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Angelica Wood

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Jul 2 2012, 05:32 AM

Angelica Wood

The Human Registry

Name: Angelica ‘Lica’ Kelsey Wood
Age: 23
Birthday: 17th June
Prior Occupation: None
Current Status: Drysta
Registration Number: HD9110TS54
Level of Education: High School Graduate


Father: Oscar Wood (Deceased)
Mother: Kelsey Wood (Deceased)
Children: none
Siblings: none


Height: 5’5
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Hayden Panettiere


Likes and Dislikes: Lica loves being active and can be incredibly playful. She’s always been a fan of sports (especially football, which her dad played before all this Adveni rubbish,) and isn’t afraid of getting involved in rougher games. However, like a lot of girls, Lica also has her girly side. She loves getting dressed up and showing off and enjoys the attention it gets her.
Despite enjoying being seen a beautiful woman, Lica absolutely detests it when people view her as nothing more than a blonde skirt. She is more than a man’s eye candy, and will take a strong opinion on those who don’t see her as more than a bimbo.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Lica is incredibly stubborn. Once she gets an idea in her head, there is very little that can make her change her mind. She’s a smart girl and always puts her own survival first. Whether that means dealing with the Adveni or selling for less than a product is worth, she will do it if it keeps her safe. Lica enjoys partying (enjoyed it a lot more when she could do it openly without worrying about alien shit,) and can often sneak her way in to the Rhion district to get the good stuff. She’s quick on her feet and quicker thinking, which is great for getting her out of trouble. Unfortunately, it’s also great for getting her into it.

General Personality: Lica may look innocent, but she’s anything but. Willing to do anything to survive, she believes that morals need to take a back seat to cash. She will sell anything and everything, legal or not. The only thing she would never hand over in exchange for money is the names of clients or suppliers. She knows the moment she sells out others, she’ll never get work again.

Enjoying the party lifestyle she got used to before the Adveni showed up, she tries to keep up with the Jones’s, even if it occasionally gets her a name like Grutt for dealing with Adveni.

People may think that Lica is easy, and doing anything for cash, she’s started turning tricks as an Olcinyty, but even with her playful nature, Lica isn’t about to sell on herself. She did sleep with one Adveni, but she also robbed him blind of some very interesting Adveni technology, so she feels she should get a free pass for that one.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
Name of Sect: Chemical Cartel
Rank/Position Soldier


Lica, born Angelica Kelsey Wood, was born to Adlai Prophets football player Oscar Wood and his wife Kelsey. However much Kelsey Wood tried to keep her little girl from becoming a Sports brat, Oscar couldn’t help but spoil his ‘little Angel’. Angelica quickly became a favourite addition to the Prophet’s team, their own little Angelic mascot, and Lica, in return, now had a dozen honorary uncles who would do anything for her.

When Angelica was nine, her mother came down ill. It was cancer, and because it had not been noticed for too long, it was too late. Less than six months after her diagnosis, Oscar Wood found himself a widower with a nine year old daughter. Despite the belief that sports stars are all egotistical maniacs, the Saints really helped Oscar, especially with Angelica, who was treated like a princess.

Popular in school, Angelica became a cheerleader and played on numerous teams. She got good grades and was, in all aspects of the word, the golden girl. As she got older, she began partying, and those newer to the Prophets team were her favourite people to have a good time with. Her father stopped playing when a hard fall screwed up his knee, but he continued his career in coaching. Luckily, he never discovered that his little Angel was sneaking out at night, experimenting with drugs and had relationships with more than one of his team. Lica wasn’t really all that into drugs, she’d tried a couple of things, but mainly stuck to alcohol to party, the rest for those special occasions. Still, it would have broken her father’s heart if he knew, so she was careful to keep it away from him.

Deciding to take some time off before she went to college, Lica travelled and partied, did a few part time jobs that never really lasted, and was in the process of deciding what she wanted to do when the Adveni revealed themselves. Her father was away, down south, for some games, and before she knew it, she’d been sent word that her father had been killed by an explosion.

Lica went to the first person she thought of, her father’s oldest team mate and friend Christian Raddick. Christian had been like a surrogate father, her closest uncle, and he promised he would find something for her. They registered as soon as it was instructed to do so, and even managed to keep their house.

Christian’s son, Nathaniel Raddick, was a couple of years older than Angelica, and whilst the two had previously dated a couple of times, they became more like siblings as they scraped for jobs and money. Nathaniel fell in with the Cartel, passing off small jobs, and when he offered the idea to Angelica as a way to make quick cash, she signed up.

Christian was furious, and told both Angelica and Nathaniel that he’d been trying everything to keep them out of trouble, and that if they didn’t back out, they should leave his house. Nathaniel went first, moving into the Cartel Encampment, and when finding work became tough again a year ago, Angelica found Nathaniel, and joined him.

Updates: Angry that a high paying deal had been taken away from her, Angelica worked with Ian Walker and Montgomery Patton to overthrow Gothika as head of the Cartel. Montgomery took Gothika's place, and upon realising that Montgomery had a sexual interest in her, Angelica realised her own feelings for Nathaniel Raddick.

Scared to tell Nathaniel how she felt, thinking that he was already with someone else, Angelica continued on, not telling Nathaniel how she felt. Only, when a deal went badly wrong, and a client wouldn't take no for an answer, Angelica fought back and was charged with assault, sent to Lyndbury Compound.

Unaware that Nathaniel had made a deal to fight five fights for Jacoby Hendrix in exchange for her release, Angelica was bought by Hendrix, forced to watch as Nathaniel fought in a fight that would ultimately claim his life.

Angelica, devastated that she has nothing left, is now a Drysta to Jacoby Hendrix. To protect herself, she completes every task that is asked of her, however, a bouncer at Hendrix's club, Tehl, has been taking advantage, and while Angelica is still unsure whether Hendrix has allowed these assaults, is coming to the end of her rope, looking for a way to escape the man.

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