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Claudia Dubois
 Posted: May 25 2015, 02:07 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Claudia Dubois
Adveni Name: Chari T'alyik
Age: 30 yrs
Birthday: 19th of July, 1984
Registration Number: ATZ842T453
Occupation: Owner of a string of successful businesses
Level of Education: Linguistics teaching qualifications
Economic, marketing and business classes


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: A boy of six years
Siblings: A younger half-sister


Height: 5'3"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue
Playby: Emilia Clarke


Likes and Dislikes:
- Gossip, one of the best sources of information and a very effective weapon
- France in general, she particularly loves french jazz music and jazz in general
- Very interested in the different time periods on Earth, their fashion and style
- Being a woman, she loves dressing up and taking care of herself and her body
- Musicians are a big, big weakness of hers and she's very fond of them

- Flying in small aircrafts, the big Tzelik works but she feels unsafe in smaller vehicles
- Hitting the gym which she only really does to stay in shape; not build muscles. At most you'll see her doing yoga, run on a treadmill or meditate.
- Pushy people who want to shove their business down her throat
- Public transport, she finds it questionable. At most she'll take a cab and only if she has to.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- No matter if you're Adveni or human, as long as you're an employee of hers she will treat you with the respect you deserve. However, if you're a lazy piece of work that likes to shove work over on others, she will not hesitate to tell you off and kick your ass to the curb.
- She is very charismatic and well-liked among her peers.
- Successful, she knows how to work a business and has a strong mind for it.
- Languages is something she always had an easy time learning and after receiving proper training she rarely comes across any language-barriers.

- Power has always been one of Claudia's biggest weaknesses. She doesn't settle for second best in anything and is a particularly sore loser. It doesn't matter if she gives you sweet smiles, chances are she'll wish for your demise if you put her in a bad spot.
- To make matters worse, she will not forget if you slight her no matter how much time passes.
- The good thing is that she is lacking in physical strength. Her body is not only tiny but she doesn't have a lot of muscles. She's more of a limber type of girl. As such, one cannot count on her when it comes to physical labour in any shape or form.

General Personality: Claudia has a habit of playing the underdog. She will pretend to be a feeble-minded woman who knows nothing about the world and who needs people to guide her because it allows her a chance to see people for who they really are. Her ability to stay composed in most situations, even the stressful ones, helps a lot with this. She thrives on being underrestimated and it is where she's the most successful. Claudia especially likes when she gets to walk all over pompous assholes. Call it a guilty pleasure of hers.

Something that is very particular about Claudia and the way she runs her businesses is that she demands that the boys and girls under her employment are treated with the same respect as her. They represent her and as such, you'll treat them the same way you would her. If you can't do that then you'll most likely be thrown out on your ass and never have access to any of her establishments ever again. Of course, the same goes for her employees as they represent her whilst at work.

Claudia is loyal to a fault and she strives to build her social circles on loyalty that originates from respect rather than fear. Because of this, and because she does not separate humans from Adveni, some might see her as truly feeble. She disagrees and would not want to be as small-minded as some of her kin. She thinks that there's a lot to win from by working with the humans.

Although she is a business owner and takes her projects very seriously, Claudia is a social creature. She is at her best when she's around people and enjoys a good talk. Another thing about her is that she is not afraid to approach people that intrigue her. It doesn't matter if you're the Volsonnar himself, it's an extremely rare sight to see her tongue-tied simply because she's in the company of her betters.


Thoughts on Earth: It's quite an interesting planet. The first winter she experienced here on Earth brought her both wonder and awe. She loves snow more than what might be appropriate. However, as much as she enjoys the changes in weather she's the kind of person who enjoys watching rather than be smack in the middle of it. In other words, it's unlikely you'll find her running around in the rain.
Thoughts on Humans: As has already been mentioned, Claudia sees a lot of benefits working with humans. She thinks that they have a lot to learn from them even if they happen to be really bad at warfare. She's also quite fond of their reality shows, finding them hilarious if only because of how pointless and over-dramatic a lot of them are.


Claudia was born through the breeding programs after her mother and father had been called for to fullfill their duty to their people. Their records were concealed from her and so she never knew who they were. Put into a house, she was raised with a group of other Adveni children. At the age of ten she was blessed with a younger sister. As most other siblings, the two girls grew incredibly close. As the older sister Claudia taught the young girl everything she knew but it didn't stop them from going down separate paths in life as they grew older.

Where the younger sister began to dedicate her life to the Agrah, Claudia sought a more peaceful life with the Tzelik. Physical work was never her cup of tea. She was more inclined to work with her mind. Claudia dedicated large parts of her life to linguistics and to teaching her fellow Adveni the human languages, pre- and past-invasion. She helped teach many of those who went to infiltrate Earth as well as those who would arrive after. During the war itself she was in one of the Tzelik's who were in Earth's orbit where she helped listen in and translate human communication.

It was first after the war ended that Claudia set foot on the planet. At that point in her life she felt like she already knew so much about Earth and its inhabitants. For some time she continued to help monitor communications over the planet but before long she found herself bored. She decided to leave that life behind and start anew. The first business she started up was in Las Vegas. It closed down in a matter of months. After suffering the embarassment of having to close, she began to invest herself in the business world. She learned from her mistakes and vowed to never make them again.

Two years was all it took for Claudia to work her way up in the business world. She wouldn't consider herself the best one out there but she aims to get there one day. As of today she owns several successful businesses, some of which are located in Adlai and others that are located in different parts of the continent. Her most recent establishments are an old-school club called Chicago that's inspired from the La Noir era and the other is a high-end strip club.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Femme
Age: Twenty-something
How you found us: Please...
Any Previous Characters: Look Chele, my 5th female character! World ended five times over.

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