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» The City of Adlai, Interitus Setting
 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 09:48 AM
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Park Street: Runs East to West just north of the middle of the city, the numbers starting in the west. So No.1 Park is furthest west.
-- The Park Subway Tunnels run right along park street.
Places of Interest:
201 Park - Adveni Headquarters
Adveni Medical Centre

Upchurch Avenue: Runs South-west to North-East, and has the City Subway line running beneath it. It is the biggest street in the city.

Javeknell Square: On Upchurch Street, seven blocks south of Park.
Places of Interest:
'Beans' Coffee Shop
Crowe Bar (a bar allowing both Adveni and humans)

Oprust District: In the South east of the city.
Places of Interest:
St John's Market
The Underdog
Police Station
Jasper's Convenience Store

Rion District: West of the city.
Places of Interest:
Crisco - a late running club, known for underhanded dealing and late night poker games.
Honour of Ovtenlaist- used to be called Honor of Adlai
Equinox - Club run by Jacoby Hendrix hosting Underground fights.

Lyndbury Compound: South-West of the city.

Volsonnae Housing: West

Human Camps: In the more rundown area of the city in the East.
Places of Interest:
Nag's Head Pub
Apartment Blocks
Eastwood Hotel

Juliette Park: South of the City.

Northfeld's Mall North East Adlai

The Underwater Line: Runs around the southern edge of the city, including under the river Aldon.

The Vyorig Centre West of the Rion district, just south of the Adveni dwelling quarters.

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