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William Sutcliffe
 Posted: Dec 2 2013, 09:30 AM
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William Sutcliffe

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: William Sutcliffe
Adveni Name: Ylehksi
Age: 47
Birthday: 4th July
Registration Number: ATZ673T443
Occupation: Head of Adveni Internal Investigations
Level of Education: Advanced Tzelik training and a doctorate in psychology.


Father: unimportant
Mother: unimportant
Children: A son, Lachlan (26) and 2 daughters, Evelyn (19) and Adrienne (15).
Siblings: 1 full brother (younger,) and 2 half siblings.


Height: 5'11
Hair Colour: blonde
Eye Colour: blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: blue
Playby: Simon Baker


Likes and Dislikes: There are a lot of things to like on Earth, and William was determined to experience as much as he could. He vastly enjoys traveling and seeing new places/learning new things, but that doesn't quite compare to the comforts of home, especially when it is as well funded as his.
He also enjoys new things in people, and there is nothing worse than a boring subject. If you're going to be a traitor, you might as well be fucking interesting. If you're not, you've wasted your life and his time.
His time, clearly, is worth a lot more.
He enjoys manipulating people to his own whim, whether through his work or his personal life. However, if proven interesting enough, the manipulator is not the only one to gain from his play. He often rewards those he finds amusing quite handsomely.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
William is the most bullheaded and stubborn man you will meet. Once he has his mind set on something, he will go after it all guns blazing, even if he doesn't use guns to actually get what he wants.
He is also very loyal. When a person has his trust, they will find that there is nothing he won't do for them. However, break that trust, and you'll be the first person he takes down.
When it comes to war, William is definitely suited to intellectual battles over the physical. He has the proper training, of course, but he's never truly used it. He depends on technology to do the work for him, and would try to walk out of a close quarter combat whenever possible.

General Personality: While some might consider him completely heartless, William is anything but. He has a great love for his children, and very much enjoys what he does. He even actually likes traitors, because they're interesting, and they give him something to do.
However, while he is not heartless, he is merciless. If someone has crossed the Adveni system, he will not hesitate to bring them down in the most public and demeaning manners possible. This is also true if someone crosses him personally, though you will find his rage far more biting in that circumstance.
He enjoys his position, and the finer things in life. A big believer in the right order of things, he is not one to step lower than the place assigned him.


Thoughts on Earth: It is an interesting and beautiful enough planet. Personally, he finds Asia far more interesting than the Americas, but when promotion calls...
Thoughts on Humans: Finds them quite amusing in the easy ways in which they are manipulated. Overall, however, there is no real reason to slaughter them all except for pure entertainment value, so he's perfectly content with allowing them to exist.


Most Adveni don't realise it, or at least, they seem not to, all obsessed with their war stats or capture to kill ratios, but there are actually three paths to rise to the top of the ladder. The first is to be undeniably bad ass, like those all obsessed with their war stats and kill ratios. The second is to be smart, and think your way up there, always having the best ideas and able to see the holes in other people's plans.

The third, the path that, coincidentally, Ylehksi took, is to find a job that makes other people so goddamn terrified of you that they wouldn't dare even considering upsetting you by taking that promotion you wanted.

Ylehksi's childhood was boring. Completely and utterly without merit. His parents were nobody important, he wasn't the best in 90% of his classes, and it was pretty much assumed that he would take a Tzelik position and would live out the rest of his life as some middle management flunky, ferrying cargo from one planet to another.

It didn't sound particularly appealing, but he went for it anyway. Better to be on a ship than on the ground punching the living daylights out of someone. He was relatively skilled at languages, so trips to other colonised planets were always interesting for him.

It was a bit of an accident that he had a complete change in his career. He caught on to two Agrah soldiers who were planning to sabotage a weapons shipment, ensuring that it ended up in the hands of a rebel force. Instead of running off to his superior, Ylehksi decided to have a little more fun with it.

... Fun which involved figuring out their plan and then blowing the weapons up in the faces of the rebels while their two traitors were dragged away in chains.

He got a serious talking to for not reporting it, but Ylehksi was relatively sure that the man giving him a stern glare was actually rather amused by his ingenuity. Ylehksi was drafted into undercover internal affairs, specifically tasked with finding traitors and bringing them in.

Suddenly, Ylehksi had a job that he was good at, that he enjoyed. He began moving up quickly. Nobody dared question it when Ylehksi was moved up the ladder, because they were too terrified he would turn an investigation on them.

Ylehksi was now privilege to the information about the invasion of Earth. Someone high up was worried that, being undercover for so long, their own would turn against them. Ylehksi was sent to Earth himself with the name William Sutcliffe to investigate those undercover. He traveled, frequently, and wherever he went, undercover Adveni were pulled into random selection interviews.

There were a few that were sent back home, and under Ylehksi's command, interrogated until they confessed.

By the time the invasion came around, William Sutcliffe had a rather good living. He continued his investigations until, when his superior was killed in the war, he took his place, now holding one of the most important and powerful Volsonnae positions in Adlai. He played down his enthusiasm, but there were those who questioned what could possibly have made the intelligent and important man wander into a human stronghold unarmed.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Chele
Gender: female
Age: 27
How you found us: I live here!
Any Previous Characters: A cookie for every one guessed correctly

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 Posted: Dec 2 2013, 10:22 AM
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Awesome makes me weak in the knees *waggles eyebrows*

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