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Jacoby Hendrix
 Posted: Jul 1 2012, 12:43 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Jacoby Hendrix
Adveni Name: Arcai
Age: 28 years old
Birthday: 7th of july
Registration Number: ANY863T858
Occupation: Lyndbury Guard & Club Owner
Level of Education: General education and military: nhyrahby


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: None
Siblings: None


Height: 6'1
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue
Playby: Ryan Gosling


Likes and Dislikes: There is nothing that strokes his ego as much as when people recognize him; he craves attention. One way for him to get it is through sexual interaction. He's also very interested in movies, art, artifacts and books. He's a collector of sorts, so he has a lot of those at home: most books are first editions and some paintings are originals. He values each and every part of his collection highly, and doesn't let anybody touch them. He enjoys card games, despite being a really lousy player.

There are few things that he dislikes. One of them is humans who doesn't know their place. Little annoys him as much as a human mouthing off. He's never happy when he has to do paperwork, no matter what kind. Math has never been a strong point and he gets frustrated when people flash their intelligence by using words nobody really understands. Oh, and he hates beer. Worst alcohol beverage ever. And don't start making fun of his last name, and don't ask if he's related to Jimmy Hendrix. He's heard all those jokes a million times already and it's getting kind of old.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
✖ has a firm hand
✖ straight-forward
✖ good, strong memory
✖ very meticulous
✖ respects the hierarchy

✖ hates being overlooked
✖ won't forgive when wronged
✖ rarely looks beneath the surface
✖ as anti-human as you can be
✖ expects a lot of respect

General Personality: Depending on the environment Jacoby is in, he can be two very different persons. At work he takes great care in keeping up appearances. For one he's known as one of the guards who abuses prisoners in every way. He knows that if the humans fear him they will respect him and do what he tells them. When they behave and show him respect he treats them well, though he would never actually be able to respect humans the way he respects other Adveni. To Jacoby the color of a Nsiloq has never mattered; he isn't very picky about the people he interacts with as other Adveni are. That's not to say that he disrespects the chain of command. He follows it to the letter and would never think twice about obeying an order. His loyalty to his kind is firm and he believes whole-heartedly in their current Volsonnar. Because of how straight-forward and firm he is, he's not afraid of speaking his mind. Particularly not when someone is being disrespectful towards their rule.

As mentioned earlier there are different sides to Jacoby. Outside of work he's an easy-going guy who, at times, is seen as the comedic relief. He makes jokes, and often laughs at them even if they're not really that funny. One thing that Jacoby loves is standing in the center of attention, and even more so when people recognize on the street who he is without him actually knowing them. Reputation means quite a lot to this man, which is both good and bad. He takes care not to make a fool out of himself in public and is meticulous with everything he does. And though he is blazing and seemingly a guy with good self-esteem, he's extremely self-conscious most days. At times he thinks more about pleasing others, thinking that he'll gain their approval and liking, than doing what he thinks is right. It's not that Jacoby's heart isn't in the right place, it is. He's just stuck in thinking that if people don't recognize your face, know your name and like you... well, then you don't exist.

Because of how he lives his life and how he tries to tie as many connections as possible Jacoby rarely takes his time looking at people and getting to know them. In a way he's very superficial. Not that he means to be, it just turns out that way. He has very, very few close friends who actually knows him from the inside-out but he takes great care in keeping those few safe and happy. Because having no real blood-bound family has made him think of those few friends as the only family he's got.


Thoughts on Earth: Interesting planet. Never been much of an explorer but there's certainly more to this planet than meets the eye. Undeniably there are some diamonds in the rough.
Thoughts on Humans: Useful, and at times entertaining. A bit bothersome when they don't know their place though. They aren't exactly in a position where they can mouth off and think that they'll get away with it. Once they learn their place I don't see a problem with letting them live.


Jacoby was raised by an Adveni to whom he had no blood relation. He's never known his parents and as far as he knows he's never had any siblings. At an early age it was decided that he was to follow the same path as his guardian. He was to become a military. With each year his fascination for ships started growing and he eventually became part of the Nhyrahby in the military. Jacoby didn't take part in the infiltration of Earth but took part in the invasion itself. He eliminated a few military bases and in doing so he made his guardian, Riddox, very proud of him. Sadly his guardian, and only family at the time, passed away before the invasion ended.

As the Adveni settled into their newly conquered planet Jacoby decided that he wanted out of the military. He decided on lending a hand in getting the humans in line and make their rule absolute. He arrived in Adlai shortly after they'd won the war and quickly landed a job at the prison as a guard. He's been working there for two years now, and has spent the last six months on preparing his club called Equinox where his aim was to not only make his face known, but also set up a place where the Adveni could enjoy themselves on behalf of the humans. He officially opened it's doors on his birthday: 7th july, 2014.

Update: Equinox blooms and many Adveni, as well as some humans, are taking interest in it. Particularly for its underground fights. Making a bet with a human named Nathaniel Raddick, Jacoby promises to buy his friend Angelica Wood out of Lyndbury if he wins five fights in the cage. Despite their bet Jacoby decides to buy Angelica after Nathaniel wins the fourth fight, letting her sit by his side as Nathaniel tackles his last fight only to die just before the finish line. Jacoby decides to keep Angelica as his drysta and has since used her to satisfy his needs and do whatever he wants her to.

Corinne Chevalier became part of Jacoby's life the moment she stepped into the cage at Equinox and kicked her opponents ass with ease. He has since started to date her, though he's not sure how serious it really is. He does know that she's important to him and that her opinion of him matters. Jacoby also met a human kid named Hope, whom he has taken under his wing and is taking care of. She currently lives under his roof with him.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Ciz
Gender: Female
Age: 20 yrs
How you found us: Destiny!
Any Previous Characters: a bunch of others, yeah

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 Posted: Jul 9 2012, 12:33 PM
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