their Nsiloq. Maric has a big ego, and his service record only strengthens his beliefs that he's better than everybody else. An small word of advice: treat him with respect or get out of the way before he decides to walk over you.


Thoughts on Earth: It has a lot to offer in terms of material and resources but other than that, he feels like it doesn't really have that much of a use to the Adveni.
Thoughts on Humans: Ah, the humans. There's a lot of space for improvement. He sees nothing good in the race as a whole, and therefore despises the idea of Adveni mating with a race so weak and filled with flaws. Maric is known as a man who does not stray from taking action against humans. If he got to decide, the humans would serve as nothing more than slaves to the Adveni. They barely even deserve that.


The first of two children of Neroq and Kaydra, Maric was conceived as a part of the breeding program. He was raised by his grandmother, a stern woman who served as a combat instructor within the Agrah. At the age of two, Maric was joined by his one and only sibling: his younger brother, who at the time had spent the first year of his life in the safe arms of his mother. The two brothers instantly took a liking to one another and Maric, while having shown a tendency to bully the other children, became incredibly protective about his brother.

Edging each other on as the years passed, it quickly became obvious that while Maric was strong and fierce, his younger brother had a gentle and soft heart. Even so, there was no doubt in their mind as they struggled and fought to fulfill their common dream: to become a part of the elite. At the age of 18 Maric achieved his Nsiloq, green in color. His younger brother, eager to follow in his brothers footsteps, took the challenge on at the age of 17 and ended up with a blue/green Nsiloq. That never stopped them.

Advancing quickly, the two boys excelled in everything they did and soon fullfilled their dreams of becoming Tsevstakre. Placed under the same unit leader, the brothers spent years honing their skills and preparing for future tasks that would be given to them. At the age of 32 he was asked to go through with his first pairing from which he became the father of a son, and three years after that he was asked once more and fathered a little girl. He's never met either of them though he keeps track of their progress.

While waiting for their time to shine Maric's brother lost track of his priorities (according to Maric at least) and fell in love. Left to practice on his own, Maric signed up to be sent to Earth and infiltrate the human ranks not long after their new target had been decided. During this time he rose in rank and became the leader of his own team: his brother included. He never told his brother about it, still sour that he'd been betrayed for the sake of love for a woman. His anger became an incentive for him to prove himself, and he did. During the years spent on Earth, Maric established himself well and attained the position as head of the FBI in Washington.

Once the invasion took place, Maric was at the front of the lines - pleased that he no longer had to disgrace his race by acting like one of these feeble humans. Earning himself glory on the battlefield and for the valuable intel he'd been able to provide, Maric was rewarded with the position of Head of Security in Adlai where they would be setting up their headquarters now that the war was over. There, he reunited with his brother who'd decided that love was not for him and that he missed working with his older brother.

Maric happily took him back and together with a couple of other Tsevstakre, they began hunting down the remaining resistance in Adlai. Gaining access to a human informant who was willing to sell out members of the Eighth Army, a silly name the human resistance had taken, he found out about a raid that a small group were going to make against one of their storage buildings. Maric assembled his unit, setting up an ambush for the men.

The humans had no chance, their number dwindling from seven down to two in a matter of minutes. As they made an attempt to neutralize the remaining two humans, they managed to slip out of the building after one of them were injured by his hand. Taking up pursuit, Maric found his brother dead - shot in the head - on the ground just outside. He's still not sure what happened but he recalls telling his brother to keep guard outside. Cornering the two Belsa in a building, Maric ordered them to leave the injured human to bleed out on the floor whilst the other one were to be taken to Lyndbury.

Thanks to the footage from the incident, Maric was able to decipher that the human, called Alexander Cartwright, who'd survived had been the one who'd killed his brother. After making certain arrangements he steered the Belsa clear from being executed as a sect member and arranged to have the human bought. And now, a year later, nothing has changed. Maric still works as the head of security, though his influence has grown considerably stronger - just like his cruelty.

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