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» The Rules, code of conduct for the site
 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 09:34 AM
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Registration and Application
  • Rating: Interitus is an RP site with a Mature rating.
  • Member Login: Please register an OOC account using your name or online handle. Swearing in names is not acceptable.
  • Character Login: After creating an OOC account, please register an account with character's first and last name properly capitalized and spaced. Example: John Smith
  • Multiple Characters: You may have as many characters as you like.
  • Filling Out Application: Please fill out the right biography and complete every section. Please post character biography under your character account.
In Character Posting
  • Word Count: We do not have a minimum word count on Interitus, reply with what you feel will further your thread adequately.
  • Mature Threads: Please mark mature threads as such in the thread description.
  • No Mature Topics for Minors: Mature plot lines for characters under the age of 18 are allowed, but must be implied only. If staff find content we feel is sexually explicit or overly violent, we will warn the member, and if it continues, we will archive the character and member risks being asked to leave.
  • POV: Please write posts in a third person narrative.
  • Know the Difference: Just because a character is mean, doesn't mean their handler is, keep IC... IC.
  • Time Stamp: Please Time Stamp your threads, this means Date and rough time of day, so that it can be in-putted into our master timeline. There is a code in the Information section of the welcome box.
Activity and Absences
  • Activity: There are no activity checks on Interitus.
  • Leaving: If you need to permanently leave the site for any reason, please PM a staff member. If you don't want to give a reason, you don't have to, we would just like to know so we can wish you well for the future.
  • Canon Reassignment: If a member playing a canon character leaves, the canon will be placed back on the list, and depending on how integrated they were, their on site history added for new applicants.
  • Original Character Disappearance: If a member leaves or is absent through an activity check and were playing an original character integral to the plot, the staff reserve the right to give the character a suitable ending.
OOC, Chatbox, & Graphics
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Aretha sang about it for a reason. Treat your fellow members and the staff with respect both in posts and in the chatbox. Any abusing this rule will result in warning and then being banned from the site.
  • No Hassle: Members found harassing other members, whether it be in the chatbox or in posts, and whether it is by mean words, or bugging for posts, will receive a warning.
  • Advertising: You are not allowed to advertise anywhere on Interitus.
  • Playbys: Keep them famous and stay off myspace.
  • No Playby: If you opt to have no playby or use original art, you will be asked to complete a 'General Appearance' section in your application.
  • Graphics: Avatars are restricted to 150px X 250px. Signatures should be no bigger than 550px X 300px. Any signatures bigger than this will be removed without warning.
If you have any queries, or would like to report any rule breaking, please PM one of The Staff.

Thanks guys, enjoy the site!

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