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 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 09:44 AM
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The problem is, no one knows when the first Adveni arrived on Earth. Before, a Government agency might have been able to track what was falsified for someone to assimilate, and what was real, so narrowing down a time line would have been easier, but by the time we knew they were here, it was all over.

Maybe in years to come humans will learn when the Adveni got here, and more interestingly, how, but for now, they don't want us learning their secrets, because they don't want us using them for ourselves.

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The next time you check your bank statement, you might want to check your terms and conditions. This was how it started with the Adveni. Taking over important positions, they made what seemed like small changes to things, but put them all together, and humans had no rights to live on earth, let alone do anything else.

First, they began charging bank account owners for things, silly things that when you complained, they explained were in the terms and conditions. Sure, the banks were unpopular, but they were unpopular and rich, and to the men with the shares, that was all that mattered. What they didn't realise was that the terms they had put in place stopped them from getting the money too, and so slowly, all our money filtered away until no one had the money nor the power to get it back.

Next it was Vegas. The mecca for spur of the moment weddings was destroyed by the new law that required government notification of marriage. At the time, people thought it was great (apart from the Divorce Lawyers,) because it would drastically reduce annulments. What it means now the Adveni have taken over, is that you need official permission to marry, and mostly, it is denied. Most marriage ceremonies are no longer legal, they are merely religious or sentimental.

Slowly, and without realising, we sold off our rights, piece by piece, no one being any the wiser as to what it would mean if all these new laws were put together. Each law, each new government bill, had a positive impact on life, so people were happy. It was only when the Adveni combined all these laws and set them in stone, that quality of life plummeted.

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United States President Jonathan O'Kelle has been officially named as the first person to die in the Adveni take over on May 18th 2012. Done on a public stage, O'Kelle renounced the Adveni and was put to death by electrocution, throwing the entire world into an uproar.

Governments, shouting about retaliation, realised that their power had been overthrown, that while before, they were the leaders of mankind, they were now nothing more than slaves in important suits.

London, New York, Washington DC, Cairo, Sydney, and Jerusalem were obliterated off the map within days, dozens of cities joining them in the following weeks.

Millions were killed in the war, which, through Adveni technology and weapons, meant the cities in war never stood a chance. Many civilians fled the larger cities, throwing them into a stand still.

Systems like the underground shut down due to so few people to run them, while vital companies controlling water and electricity are now ruled with an iron fist to make sure they still run smoothly.

October 29th 2012 marked the official end of the war and the beginning of total Adveni rule.

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Once the Adveni had completely taken charge, new laws were created without the underhanded methods that had been previously used.

All humans must be registered. An unregistered human captured will be sent straight to the nearest compound and sold to the highest Adveni bidder, who will register them under their ownership.

Marriage between humans requires Adveni approval, which, as previously stated, is mostly denied.

Pregnancy must be notified to an Adveni Section, and health checks during pregnancy are mandatory. Problem pregnancies are often terminated before they get too far.

All requests for employment must go through Adveni Section, and a percentage of salery given to the Section a human is registered under.

Humans found to belong to an illegal human organisation will be transferred to their nearest compound, where, depending on the organisation involved, or rank held, will either be held in confinement, sold to the highest Adveni bidder, or put to death.

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It is not surprising that when the Adveni finally revealed themselves, the human race, as a single unit for the first time in history, all stood up and declared that they would not submit to being a race bred for slavery. What was left of governments, military units, and even charities ran the charges, organising to fight back.

Governments were quickly and efficiently destroyed by the Adveni, military bases bombed beyond recognition, and all those in charge of any organisation leading a fight against our occupation were brutally, and publicly, put to death. It was no longer an odd site to see people tortured and killed in city centres.

Of course, people kept fighting. What was the alternative? A life of servitude and slavery? Not everyone was willing to submit to the choice of that or death. However, rebelling became quieter, it became a back alley business, and the companies doing business, called Sects.

Humans now go to the Sects when they have no where else to go, or if they are being hunted down/have been marked for death. Some join Sects to fight for the cause, and others because it is the only thing left available to them, but everyone is expected to do their part.

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Like with any event that changes the lives of thousands, rioting was the first to occur. People flocked to supermarkets and began looting as much food as possible, gun and knife stores emptied in hours. Some people took advantage of the fear, selling weaponry at vastly inflated prices, people selling their cars to get hold of a gun.

After the initial take over, some took to the streets, selling items and substances that, because police were no longer the law enforcement, they were almost free to do so. In fact, some 'sellers' were rewarded by Adveni Leaders, as they were keeping the humans happier. Drugs, prostitution, and even killing for hire became almost public business. Mercenaries willing to work for the highest bidder, human or not, became favourites among powerful Adveni, often used for hunting and disposing of humans breaking the new laws.

If you would like to add something to the history, please PM one of the staff. Also, if we see something in a post that we think works wonderfully with the History of Interitus, we will contact you regarding permission to use it.

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