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» The Adveni, information about our alien race
 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 09:45 AM
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Adveni look (on the inside and outside) pretty much exactly the same as humans. To look at one, you would not immediately know that they are Adveni. It is only on closer inspection that someone would realise they are not looking at a human.
Ways to tell:
- Adveni features are not affected by sun. If they were born pale, they will remain that way, if they were born with coloured skin, it will remain so. They also do not get more freckles or lighter hair during the summer.
- There are no red headed Adveni. No one knows exactly why it was bred out, but it has been.
- They have no appendix. - It's not that they're taken out, it's just not there.

The Nsiloq Tattoo
- All Adveni have a laser design called a Nsiloq on their left side on their ribs. The Nsiloq is like a tattoo and is either red (similar looking to a scar), blue, or green. The design looks similar to our tribal tattoos (They do get a choice as to what they get.) The laser is extremely painful, and is a test that an Adveni is ready to become an adult, capable of their own affairs. The age the tattoo is given is negotiable, a teen may request that it is given early if they want to separate themselves from their parents (the equivalent to emancipation.) The reason the Tattoo is one of the three colours, is because it shows how long the laser was on their skin.
- Red - this person survived just enough of the laser to become an adult, but wouldn't take any more. - An Adveni with a red Nsiloq will not be considered as much, and will not be given important positions.
- Blue - Most common. They withstood enough pain to be considered an upstanding member of the community, and most positions look for a 'Blue'.
- Green and Blue - This person tried to get the highest grade, but had to have the laser stopped somewhere during the process making it green. It is a high mark of respect that they tried to go green. Most Adveni with elements of green and blue are military/fighters/hunters, very physical jobs.
- Green - Highest grade, this person withstood much more pain than they needed to, as a higher (and more painful) level of the laser is required to get the green colour. These Adveni are usually high ranking Military. A Green Nsiloq is an instant demand for respect.

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Adveni Military is one organisation, split into areas of expertise. Unlike Earth, where the Navy is considered separate to the Army and so forth, Adveni military works much closer together. A great deal of respect should be afforded to all those ranked above another, no matter which segment of the military they are involved in. However, orders from superiors of other segments, if not followed, will not bring punishment.

The Military is split into the following areas: Land and Sea, Air, Space.
AGRAH The Agrah (Land and Sea) section of the Military are all the soldiers on the ground. Trained specifically for close quarter combat, these are the soldiers better equipped for physical fighting instead of using bigger machinery.
TSEVSTAKRE Elite units of Agrah soldiers, comparable to human ‘Special Ops’ devisions.

NHYRAHBY The Nhyrahby (Air) is composed of In-Atmosphere plane crews. Nhyrahby provide air support to the Agrah when they are attacking, or are used for total destruction of high risk areas (like opposing Military bases.)

TZELIK The Tzelik (Space) is made up of Outer-Atmosphere ship crews. The smallest crew in Tzelik is about 20 men, and can range all the way up to the hundreds. Tzelik Ships are specifically for battles outside of planetary atmospheres (not to mention that their weaponry is far too catastrophic if used in atmostphere.

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The Adveni are a very military based race, and their hierarchy reflects this. Somewhat like a Monarchy, the division of power is shaped very much like a pyramid.
On top, you have the Volsonnar. Usually, he has one or two second's, who will do a lot of the work for the Volsonnar. Unlike modern Monarchy, the Volsonnar is much more than a figurehead.
Beneath the Volsonnar and his Second, you have Generals - Leaders of different areas of the Adveni society, such as military, health, education. These Generals are very much like politicians, and will give their opinions on certain subjects to the Volsonnar. Each General will have a number of lower ranking Adveni who report to them, though their final decision is the one that really matters.
The lower the rank, the more positions there are available.

With Government connections severed, and communication difficult, it is hard to know how many Adveni are currently populating the earth as a whole.
However, in Adlai, the ratio of Adveni to Humans is roughly 1:1, the population of Adlai currently standing at about 3 million beings.
Of this, approximately 1,350,000 are human, and 1,650,000 are Adveni.

Family: Family is not a big part of Adveni life. Children are reared by the group in an almost military style to inspire unity, and it is not uncommon for someone to have children by multiple partners, especially the further up the social scale you climb.
Tletonise (Genetics) is important to Adveni, so often, a couple will attempt to create offspring if their genetics are a strong match.
Children do not inherit their parent's social standing. It is expected that they climb on their own. In fact, some higher members of the Adveni race will make sure their children never know who they are for this reason. If a child gains standing from their parents, it is considered weak and once the parent dies, the child is shunned.
The only real family connection respected and expected to be held dearly is siblings.

