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Dimitri Zakhaev
 Posted: Jul 1 2012, 12:35 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Dimitri Zakhaev
Adveni Name: Deema
Age: 30 yrs
Birthday: 28 april
Registration Number: AAG842T361
Occupation: Bartender, former agrah
Level of Education: Basic military training (discharged)
Bartendering and general education


Father: Unknown
Mother: Kieva
Children: None
Siblings: Possibly half-siblings


Height: 6’
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue and green
Playby: Jake Gyllenhaal


Likes and Dislikes: Deema is a sadistic bastard. There is nothing that thrills him as much as stalking out a prey, cornering them and ultimately taking their life. He enjoys the chase just as much as the kill. That said he likes playing roles and admires those who are dedicated and ambitious about what they do. He has a fascination for blood and pain, though he doesn’t like the feeling of pain (though he certainly doesn’t dislike it) as much as he likes to cause it. Since arriving on Earth he’s also become slightly obsessed with red apples. If it’s not red, it’s not good enough. He’s often seen with one in his hand, juggling it in some way and when it’s not an apple he rolls a coin over his knuckles. Two additional things that fascinates him are magic tricks as well as the history of Earth and humans.

Deema very much dislikes people who can’t be on time. He’s not a very patient being, thus this annoys him. He also doesn’t like obstacles or surprises; he is an organized guy and he never acts without a plan. He doesn’t particularly like public transports; walking is preferred. He doesn't particularly enjoy holding pointless conversations but will do it when it's expected of him.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
✖ Easily liked
✖ Well balanced knowledge
✖ Organized
✖ Doesn't waste time
✖ Convincing

✖ Sociopath
✖ Serial killer
✖ Ill-tempered
✖ Possessive
✖ Easily offended

General Personality:
Deema is in many ways like a chameleon. He is what he wants to be. He can put on an incredibly charming behavior but can just as well be the douche-bag people roll their eyes at. No matter what he says or does, at the end of the day he’s the guy you’ll want to avoid. Deema has taken plenty of lives in the past and with each passing year he’s become more and more aggressive; taking life has become almost an addiction to him and whenever the urge rises he’ll give in. He is what humans would refer to as a stonecold killer; it doesn’t matter who you are, if you have family or if you don’t deserve to be there. Pleading and crying only makes it so much better.

His behavior is very much that of a sociopath. In human terms Deema would be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. He is not a nice guy. In fact, there’s no empathy to be found within him. He manipulates people and bends them to his will, with violence if needed. He’s obsessed with being in control. He lies and deceives, abuses others, has little regard for life and has no respect for the law. The thing that separates him from other criminals is that he’s got the brains to avoid getting caught. The fact that he’s been out and about for several years proves this. Almost everything he does is planned down to the last detail. He doesn’t like leaving things to chance, and he certainly isn’t a believer. There’s no such thing as fate or destiny.


Thoughts on Earth: An interesting planet. Particularly the detail that there was over six billion people when it was first invaded. The planet has a long, bloody history. It'll be interesting to take a closer look. The nature doesn't hold much interest.
Thoughts on Humans: Have never met a human and only heard very little about their kind. Supposedly they look a lot like the Adveni but live their lives very differently. It'll be fun to figure them out. Very interested in the way their family ties differ from his kinds. Best of all: their existance opens up new hunting grounds.


Deema was not conceived as part of any programs. Supposedly his mother and father had feelings for each other, at least that's what his mother kept telling him when he grew up. He never really understood it; if they shared love for one another, then why did his father leave them?

Deema grew up under his mothers protective wings, and she only ever wanted the best for him. With a red Nsiloq she was called weak-minded and fragile by those around her; Deema had to withstand his mother being made fun of in younger years and with time he started to adopt this thought that she was a disgrace. He started blaming her for not being stronger. For being someone he couldn't be proud of. With time he earned his own Nsiloq and held out long enough to make it about half-way green before the pain was too much.

Somewhere along his way from a child to an adult things started going south. At the time he was in the military he made his first kill. It happened while he was practicing close combat with a fellow Agrah. The soldier's death was deemed an accident after a long inquiry; yet he was honorably discharged. Because of this he missed out on being sent to Earth. It all went down-hill from there. Deema found another job as a bartender and for a short while he was content with his life. But as they say, all good things come to an end. Eventually the urge to kill clouded his mind and when it was became too much he claimed another life. The killing continued and he was never once suspected to be the killer.

This continued for years and with each passing year the urge grew. One night he met a young girl named Liya. They spent the night together. At first she was supposed to be another victim but the more time he spent with her the more he saw himself in her. She repeatedly complained to him about her parents and one day he decided to rid her off her problem. He killed them. After breaking the news to her he persuaded her into thinking that it was the right thing, that he'd freed her and that he wanted her to come with him. She did.

Three years later the two are still attached to one another and through the years he's turned her into a killer. As of today he thinks that she belongs to him and he honestly thinks that she still needs him. Tired of the planet they were living on they got onboard the Ovtzelik and recently arrived at Earth.

Update: After a bet with another Adveni called Chow, Deema took on the challenge to break Georgianna Lennox. He did so by killing her human friend, Lilah as well as sending her pieces of an Adveni who she knew named Osiris Gage. Later on, Gage was killed. Dimitri lost interest in killing George when she was brought to him with signs of an overdose. Instead, he killed his lover, Nataliya, and disposed of her body.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Ciz
Gender: Female
Age: 20
How you found us: You know~ *wink*
Any Previous Characters: Many!

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 Posted: Jul 9 2012, 12:33 PM
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