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 Posted: Jun 27 2012, 09:12 AM
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What kind of character am I allowed to create?
-- You may create humans of any race/age/sexuality. Just remember that up until two years ago, this was the ordinary world.
-- You may create an Adveni character of any age/race/sexuality. If you would like to create an Adveni, please read our Adveni Information
-- We are NOT currently accepting Human/Adveni hybrids on Interitus as they will be less than two years old.
Human Registration: Who would be registered and who isn't?
-- Under Adveni law, all humans should be registered. However, that is not the case.
-- Employers are required to give in the registration names and numbers of all their employees, but some employees have managed to fake this, giving the name and number of someone who is maybe deceased, or a number they have bought. (like illegal passports.) Please see Available Job Information for more information.
-- Adveni are required by law to register their slaves, so any slave (even if they are no longer a slave) will be registered. -- If you have further questions about whether or not your character would be registered, please contact the staff.
Sect Registration
-- While some may believe no one in any of the sects are registered, this is not the case. In fact, over half the population of the sects would be classed as Registered humans. Unless someone has been with their sect since the beginning, they probably would have been registered at some point, whether it was through a need for employment, or because they were previously slaves.
-- The heads of the Sects are going to be members who have been involved since the beginning, if they went to Register, they would probably be shot on sight.
Money: What kind of money is used now the Adveni have taken over?
-- Dollars, though a lot more business goes on a barter system, a trade for trade arrangement. However, dollars are still used.
-- The dollar coins are a lot more popular now as they're much harder to destroy than paper money.
Slaves: I want to make a slave, but I have no owner lined up, what are my options?
You have a number of options if you don't have an owner arranged.
1. Send your Slave to the Drysta Yard where they can be held until someone buys them. - However, know that this will mean you can only post in the Lyndbury Compound, and might limit posting options.
2. NPC an owner.
3. NPC an owner while you search for another member to play your owner (whether this be by wanted ad or whatever.) If this member wants to play the owner you have NPC'd, they merely sign up and you continue posting. If, however, someone wants to become your owner, but not the one you've NPC'd, have your slave sent to Drysta yard for whatever reason and then the new owner can buy you from there.
I want to buy a slave, where do I find out who is available?
-- The wanted forum is the best place to find out if someone is available for buying. Search through plot pages, or put up a request for a slave.
-- An Adveni can own as many as they can afford. Slaves are possessions, there is no limit on how many, nor what you use them for.
Are all Olcinyty slaves owned by Adveni?
-- No. In fact, a larger percentage of them aren't. Like in real life, people get desperate and will do things for money. Most of the Olcinyty are registered humans who are doing what they do because they know it can pay well. No one is forcing them to do it. Slaves forced into Olcinyty is actually rarer than women choosing to do it themselves.
I would like to take a canon, do I need to request them before I sign up?
-- If it says the canon is free just go ahead and sign up. Once you have signed up, that canon is yours until you are declared inactive. If you're going to take time over your application, post up a WIP one so any guests can see you have claimed the canon.
I don't like the face claim given for the adoptable character, can I change it?
-- Changing the PBs on canons is allowed, however, please request the change with a new PB in mind. We only ask that members respect the general feel of the character's look. - For example, exchanging Emily Deschanel for Megan Fox is not going to work to give the same feel for a character.
-- For the 'Friends & Family' Adoptables, the choice is up to the member who submitted the request. Their choice is final and the staff have no say in these matters.
PBs: The PB I wanted is taken, but I want to use them looking completely different, is this allowed?
-- We do allow members to 'double up' on PBs as long as the look of the two characters is vastly different.
-- Decision on whether to allow a 'double up' lies with the member with the first claim. Please contact a staff member and they will ask the member in question regarding this decision.
-- The Member's decision is final and the staff have no say in the matter. If the member says they do not want a 'double up', you will need to find a new PB choice.
Does Interitus have an IC Chatbox, and if not, why not?
-- No, Interitus does not have an IC Chatbox.
-- IC Chatboxes can cause problems with posting numbers dropping, and some members being left out because they are not in a timezone with many other people.
-- If a large number of members want an IC chatbox, we may reconsider, but for now, no, Interitus does not have one.

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