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Julian Bell
 Posted: Aug 12 2013, 01:21 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Julian Bell
Adveni Name: Katze Juuba
Age: 28 years old
Birthday: December 16, 1986
Registration Number: AAG863T771
Occupation: Agrah captain
Level of Education: Military training


Father: Tayib Juuba
Mother: Makna Tzeel
Children: None that he knows of
Siblings: A sister who's deceased


Height: 5'10
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue
Playby: David Anders


Likes and Dislikes:
- Having his way, which is rarely a good thing
- Alcohol and drugs, enjoys both frequently
- Tattoos, through the years he's got a lot of them
- Messing with humans and pushing them around

- Killjoys! Just relax and have fun, will ya?
- Being denied something, or someone, he wants
- Human sympathizers, they deserve to rot
- Children, pesky and annoying little shits, eww

Strengths and Weaknesses: Due to his father and his position, Julian often thinks of himself as untouchable. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants and then get away with it. More often than not he underrestimates others. Thinking has never been a strong side of his. Having a low tolerance for humans, Julian can't handle being disrespected by them. As for his strengths, well, he's resourceful even if he doesn't put it to good use. Being in the agrah he also has a good physique. He knows how to defend himself and his reflexes are very sharp.

General Personality: While Julian has respect for the Adveni, he holds no love for the humans. His dislike for them does not stem from a sibling lost in the war nor because they still fight the Adveni rule. He simply hates them because he can. And why shouldn't he? They are petty and weak. Which only makes them all the more fun to mess around with. As a person Julian is keen on violence. He loves to force humans to do what he wants them to and is very fond of humiliating them. Assigned to overlook the human camps with his unit, they often cause discomfort among the humans who live there. He's a bit of a brat and while it's not looked kindly upon, his father looks after him and protects him from all the possible precautions his actions might have otherwise caused him.


Thoughts on Earth: Who the hell cares about the planet? It's a big fucking ball with some greens and water on it, big deal. He doesn't care about it, nor what happens to it. As long as he gets to have his fun.
Thoughts on Humans: Means of entertainment. Julian does not respect humans. He does not like them, and he doesn't shy from showing them this. He doesn't think they should have any priveledges and the fact that they still allow them to have their own establishments and businesses only shows how gracious and kind the Adveni are.


It was through the Volsonnar's interest in improving the Adveni genes further that Tayib and Makna met. Working as the Volsonnar's aid, Tayib approached Makna, head scientist at the time, in hopes of gathering as much intel as possible about the breeding programs that was set in place and how they hoped to improve the matchmaking further to bring out an even stronger next generation of Advena. It was through countless of meetings that the two found attachment to one another. A couple of years later, Julian was born through natural means and another year after that, Makna gave birth to his baby sister.

Where most Adveni children were put into homes, raised in a militaristic fashion, Julian and his sister were both kept close to their parents instead. That did not mean he was raised in a different manner. He simply lived at home, where his father taught him everything it meant to be Adveni. When the time came for him to decide on which military branch he wanted to be assigned to, he chose the Agrah. His sister decided to follow their mother's footsteps and work with genetics. At the age of 19, Julian received his Nsiloq. He held out to blue but went no further, knowing that blue would open up a lot of paths of him and that he didn't need to suffer any more pain.

Taking no part in the infiltration phase of the invasion of this new potential planet called Earth that they'd stumbled onto. Instead Julian worked hard to continue and improve so that he would be ready for when his services were needed. Assigned to be among the first to arrive on Earth, Julian looked forward to seeing what this species had to offer. Tasked with assisting in securing the city called Los Angeles his unit met heavy resistance from the moment they set foot on the planet.

Death and suffering became every day life at the frontline and while they made sure the humans paid triple the price for every soldier killed, it was the most terrifying time in Julian's life. One night when he and his unit was guarding the perimeter there was an ambush. Julian was wounded but managed to survive despite the odds that were stacked against him. Pushing back the humans with what little remained of his unit, they held out until reinforcements arrived. Once patched up, the bullet having gone straight through his shoulder, he got back into the fight and a couple of days later the Adveni finally managed to take over the city.

Sent out to one of the Tzelik in the atmosphere, where he was allowed some time to regain his strength, he spent about two weeks resting before he was sent out to fight once more. Managing to avoid any serious damage for the rest of the invasion, Julian continued to shine on the field of battle and by the end of the war he was rewarded with a promotion to captain and sent to Adlai where he was placed under Maric de Valence, the new head of security in the city.

Julian continued to follow orders but where he would have once followed them to the latter, he saw no reason to not bend the rules a little as long as he got the job done. Tasked with assisting in keeping the city secure, he helped build up defenses and put the pesky little humans in their place. Set on the idea that the humans were the enemies, he treated them with no respect and forced them to abide by his will. Before long, most humans in the city knew his name and how he on the shortest whim could turn on them. Julian quickly found that he enjoyed watching them twist and turn. His superiors, however, were not quite as pleased but due to his father's standing nobody ever spoke up against him and those who did quickly learned that he did not tolerate such things.

It was only recently that Julian found out that his sister, who'd arrived at Earth in early 2014 with the intention of finding out more about how compatible the human genetics were with theirs, had been killed. Some human had wanted to make a statement, that they hadn't surrendered Earth yet. That they were still fighting. If Julian cared about his sister's passing, he never let it show. He simply continued to hound the humans, finding their submission and humiliation extremely exhilarating.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Femme
Age: 21 yrs
How you found us: I fell down the rabbits hole
Any Previous Characters: Woot, early b-day present! Ehem...

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 Posted: Aug 12 2013, 02:09 PM
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