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Logan Ryder
 Posted: Dec 18 2012, 04:57 PM
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Logan Ryder

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Logan Ryder
Adveni Name: Jakqryn Teskant
Age: 31
Birthday: 10th July 1983
Registration Number: ATZ831T798
Occupation: Tzelik Pilot officially.
Level of Education: Full training and Tzelik programs


Father: Nautria Teskant, Adveni Volsonnar
Mother: Pailqa
Children: 2, he doesn’t know them.
Siblings: Quite a few, but he doesn’t pay attention unless he has to.


Height: 6’1’’
Hair Colour: dark brown
Eye Colour: blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: Green, did you really expect less?
Playby: Colin O’Donoghue


Likes and Dislikes:
He likes being pampered and treated like an important man. He hates it when people assume he's got no skills because of who his father is. It's a hard job keeping every connection and story straight.

He loves the fine things in life and will have the best whenever he can, whether it's clothes, technology, or drugs and alcohol. He's a regular on the social scene and definitely enjoys a good party with all the trimmings; alcohol, music, and women.

What Logan really hates is when people try to pass crap off as better than it is. He doesn't want to be given shit information, and he won't stand for cut drugs. No, he knows the finer things and he won't settle for less.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Logan is intelligent and silver tongued, which makes up for the fact he's no super soldier or a political high flier. His social connections more than make up for his lack of official political power.

He's hardly spectacular except for in his charming personality. He's not even a stellar Tzelik pilot, he simply gets by when he has to.

General Personality:
The funny thing is, that the most honest things people may think to say about Logan are the things that they would never dare say to his face. They would call him a manipulative son of a bitch and that he uses his father's power.

Logan is manipulative and conniving. He'll do whatever he has to to get what he wants. He is, however, incredibly smart about it. He uses his connections to gather information that, in turn, gains him more connections. He's never open about using his father's name, but he'll subtly suggest that having him on your side will help with the Volsonnar's opinion, that when he is the one to pass information to his father, it's taken more seriously.

He's incredibly even tempered, making him a natural to deal with the underhanded talking politicians. Though, don't give him a reason to go after you, because when he decides you need destroying, he will do everything to make you a public mockery. He isn't the kind who goes for pain to destroy someone, he'd much rather watch someone crash and burn in front of everyone who's anyone.


Thoughts on Earth: Actually a pretty decent place. Would have been better to see it in its hayday, but then, he likes being known, so living undercover, not ideal.
Thoughts on Humans: Inventive and creative aren’t they? I mean, did you see that Avatar film? Pretty cool! Plus, they’re funny the way they all run screaming when they find out who you are.


Jakqryn was born from a Tletonise pairing between Volsonnar Nautria Teskant and a woman called Pailka. Obviously, the Volsonnar was a high likelihood for many pairings, and Jakqryn learned from a young age that he was one of many, that it was nothing to be considered special.

As such, Jakqryn went through his training and schooling as any other young boy would do. He studied hard and knowing what would be expected of him, strived to be the best. It was only when he was a teenager that he finally met his father, the great Volsonnar. Personally, having had the man built up in his estimations his entire life, Jakqryn was slightly disappointed. He was expecting someone more… out of this world, maybe. Instead stood an ordinary man. Smart, yes. Ruthless in his pursuit of power, absolutely. But really, the Volsonnar was just like everyone else. He just acted like he was better.

It was on that day that Jakqryn realised he didn’t have to be the best at absolutely everything if he could fake it. If he could convince people that he was better, he would be better.

Of course, all that sort of fell flat when it came time to get his Nsiloq mark. Jakqryn convinced a Nsiqo friend to test it on him and was horrified when he didn’t sail through it. The pain was horrific. So, Jakqyrn did what any self-respecting potential high flier would do… he took as much drugs as his body could handle and passed out half way through before paying off the Nsiqo to never tell a fucking soul!

Things went relatively well for Takqryn after that. He managed to talk himself onto a Tzelik pilot program by very subtly hinting that it was what his father had wanted for him. After all, Tzelik ships flew in Space. How much attention did you really need to pay not to hit things? It was the perfect job for what he really wanted… power without having to lift a finger.

Taqkryn chose his human name, Logan Ryder, around the time of the invasion, though he didn’t step foot on Earth until a month before the war ended. Since then, he has been doing everything he can to make sure he never has to get on a ship and work properly again. What is the point in being connected to the most powerful people on the planet if he doesn’t use it?

Role Play Sample

You think I need one? Really?

The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 27
How you found us: I don’t find you. You find me!
Any Previous Characters: ha ha ha ha ha ha… one or two.

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 Posted: Dec 19 2012, 01:18 AM
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The part about his Nsiloq made me laugh my ass off! 'Specially after the "green, did you expect any less?"-part of the application. But YAY! Captain Hook, sly son of the Volsonnar!

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