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Delta Forde
 Posted: Jul 5 2012, 09:15 AM
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Delta Forde

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Delta Forde
Adveni Name: Hyanih
Age: 29
Birthday: 19th January 1984
Registration Number: ATS861T591
Occupation: Tsevstakre Hunter
Level of Education: Specialist Military training


Father: Logk – Tzelik Doctor
Mother: Jayni – Tzelik Communications Officer
Children: None
Siblings: Lykin (27), Tzad (24),
Half Siblings: Onz (35), Yanjya (33), Tanja (22)


Height: 5’10’’
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Nsiloq Tattoo: Green
Playby: Janina Gavankar


Likes and Dislikes: The first thing you need to know about Delta is that she hates to lose. Whether it's a bet, a fight, or in her work, losing is the one thing sure to put her in a bad mood for a long time, and if you're the person she lost to, or because of, you will not get off lightly.

Delta loves her job, really loves it. She finds more excitement in the thrill of the chase than anything else, and the chase spills out into the rest of her life. She doesn't like things to be easy. If it's easy, it's not worth having.

She also likes the finer things in life, and will not settle for anything but the best, whether it's food, clothes, or company. She hates the mundane and will quickly move on if things become too boring.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Focused and detached: Whether you see it as a weakness or a strength, Delta definitely sees it as a strength. Her job is not personal, she doesn't care if you're a nice person, she's being paid to do a job and she will do it. Like a wolf on the scent, she doesn't give up once she has something in her sights.

Terrible temper: As I said, Delta hates to lose and nothing will set her into a foul mood like losing. She can be quick to snap in her personal life, it is only in her work that she can remain detached when people piss her off.

Emotionless: When people call Delta emotionless, they only mean the good emotions. She's not loyal or caring towards others, she looks out only for herself. If you happen to get in the way of that, she will make sure to do whatever it takes to get you out of her path.

Narrow sighted: Delta can have a lot of trouble looking at the bigger picture. She focuses on what is right in front of her, the target, and will often let everything else pass her by. It means she can be rather oblivious to people's feelings.

General Personality: Delta cares about one thing and one thing only, herself. She's incredibly selfish and will ditch anyone who comes close to hurting her or her reputation. She loves her work and loves the adrenaline rush the chase gives her. As such, that chase spills into her personal life and the more she can't have something, the more of a thrill she gets chasing until she gets it.

Once something is easy, that'll be the time Delta splits and starts looking for something new. She doesn't enjoy the easy life and would rather live everything to the fullest. She's an adrenaline junkie and will often put herself in unnecessary risks to get that excitement.

Don't get it wrong, Delta has those she's close to. Her family don't take any of her shit and she almost instinctively reverts to the good little girl who is polite to her elders and does what she's told. However, most people don't get that courtesy and Delta is blunt, forward, and does not care what you think of her. She gets the job done, that's all that matters.

Delta works hard and plays hard, and once she's drunk, she's likes things to get a little bit wild. She's not a stranger to an all nighter, and she's been known to fight (much to the love of the crowd) in Equinox.


Thoughts on Earth: It’s a pretty new playground. I’d like to watch more of it get blown up.
Thoughts on Humans: Rats. They sneak into every crevice and need flushing out. Once they learn their place they’ll be much more tolerable.


Born to two Tzelik officers, Hyanih didn’t see the outside of a Tzelik ship for more than a week at a time until she was five years old and her mother was being monitored before the birth of her first Tletonise pairing child. Hyanih already had two full siblings and two half siblings on her father’s side, but as she didn’t see her half siblings very often, it didn’t matter much to her.

Hyanih was raised partly by her parents, though her official home was on the Tzelik’s group raising. They were trained the way any other Adveni child would be, except that they had the bonus of learning more about the ships because the adults didn’t want them screwing anything up by accident.

Intelligent and flying through her training, Hyanih was removed from the Tzelik ship her parents worked on, and her younger brother Tzad still lived on, and was placed into accelerated training with the hopes that one day, she would be fit for the Tsevstakre.

Safe to say, Hyanih did well enough in her training, and by the time she was old enough to receive her Nsiloq, she managed to suffer her way to a green grade.

A new official Tsevstakre, Hyanih was sent to one of the colonised planets to be trained more proficiently in hunting, especially when it came to higher level criminals. She learned the equivalents of psychology and criminology, and by the time she was 23, she was a valued commodity in the Adveni, able to integrate herself enough to gain valuable information on wanted persons.

With the new planet, Earth, in Adveni sights, Hyanih was brought back with a number of other Tsevstakre into a unit set for the first military stages of the operation. Ordered to take a human name, though she didn’t particularly want to, Hyanih was looking through some Earth information, and finding their Military alphabet, she chose the name Delta. Fourth letter for the fourth child. She was assigned the last name Forde, and that was that.

Their unit completed each task with success, and by the time the war ended, and the now Delta Forde was freed from unit responsibilities, she was instead assigned hunts of important figures who could insight revolution from the humans.

Mostly, her work was easy. Adveni had been stationed as close to important figures as they could be, infiltrating their way in, so most were killed with little difficulty. There were a few, however, surprisingly those the humans had considered third world and therefore of less importance, that had managed to escape. Delta was sent in, politician’s bodies followed her out.

For fourteen months, Delta moved from job to job, completing each with ease. As it turned out, the psychology of common criminals could be easily transferred to any human on the run. Actually, those on the run were generally easier because they panicked more.

Brought back to the USA, Delta was given a new assignment, the son of the dead president. A man two years older than herself, who had evaded all capture up to that point, Delta figured he’d be the jewel to her crown. Though not an important political figure himself, the mere knowledge of his continued existence, it was believed, could spark rebellion where things had only just begun to calm down.

Tracking O’Kelle across the country, though she learned the man had even escaped into other countries (personally she thought he was stupid for returning,) Delta finally caught up with him not far from a previously inconsequential city named Adlai that had now become a rather important Adveni hub. Cornering the Political golden child, Delta was quite thrilled with herself. She knew she would be celebrated for this capture. However, two days before they were set to enter the city, another hunter turned up, and in the commotion of figuring out who would claim the capture, for Delta certainly wasn’t giving it up, no matter if the man was officially her superior or not, O’Kelle managed to escape.

Furious, Delta continued into Adlai, and is still listening out for news of O’Kelle, though at the moment she takes more criminal hunts than anything else.

Role Play Sample

Dimitri stole and killed it!

The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 26
How you found us: It’s Cizzler’s fault
Any Previous Characters: too many.

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 Posted: Jul 9 2012, 01:56 PM
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