Ranking: Every member of the Adveni race is Military until they specialise in something else. Men and women alike are classed by their rank until they take a specific job. If a job finishes, they revert to being referred to by their rank.

Romantic Partnerships: There is no legal ceremony of marriage in Adveni custom, and while partners may stay together for life, partners will also part ways with little to no fuss. Making a 'break up' messy is considered very low, and parties involved will often be shunned by those who know them.

Taking of Partner's Name: If an Adveni becomes involved with someone much higher on the social/rank scale than them, it is expected that they take their name, and once the name is offered, to deny it is to dissolve the partnership.
Unlike human customs, it is the first name taken by the partner, and placed as the equivelant to having a double barrelled first name.
The partner of the current Volsonnar Nautria Teskant, is Erierty Nautria Drezhna.
Once a partnership dissolves, the rights to that name are withdrawn.

The Ownership of Slaves: How an Adveni treats his slave is their business and their business alone. If an Adveni wants to beat/kill their slave, they can. The slave is their property, it would be the same as the law getting involved if someone wanted to break their china plates.

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The Adveni, as a race, have, with the inclusion of Earth, invaded and taken over three planets, and have failed to take over two. The first invasion, an immediate all out attack, resulted in the loss of 5.3 million Adveni. The second, still a loss, resulted in a retreat by the Adveni back to their home planet.

The Adveni are very strategic in their invasions. They do not strike at will, as that method proved fruitless in the past. Instead, they send scouts, take their time, and slowly build up a presense before their attack.

Also, the Adveni do not attack often. If a planet is not perfect for invasion, they will slowly draw back and leave the planet (and it's life forms) to their own devices. In three hundred years, they have only invaded three planets (including Earth.)

The last planet to be invaded, Os-Veruh was, in Earth time, around 1954. They slowly took control and did very much what they did on Earth. They destroyed resistance, took over power, and enforced a form of slavery. However, unlike on Earth, breeding was not an option with the planet's races due to too many physiological differences. The races were kept as slaves, and life continues on the planet.

Point of Interest: No slave race have ever been taken back to Ovtenlaist.

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The name of the language spoken by Adveni is Advtenis.
We have not been specific about Adveni language. While certain words have been created, and you are free to create your own, the language has not been locked down entirely.
Advtenis words are completely fictional. However, most Advtenis words sound closer to Russian/Eastern European languages than any other human language.

A formal greeting between Adveni is to place the side of one's hand to their own chest. This is almost like a salute.

At the moment, we are not accepting Hybrids on Interitus. This may become a possibility in the future, but unless you are thinking of creating a toddler, a Hybrid is currently impossible as a played character.
Before the Adveni revealed themselves, Procreation was strictly prohibited. While Adveni biology is almost identical to humans, the Adveni Volsonnae were incredibly worried about a Hybrid blowing their cover. Adveni's on Earth before the take over were given medication to keep them from procreating, even with each other. This medication was previously used to stop an Adveni with undesirable genetics from procreating, though in a stronger form, which taken over a series of months, destroys their ability to procreate entirely.
The medication has been stopped amongst general populace now the Adveni are out in the open.

Who Was Sent to Earth
Prior to the Adveni take over, only skilled and fully trained Adveni were sent to Earth. No Adveni was born on Earth before the war, and Adveni would not have been sent to Earth as children to 'grow up with the enemy.' Adveni were put on earth with specific tasks, whether it be to influence government, money flow, or scout information.

A few months before the full invasion of Earth, teams of Tsevstakre were sent to infiltrate large military units. These Tsevstakre units were given the job of destroying the human military's resistance to the Adveni forces.

Travel: Well, they had to get here some way, right? Again, this has been left open to interpretation by our members. The only thing I will say now is that they do not have Teleportation abilities. - They tried it and it failed spectacularly, seriously, it was gross, don't try it again.
If you have any ideas/question about Adveni space travel, or would like to incorporate something, please let the staff know.

Adveni Deities
Adveni are not a religious race. There is no unifying belief in a higher power.
That being said, while there are no 'Gods', there are infamous people, referred to like we would refer to mythical/legendary humans. Like we would talk about Attila the Hun, Adveni's have their people who go down in history.
If you would like to create such a legend, please contact Chele with the information, I will ok it and add it into our site information.

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