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Benjamin O'Kelle

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Apr 22 2013, 12:09 PM

Benjamin O'Kelle

The Human Registry

Name: Benjamin Robert O'Kelle
Age: 30
Birthday: 2nd May
Prior Occupation: unemployed
Current Status: Unregistered Human
Registration Number: N/A
Level of Education: College Degree


Father: Gerard O'Kelle
Mother: Makenna O'Kelle
Children: n/a
Siblings: Brandon O'Kelle (fraternal twin brother)


Height: 5'10 AND A HALF! HA!
Hair Colour: brown, though turns dirty blonde in the summer.
Eye Colour: blue
Playby: Aaron Tveit


Likes and Dislikes:
- Brandon - His world revolves around his brother.
- Teaching - He loved it, and misses it.
- Dorkery - Ben loves things he can get obsessed about, whether it's history, media, or random facts.
- Music - He adores music and is incredibly eclectic in his tastes. He plays the piano, guitar, and bits on the cello.
- Films - Some of his best memories are of film festivals with Brandon.
- Serious sweet tooth - you want to get on Ben's good side, bring him candy.

- His parents - there are serious trust issues there, which now fill him with guilt as he doesn't know whether they're alive or not.
- Prejudice and Bigotry - Before his incarceration, Ben heavily supported equal rights movements and even helped organise political marches in college.
- People knowing who he is - Being recognised sparks a deep rooted fear in Ben, and is the quickest way to make him run in the opposite direction. In fact, he'll often go by the surname Wilde to escape recognition.
- Whiskey - the taste makes him feel sick.
- Undercooked meat.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Intelligent and well educated
- Charming
- Athletic
- Quick learner
- A brilliant liar and storyteller

- Needs reading glasses
- More of a thinker than a doer.
- Incredibly emotionally scarred.
- Closed off

General Personality: Ben is extremely protective of the people he's close to, especially his family, and most especially his bother, Brandon. Usually a big believer in the calm approach and talking things out, his temper is hard to crack. The only time Ben will become physical in an instant is if someone threatens his brother.

Up until his incarceration, Ben was one of the most cheerful, friendly people you could meet. Loved by his students for being able to have a joke and make lessons fun, Ben was one of those gravitational fields that people can't resist wanting to be close to.

Since prison, he's been much quieter and far more closed off. While outwardly he still presents himself as the outgoing and cheerful guy, inside is a constant battle to protect himself from the emotional scars of prison. In his whole life, the only things he hasn't told his brother about have been the things that happened to him inside that jail.


Are you a Sect Member: no
Name of Sect: n/a
Rank/Position n/a


Growing up as an O'Kelle was an interesting experience. The family were well off enough to afford the best for their kids, and Brandon and Benjamin were no different. They attended a private school, took part in extra curricular activities such as music, sports, and debate teams. With no expenses spared, the two brothers, like their cousins, were being set up to be the next leaders of the nation and carry on the family legacy.

Benjamin took to their upbringing like a duck to water. He loved learning new things and excelled in most things. For a family so obsessed with ambition and legacy, he was almost as golden as his cousin Sebastian, who only won out because his father was already doing better.

Where Benjamin excelled, however, Brandon struggled. Benjamin tried to help his twin as much as possible, but his twin got into increasingly more trouble and by their mid-teens, Brandon had been diagnosed as bi-polar.

Despite being the younger twin, the diagnosis sparked an overprotective instinct in Benjamin. He worked twice as hard, attempting to keep his brother in their private school while keeping his own grades perfect, a feat he just about achieved.

When the time came to go to college, however, Benjamin knew that he'd be without his twin for the first time in his life. A year after Benjamin started at Harvard, he was joined by his cousin, Sebastian, which admittedly made the separation a little easier to bear.

Benjamin was in his third year of Harvard, having deciding on becoming a teacher, when disaster struck. Benjamin received a call late at night to tell him that Brandon had been in a car accident. Benjamin was terrified for his brother's safety, but his parents quickly corrected him - Brandon had been in a car accident because he was drunk behind the wheel. They weren't worried about him being injured, they were worried because he'd been arrested.

