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Aaron Kelso

Adveni Military

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Jan 15 2016, 11:10 AM
She walked right into his arms and he closed her in, wrapping himself around her and keeping her close. He pressed his nose into her hair, not even minding the faint smell of smoke from the restaurant. After the kind of night he'd had, all he wanted to do was keep her as close as possible and never, ever let go of her again.

Her fingers trailed into his hair and he bent his face down towards her, eyes half lidded.

"It's not fine," he mumbled, his lips meeting hers. "That really shouldn't have happened that way." Her lips were so soft, and he put his entire focus into the kiss, but the thought of his siblings laughing and ridiculing him pressed in from all sides.

He kept pressing up against Emily, as is someone would be ready to snatch her away the moment he let go. As if Luka was standing right outside the door, waiting for his chance. Well, he'd never get that chance, not as long as Aaron was alive.

She smiled and tried to make a joke of it, but Aaron shook his head.

"It's not the same. My brother is in a league of his own. I wouldn't blame you if you decided you didn't want to do this anymore."

He unwrapped his arms and instead reached up to gently grab her wrists. Her hands were so warm against his cheeks, and he'd die if she decided to pull back, but he had to give her the option. Never would he keep her by force, or try to string her along with false promises.

"You're not a wuss if my brother scares you. Hell, he scares me from time to time and we're family. We knew it'd be difficult, but I wasn't expecting the full show he put on."

Seeking out her eyes, he offered her a way out, while his heart beat up a steady pulse in his ears.

"So, if you want to call this quits right now, I won't get mad. We can just decide to end this here and now, and go our separate ways. That way, he'll never find you or touch you."

And neither will I.
Feb 17 2015, 08:17 AM

Aaron Kelso

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Aaron Kelso
Adveni Name: Lykin
Age: 27
Birthday: 17.2.
Registration Number: AAG872T591
Occupation: Agrah Sniper
Level of Education: Basic Agrah training, Scout Sniper Training


Father: Logk – Tzelik Doctor
Mother: Jayni – Tzelik Communications Officer
Children: None
Siblings: Tzad (24), Hyanih (Delta Forde, 29)
Half Siblings: Yanjya (Luka Volkov, 33), Onz (35)


Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Nsiloq Tattoo: blue-green
Playby: Jay Ryan


Likes and Dislikes:
Aaron enjoys physical fitness - his line of work demands strength and endurance, and he enjoys providing it. He enjoys pushing himself to his limits. He likes to prove himself capable, and doesn't back down from a challenge.
While he loves his work, he also likes forgetting about work and having fun.

What he dislikes is gossip, lying and being told he can't do something.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Headstrong and hard working, if you tell him he can't have something, he will only work harder on getting it.
A strong sense of duty, which can create conflict when his love of Emily gets in the way.
Attentive, focused, although Emily tends to distract him, making him feel guilty about what he's doing.
Honest, as much as he can without causing damage.

General Personality:
Aaron learned long ago to be tough, with the competitive family he grew up in. He will never give up and will never settle for being last. For a military tough guy, he can be surprisingly careful and tender at the right time. He still has a temper that can flare up - probably something that runs in the family, the fights between the siblings can get quite heated.

When he is with Emily, he is different - calmer, more patient, playful. Happy. Whenever he leaves her to get back to work, he has to mentally adjust his mind into Adveni mode again, which is harder and more ruthless, following orders without question.


Thoughts on Earth: It's a surprisingly nice place, with a lot of enjoyments he wasn't expecting.
Thoughts on Humans: He's been taught they are cattle, and to be treated as such, but he's wondering if it truly is so. Emily has taught him a lot about humanity over only a couple of years, making him doubt.


Aaron was born into a family aboard a Tzelik ship, unlike so many other Adveni children. He grew up with his parents and two full siblings, not to mention a couple half siblings, who all taught him a lot about being competitive and always striving for the best. As soon as his siblings were advancing through their training, Aaron set his sights on his own goals. He didn't want to follow his siblings into the Tsevstakre only to endure more competition between them, instead he chose the Agrah and wanted to excel in something he'd chosen for himself.

Basic training went well, and as soon as he was being considered into the training program for the invasion force to Earth, he chose to specialize in the field of scouting and sniping. With a stable hand, he received high points in marksmanship and got what he wanted - a chance to prove himself in an actual invasion.

With a short time on Earth before the actual invasion, Aaron was set into place with his team in Adlai to infiltrate and ready themselves. Right before the human celebration of Christmas, Aaron was supposed to meet his friends for a night out on the town. Unfamiliar with the neighborhood, he took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong bar. But once he saw the performance the scantily clad girls were giving - slowly peeling off their skimpy, fluffy Christmas skirts - he stayed for the evening.

One girl in particular took his fancy. Emily was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, human or Adveni. He spent all the money in his pocket on her that night, watching her dance for him. At the end of the evening, he followed her outside, just to get one last look of her before heading back to the team's apartment. What he saw made his blood boil and he acted without thinking.

The man accosting the girl of his dreams soon found himself at the wrong end of a strong Adveni fist. His girl seemed annoyed with him at first, distrusting even he'd rescued her, but as soon as he relaxed and assured her that he wasn't looking to be repaid in any kind, she calmed down. One look at his scratched up hand had her melting and wanting to help. He let her, after all, it meant he would get to spend more time with her. The diner across the street let them sit for hours and just talk. And the more she talked, the more he fell for her.

Emily swept him off his feet. He'd never experienced love before, not like this. While he'd hooked up with girls before, there had never been true feelings involved, and he wasn't prepared for the all-consuming passion that hit him now. She was all he could think about. She was so different from the Adveni, leading him into places inside himself that he never even knew existed.

The invasion put a dampener on things. Aaron had to do his duty, what he'd been sent to Earth for, which meant revealing himself to Emily. It wasn't easy telling her the truth, not after all his lies. The truth stung, but it also took a weight off his shoulders. He couldn't base a love on lies, no matter how she would look at him after this.

The fighting in the war took all of his focus and he lost track of Emily. When he went to her apartment one day, she was gone, without so much as a note left behind. Trying to forget about his broken heart, Aaron lost himself in his work until the fighting subsided. With the war won, work calmed down and he once again had time to think. He'd missed Emily all along, even while trying actively to forget about her.

He finally tracked her down to her family home, remembering how much she'd spoken of them. Her family wasn't thrilled to see him. One of the brothers welcomed him with a shotgun, threatening to take his head off if he didn't disappear off the property fast enough. But Aaron wouldn't back down without at least talking to Emily first. She reluctantly listened, and he was able to convince her to come back to Adlai, and to give them one more chance. He poured his heart out to her, and to his amazement, she agreed to come back.

In Adlai, Emily got her own place and a job, while Aaron tried to persuade her that she didn't have to, promising to take care of her. But she had her own mind about things, and a strong one at that, which was one of the things he loved about her. And as much as he hated lying and keeping secrets, he was forced to keep their relationship a secret from his own friends and family - they would never approve of him loving a human. His superiors would never approve, not to mention his own siblings - they seemed to hate humans with a passion.

Aaron continues to juggle the ruthlessness of his work with the passion of his heart.

Role Play Sample

Boys loves girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl?

The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Sehlatus
Gender: still a girl
Age: I don't have any
How you found us: I can't get away from you guys
Any Previous Characters: slowly growing in number
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