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Naia Dor
 Posted: Nov 15 2015, 01:47 PM
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Naia Dor

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: None
Adveni Name: Naia Dor
Age: 80
Occupation: Retired teacher, Mother of the Volsonnar
Military Branch: former Agrah


Partner: Naia's had several partners in her life, but by now they are all dead.
Children: her oldest child is Nautria Teskant, the current Volsonnar. She also has
two other children.


Naia looks very much like a sweet, little old lady, including the white cloud of hair and a string of pearls around her neck. She always takes very good care of herself, making sure her clothes, hair and makeup are impeccable. Old age is no reason to let yourself go. A purse is also important, if only to hide the small gun no one suspects her carrying.

Naia has only recently arrived on Earth and she doesn't speak a word of English, relying completely on Advtenis. This is an Adveni planet after all, isn't it?

Nsiloq Colour: Blue
Playby: Betty White


Naia is a very happy person, always laughing and getting excited about things. Even with her advanced age, she constantly finds new things to get excited about, new things she wants to see and experience. She can appear clueless and ditzy, and she is happy for people to think that she is, but beneath her blonde behavior, she is a sharp cookie, always watching and listening, and taking advantage of the fact that no one really knows how much she truly understands.

At 80 years old, Naia has been forced to slow down. She gets up early in the morning, and starts her day with a gentle workout, but her day is not complete without a nap in the afternoon, during which the house has to be absolutely quiet.

When she sees something she likes, Naia often giggles like a little girl, clapping her hands together as she squeals in delight. She is very fond of a good tea and a nice gossip, and has quite the sweet tooth. What most people would never guess, is that a ruthless Adveni still lives inside, hungry for blood and ruthless entertainment.


Naia trained and served as Agrah in her youth, and made good friends in the service. She met her first partner early on, and quickly found herself pregnant with her first child, a son who would go on to become Volsonnar later in life. For her sons first few years, they all lived as a family, while she taught her son everything she knew about being Adveni. Her partner was very career oriented and ultimately followed his passion for the Agrah and trained for the upcoming invasion of Os-Veruh. Naia on the other hand had found her calling for teaching, and somewhat reluctantly agreed to stay on the homeworld to teach a new generation of Adveni.

Her son went on to train in the military and Naia quietly kept an eye on his progress, never interfering. During the years, she met other partners and went on to have two more children. Her children grew up and went into the military, and her partners either moved on or died off, one by one.

Like a dutiful mother, Naia never interfered in her children's lives, even her firstborn son's as he became Volsonnar. As the Adveni invaded Earth, Naia watched excitedly from afar. She'd missed her chance of taking part in the invasion of Os-Veruh sixty years earlier and always regretted it. Now that her son was Head of the Adveni people, she finally saw her chance and took it.

Naia arrived on Earth a couple years after the war. She doesn't speak a word of English, having decided that she doesn't need to, since it is an Adveni ruled planet by now. She is excited to finally see an alien world, and is delighted and eager to see all the new things the planet has to offer.
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