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Posted by: Chele Dec 17 2014, 12:09 PM
Dear Guests,

Thank you for visiting Interitus.

As you can see, you cannot see a hell of a lot. Interitus, while active, is now in 'Lock Down' mode, meaning that we only allow our members to view the full board.

We do not have an advertising section, nor do we allow advertisements. Please do not try to create an account in an attempt to advertise with us.

However, if you are interested in joining the group of RPers at Interitus after viewing our information section, please contact Chele or Cizzler via the chatbox on the right hand side. We will answer any questions and give you any information you need. Chele and Cizzler are both European. Therefore working in GMT and GMT+1 timezones.

Validation of new member accounts must be performed by staff before the board is viewable. Please do not create an account simply to see our RP areas.

We have chosen to do this to give our members a more freeing RP. There is no character validation here for experienced members, no limits on character numbers, and no activity requirements. Every member here has been a member for over a year, so we simply let them go about posting how they want.

We are not closed off to new memberships, but we would like to talk to new members before they join, as we are a longer term RP board and would therefore like to limit the number of abandoned accounts.

All the best

Chele & Cizzler

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