The next six months were torture. While Benjamin visited Brandon once a week, not only to support his brother, but also to make sure he was receiving his medication correctly, he couldn't stand not being able to talk to his brother every day, even if it was mostly silly text messages.

Benjamin carried on with his studies, though he pulled away from his family somewhat, angry at their attempt to sweep Brandon's mistake under the carpet. He knew that his uncle was gearing up to run for president, but Brandon was their son, for Ben, he should have come first.

Once Brandon was released, things pretty much returned to normal... well, mostly. Benjamin went back to throwing everything he had at his studies, and their parents went back to parading them as the golden children. Benjamin graduated and began a Masters in History so that he could get a teaching position. With his minor in Musical theory, Benjamin was sure that a good position at one of the top schools would be just around the corner.

Around the corner, instead, was an assault charge against Brandon. This time sentenced to three years in a state penitentiary, Benjamin took a state school position to be close to his brother, arguing against his parents who had gotten him an interview at one of the top private schools on the other side of the country.

Even though their parents feared that Brandon's 'indiscretions' would look badly against their 'presidential' relation, Jonathan became President while Brandon was inside for the second time.

Life changed pretty quickly. While Benjamin was only a nephew to the president, it opened a lot of doors. The interview at a top school became three interviews, and by the time Benjamin had finished his training at the age of 25, Brandon was out and Benjamin had an interview at a top school in New York.

It took some convincing to get the parole board to let Brandon move to New York, but Benjamin vouched for him, and even if he had to kick his older brother out of the apartment, he got him to every meeting with time to spare. Things, it seemed, were finally getting back to normal. Ben met a nice girl, Maddie, and the two of them were getting on really well.

Just after their twenty-sixth birthday, Benjamin thought everything was going great. However, when one night Brandon came home in a state. It took Ben a while to get what had happened out of him, but it soon became clear that Brandon had been involved in a robbery, and it had gone wrong. They had his fingerprints, they had him on surveillance, and he'd only just escaped the police. There was no doubt about it, the police would be coming for him, and when they got him, being his third strike, Brandon would be getting life in prison.

Benjamin worked fast. He called Maddie and got her to come over to their apartment. She was furious of what he asked of her, but Ben was adamant. Maddie agreed to provide an alibi for Brandon, saying that they had been having an affair so Brandon had been at her apartment.

The rest was a bit of a blur. Ben had no idea how he was lucky enough to get a policeman who would take a bribe, but when they showed up at the apartment, Ben convinced him, Zanetti, to get rid of the fingerprint evidence. The CCTV was blurry enough that it could easily have been Benjamin and not Brandon, and Zanetti had been involved in the chase, so his statement was easily changed.

There was a lot of suspicion surrounding his arrest, most of all from their parents, not to mention Ben's lawer, a man named Lynch, but Ben wouldn't change his mind,and plead guilty to armed robbery. As no weapon had actually been loaded during the robbery, and it was his first offence, Benjamin got eighteen months in a state penitentiary.

Prison was hell. For all Brandon had told him about his own time inside, it did not prepare Ben in the slightest for what he had let himself in for. His eighteen months were, and remain, the worst time of his life. Ben slipped into depression, and with his brother's condition, the prison doctors feared that Ben might have had the same genetics for mental illness laying dormant.

Once released, it was impossible for Ben to return to his old life. With a criminal history, there was no chance of returning to his job as a teacher. In fact, as the credit crisis hit, Ben couldn't find a job at all. Money from the family helped, but Ben's life was quickly spiraling even further out of control.

Then, the Adveni arrived. Watching his own family slaughtered on national television, the twins made a run for it. Getting out of the city, they could only watch as it was obliterated off the face of the planet.

Benjamin became the student to his brother after that, taking what he had learned from prison and Brandon's natural charm and knowledge of the darker side of life, they worked their way across the country, hoping that no Adveni would ever be able to fully connect them to the President.

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