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Carter Colt

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The Human Registry

Name: Carter Ian Colt
Age: 24
Birthday: 1st March
Prior Occupation: Motocross racer – or more officially, any job he could find, bike messenger, pizza delivery, gas station work. Anything.
Current Status: Registered/Unowned
Registration Number: HC9011TS30
Level of Education: High School


Father: Dylan Colt
Mother: Vanessa Colt
Children: None
Siblings: Gabriel (Deceased,) Ryan, and Mia


Height: 5’11
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: blue
Playby: Matt Lanter


Likes and Dislikes: Motorbikes. Carter loves motorbikes, whether they're the type pretty playboys used to ride around and never learned their true potential, or dirt bikes that could take anything you threw at them.

Carter likes methodical tasks. He likes building things and focusing his thoughts onto a specific task. Unfortunately, in prison, there aren't a lot of tasks to fulfill except beating people up. Still, he does it so well.

He doesn't like being treated like a child, which happens frequently, not only by his brother and sister, but also by the McAllisters, who use him like a blunt force object. It's one of the reasons he doesn't like cars, because he's not in control. He prefers to be making his own decisions, being the driving forces.

He also doesn't like white chocolate after a bad experience on his ninth birthday.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Carter is extremely trustworthy, if for no other reason than he doesn't have anyone to tell your secrets to, nor any real inclination to actually, you know, talk to people.

He's relatively small, but his can put a lot of force behind a punch when he needs to. Through years of motocross and dirtbike racing, he's learnt the importance of getting things done with as little effort as possible, so unless he's in a fit of anger and literally can't stop himself, he'll make as few punches as possible to get the most effect. Years of defending himself against people who throught he was Ghetto Garbage also helped train him to get his point across.

Not a big talker, Carter doesn't get his opinion across very well, even when he's actually making an effort. Things often come out wrong and he gets himself in trouble.

Despite his almost constant feeling of inadequacy and resentment towards his siblings, Carter is unwaverably devoted to them and will submit himself to torment or punishment before letting it befall either of his siblings.

General Personality: Carter is generally quite a quiet individual. He's withdrawn and prefers keeping his emotions to himself. He lets things fester and would rather keep his problems to himself than actually find a solution. The consequences of this is that when things get too much, Carter will explode in a fit of anger and it all comes tumbling out, along with the punches.

Despite what people think of him, that he was just a dumb jock and wouldn't get anywhere once his racing days were over, Carter is actually quite smart. He's got a very logical mind which allows him to see how pieces fit together, especially when it comes to machines. He keeps this to himself though, and is at peace with being seen as muscle for other people's use.

Before the Adveni, Carter was a bit of a thrill junky. He loved going off with his friends on adventure weekends, whether it was white water rafting, hikes in the wilderness, or bungee jumping. He wanted to try everything once. Now, Carter's love of a thrill leads him to do stupid things and take fights too far. He's had to be pulled off inmates he's been ordered to beat up because he's lost his head and can't stop.


Are you a Sect Member: No


Carter grew up in the rough part of town in Pheonix, Arizona. The fourth child in a family that couldn't properly afford one, Carter got used to the hand-me-down clothes and broken toys. Luckily, he had two older brothers, so he wasn't stuck in girls clothes playing with barbie dolls.

In fact, the only time Carter got anything of his own stuff was on his birthday and Christmas, so he'd spend practically all year thinking up what he wanted so that it would be worth it.

On his seventh birthday, Carter had spent the whole year praying for an art set. He wanted to be like his big brother, Ryan, but he didn't want to use Ryan's stuff. He'd told his mother countless times, begged and pleaded with his dad, but when his birthday came around, Carter did not get what he wanted. Instead, his father had gone out and bought him a miniature motorbike. It probably cost a lot more than they could afford, but Carter had never seen anything so wonderful. For months he spent every free moment riding it around, even if it only went about two miles an hour while the other boys he knew had ones that went five, Carter didn't care. It was... amazing.

After that, everything was motorbikes. He went to school, he did his homework, but as soon as he was free, he was working on bikes, hanging around the local mechanics, getting scraps from them to build dirt bikes, racing down the quarries. Up until the time Carter was about 15, nothing but bikes existed. He didn't even mind getting the crap from guys at school, or the way his borthers were so uncomfortably overprotective. By the time Carter turned fifteen, he had a mean left hook and an attitude to match.

Then, everything changed. Their mother was shot in a burglary and Carter's world came crashing down. He loved his dad and his siblings, but he missed his mother. He was the baby and she'd lavished attention on him. Carter withdrew further into himself, focusing all his time onto bikes, racing for money to help out around the house. The fifteen year old became a man far too quickly.

His brothers were already away at College, his sister left soon after to start college, and slowly, instead of two parents and four children in the small house, it became just Carter and his dad. Carter couldn't take it, he began going out more and more, staying out later and later, and by the time he finished high school and was getting jobs to help pay the bills, he was barely at home, instead spending his time out on the race track, the dirt tracks and building motorbikes.

The other siblings returned after college, Ryan even helped them move to a nicer part of town, and instead of being the one helping out, the one their father relied on, Carter was once again pushed to being the baby of the family, a role he'd not had for years. He began resenting his brothers for their overprotective nature. He'd been winning his fights on and off the racetrack for three years, but it didn't matter, to them he was a baby.

By the time Carter turned twenty, he had a racing contract with a big company, was paid to do what he loved (though he kept his other jobs too for security,) and he was being given the most amazing machines to ride on. He'd managed to buy himself a Ducatti and life was pretty good.

Carter was almost twenty-two when the Adveni arrived, and suddenly his motorbikes weren't going to cut it. None of the others could ride and his family were adament about sticking together. Carter sold off each one for as much as he could get and put it toward survival.

They travelled around, finally landing in Adlai without their father, where Carter managed to get a job as a messenger. Things weren't good, and his brothers wouldn't listen that Carter wanted them to register. They wanted to stay under the radar and being the baby, Carter's word didn't mean as much. When their place was raided, Carter fought, managed to give three Adveni black eyes before they restrained him, but he was carted off with his family just the same.

In prison, Carter did what he was told. It was better than struggling to be heard amongst his brothers when they had to protect themselves from outsiders. When the McAllisters approached them, it seemed like a good move. However, things quickly went down hill. When Ryan refused work, they killed Gabriel and Mia was placed down as collatoral for the two remaining men of the family.

Carter is still in Lyndbury Compound and right now it seems he will not be getting out in the foreseeable future. He does what he's told for fear of pain being inflicted on his family, but truthfully, he's almost willing to admit being sold as a slave would be better than this.

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