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» The Plot, A Brief Overview of Interitus
 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 09:33 AM
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From childhood we were told stories about aliens. E.T, Independence Day, Star Trek, there were always stories of little green men.

What those stories didn't tell us was that the Adveni would not be little green men at all. They would look just like us, and they had no intention of being our friends, nor of ridding the planet of us. They wanted us here... to serve.

No one noticed their arrival, the Adveni. They assimilated so perfectly that we didn't even realise they were here. We never realised that that Banker, that Statesmen, that mechanic, weren't even human.

Slowly, as more Adveni advanced to places of power, they began changing things. At first it was little things that nobody thought about, or even read, (like the terms and conditions on your bank statement perhaps.) Without realising, we slowly but surely sold our world over to them, with us as part of the bargain.

When the Adveni revealed themselves for who they were, the human race was given two choices... servitude, or death. It was a choice each man had to make for themselves, but it had to be made.

Many fought back, or at least, they tried. Cities were obliterated, millions left dead. After a while, even human armies fled for their lives. The Adveni have been in full control of earth since Oct 2012. Mass attacks have ended, and all human nations control has crumbled.

So now, in the ruins of what was once our world, we serve an alien race...

or we die.

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