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» Fowler, Eli, E'crar Shrikara
Eli Fowler
 Posted: May 23 2016, 03:13 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Elijah "Eli" Fowler
Adveni Name: E'crar Shrikara
Age: 33 yrs
Birthday: January 10, 1982
Registration Number: ATS821T993
Occupation: Tsevstakre soldier
Level of Education:
Basic Adveni training
Tsevstakre training program
Language skills (Russian/English)


Father: Jezk Shrikara
Mother: Lanuun Shrikara Joma
Children: Four, none of whom he knows
Siblings: Vicri (Lexa Goodwin) and four more siblings (half)


Height: 6'1
Hair Colour: Light brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Nsiloq Tattoo: Green
Playby: Ryan Reynolds


Likes and Dislikes:
- Chess. He is always on the lookout for a new opponent to keep him on his toes.
- Lexa Goodwin, who is his both his sister and practically his best friend.
- Medidation. It's incredibly relaxing, and helps him stay focused and in control.
- He's a really big fan of wordplay, really. Guess where he got Fowler from?
- Open fires. He's a big sucker for it. He finds fire in general to be... mesmerizing.
- Naptime! It's great. Not that sleeping in is a concept he gets to enjoy very often.
- Adveni traditions and really, any reason to get a few drinks and have some fun.
- Motorcycles. They are quite amazing beasts and give a sense of freedom.

- Dolls; they are really fucking creepy. No, really.
- Fishes. He doesn't much mind them when they're dead but living? Slimy. Ewww. No.
- Hospitals. It's something about the distinct smell of them that makes him uncomfortable.
- People that recognize him and solely kiss his ass because of it. Come the fuck on!

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Tinkerer; he messes around with a lot of things in his free time and quite enjoys it.
- Challenges, no matter shape or form, as they stimulate him to be at his best.
- Observant and aware of his surroundings; most everything he does is carefully calculated.
- Does not like causing anybody unecessary physical pain. It doesn't matter what you've done or who you are. If he's got orders to take someone out he'll do it quick and he'll do it clean. He doesn't believe in unecessary violence. There's nothing to gain in it. Admittedly, he really enjoys playing the bad guy and going for the intimidation act. There's so much fun in seeing people quaking in their boots.
- The guy has been in training his entire life and he's talented at what he does so perhaps it's not so strange that he's a highly skilled soldier. He was trained to kill and he does it very well.

- He really does not like the 'upper class' and does not take them very seriously; he can hold his own in a conversation but for the most part he won't even try. He's not interested in measuring who's got biggest dick, y'know? He'll leave that to other people.
- Some would say his lack of experience in losing is one of his biggest flaws, as it could teach him an invaluable lesson. Eli doesn't really understand what that means. What is it that he needs to learn when he's never come across anybody who's been able to best him?
- Does not care for glory or taking the credit in hopes that it'll launch him up the ladder. Sure, it's nice to know that he's doing a good job but he doesn't want to end up with the big boys and badass ladies at the top; they've got too much bark and too little bite.

General Personality: Eli is a talker. He enjoys making snarky comments and he's not afraid to say what's on his mind. Coupled with a filthy mouth that makes for quite the dangerous combination. Eli is not the kind of guy who'll suck up to you just because you happen to be above him on the food chain. He'll treat you like everybody else. It's one of the reason why the little people find him quite agreeable. Despite his reputation as one of the Tsevstakre's best, he's just a normal guy.

The reputation that Eli has carries weight. There are few that don't think of him as a valuable asset as there's yet to be anybody who's been able to truly best him at his own game. If you ask Eli about it he'll either shrug it off with a smile (and that's on a good day) or tell you to fuck off; he's not interested in his reputation, he only cares about doing his job.

In truth Eli is scared of becoming a burden, which has intensified greatly by the fact that many consider him part of the future generation of Adveni, but he hides it behind a seemingly carefree - almost lazy - attitude and humorous remarks.


Thoughts on Earth: Through his line of work Eli has had the chance to see a lot of the planet the humans inhabit and it's beautiful. Every continent has its own charm and most every culture has a lot that's unique to them. It's pretty great. Shame a lot of it got lost during the war but he still likes what he's seen.
Thoughts on Humans: He respects them as little as he does fellow Adveni. Okay, it's not really that he disrespects them but you have to earn it the same way humans have to. He doesn't judge them because they happen to be of a different race. That said, Eli is realistic about it and knows that some humans wish him and his kin harm so he knows to be vigilant.


Eli is a living, breathing example of what the breeding program can achieve when it's used to its fullest potential. That's what he's been told his entire life and it is still one of the things he can could on people to talk about when he's mentioned in a conversation.

Before they came to know of the potential he had he was normal just like any other Adveni kid; he grew up together with a group of other children from the breeding programs in a home that taught him all about the Advenis morals and values, and a few years later he was joined by his sister Lexa.

At the age of six their house was paid a visit by four men and women who each represented one of the military branches. The idea of the visit was to inspire the young minds and help them to, early on, find out which path they wished to take. Eli was starstruck by the stories that were told by the four servicemen and women that day but unfortunately it only left him more unsure of which branch he wanted to go into.

The decision to work towards becoming a Tsevstakre happened naturally. Or rather it was something Eli was talked into by his mentors after it was discovered that he was at the top of his classes. He didn't much understand it at the time but that was the first - and certainly not the last - time Eli was said to be the very successful result of a tletonise pairing.

Growing older Eli continued to impress on his peers and his mentors, to the point where he was afforded a private teacher that would continue to help him improve and prepare for his future as a Tsevstakre; and he did. That was when his fellow trainees started calling him wonderboy.

At the age of sixteen he took his Nsiloq; only holding out until it was green because it was expected of him. Two years after that he was officially accepted into the Tsevstakre program. Eli never bragged about his accomplishments. Never tried to make himself out to be better than anybody else. The people around him did that for him and he kept giving them reason to praise him as he excelled in the program.

After finishing the program it didn't take long before his superiors thought to truly test him by putting him in the field. Eli lived up to their expectations and for every successful mission his name spread through the ranks. Despite being offered a promotion several times he politely declined, something he was only able to do thanks to his unique position within the Tsevstakre.

What Eli didn't decline was the opportunity to be sent to Earth for the infiltration. It was a difficult decision to part from everything he knew, and to be away from his sister, but in the end it did him good. He earned some very valuable experience in his years on Earth and in infiltrating Russia he was able to coordinate an attack and take out their military leaders once war was declared.

Things didn't settle in Russia for a long time until, finally, more drastic measures was taken to get its people under control. The months were long and difficult but with time they were able to generate results and gain control over the remaining population.

Once his presence was no longer needed Eli travelled big parts of the planet as he helped subdue the human population (thus spreading his name even further), until finally, he found himself transferred to Adlai where he was reunited with his sister.

It's an odd little city but he finds it quite charming.

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The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Female
Age: 24 yrs
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