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» Emery, Nate, Nazyr Teskant
Nate Emery
 Posted: Dec 6 2015, 12:17 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Nate Emery
Adveni Name: Nazyr Teskant
Age: 26
Birthday: 4th July
Registration Number: ANY892T798
Occupation: Nyrahby Fleet Captain
Level of Education: Full Nhyrahby training


Father: Nautria Teskant, Adveni Volsonnar
Mother: Pailqa
Children: Taken for 3 Tletonise pairings, which he was informed were successful.
Siblings: Full brother: Jakqryn Teskant (31)
Two half-siblings on his father's side, who are both older than him and Jakqryn.
One younger half-sister on his mother's side.


Height: 6'0
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue/Green
Playby: Jack Falahee


Likes and Dislikes:
*His independence
*Weaponry, engines, gadgets. Things he can take apart and understand how they work. Of course, with the weaponry, he does also enjoy blowing shit up.
*Human food and drinks
*People, in the general sense. He likes debating with people.
*Nights out with the guys.

*Being underestimated or protected due to his family
*People recognising him, and trying to be his best friend because of his father
*Hangovers - obvious, yes, no one likes hangovers. Nate is a complete baby when he's got a serious hangover and needs looking after.
*Clingy people
*Snakes, crocodiles, and other lizards! Seriously, what fresh hell are those things?

Strengths and Weaknesses:
*Perfect Adveni soldier: Quick, strong, well-trained
*Charming and friendly
*Hard-working and ambitious
*Manipulative and merciless when needed
*Works well under pressure

*Easily jealous and suspicious
*Very self-conscious
*Worries about his position far more than he should
*Easily distracted when he's not in work mode

General Personality:
Once people realise who Nate is, they're quick to deduce that he inherited a lot of his traits from his father. He's charming, proud, manipulative, headstrong, dedicated, and when needed, completely ruthless. However, Nate won't jump to tell people who his father is. In fact, most of the time, he'll hide it until he has no other option. Unlike his siblings, who are quick to use his father's name when needed, Nate will avoid the subject entirely. He hates being treated differently to any other soldier just because of who his father is. He wants to progress off his own hard work in the true Adveni fashion.
Nate loves his work, but the phrase 'All work and no play make Nate a dull boy' definitely does not apply. For as hard as Nate works, he likes to play just as much.
Nate is seriously commitmentphobic. He dates and he enjoys himself a lot, but he doesn't like the idea of settling down. Why should he, when there is so much else out there. He doesn't see a problem with getting his fun from men or women, and so the idea of settling down with just one terrifies him, especially when he wonders whether they only want him because of his name.


Thoughts on Earth: It's a nice planet with a varied and interesting ecological structure. He can understand why his superiors chose it.
Thoughts on Humans: Nate is conflicted when it comes to the humans. He likes them and believes them to be intellectually equal to Adveni, so he doesn't quite like the fact that they're being treated inferior in every way. True, their community is different, but he doesn't automatically believe it's wrong. However, he is also very mindful of his place, especially knowing what people would think if they knew the Volsonnar's own son didn't agree with the methods taken on Earth.


Nazyr Teskant first met his father when he was nine years old. Born of a tletonise pairing that created an intelligent young boy in his brother, Jakqryn, Nazyr was born 6 years later. His brother often told him that they were meant to be special, that more was expected of them than other boys. Nazyr loved it, and strived to make his father, and Jakqryn, proud.

Only, as he got older, his brother taking a more calculating route towards his fame and power, Nazyr realised that he didn't like the attention his parentage brought him. He liked his father, yes, very much so in fact. However, he hated that people either expected him to be perfect, therefore leading to little or no acknowledgement to his achievements, or they expected him to be a pampered little git who was going to float through life, therefore not giving him the chance to prove himself.

At the age of seventeen, eager to get out of his training and into a world where people didn't know who he was, Nazyr took his Nsiloq. He reached blue/green before he gave in, and while he was given the option to enter the Tzevstakre program (because who would say no to the Volsonnar's son?) he decided, instead, to go to the Nhyrahby.

Nazyr worked very hard and kept his identity from anyone who didn't need to know it. He didn't hide it, per say, but he just didn't willingly offer the information unless asked. Every time he revealed it, he was treated differently. Friends who were happy to joke and debate with him suddenly agreed with everything he said. Superiors stopped giving him dangerous missions, and didn't yell as loudly when he got things wrong.

He was passed over in going to Earth prior to the invasion because someone thought it was too dangerous for such an important progeny. Instead, he was held back, and even during the war, he was sent to provide cover in relatively easy territories.

After the war, Nazyr stayed on Earth, taking up the name Nate Emery. He found himself liking Earth and the humans, but he was always very careful. Such opinions wouldn't be appreciated from the son of the Volsonnar. Nate kept his name quiet, much easier now that he had a human name to hide behind.

Nate has recently arrived in Adlai after receiving a promotion to Captain. He was ordered to go to Adlai to meet with the Nhyrahby General and that, at least for the first few months, he would be assigned out of Adlai to ensure a decent transition into his new role.

Of course, his father and brother are also in Adlai, and Nate knows he won't get away with not seeing them. In fact, before he'd even arrived, his father had suggested a dinner with them all, something Nate has been avoiding so far.

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