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» Hart, Cassandra, Nilaq
Cassandra Hart
 Posted: May 26 2015, 02:40 AM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Cassandra Hart
Adveni Name: Nilaq
Age: 28 yrs old
Occupation: Assistant Manager/DJ at Equinox
Military Branch: Nhyrahby


She has a twin sister named Fana who is a Adveni-Human Affairs Representative.


Nilaq likes to stand out from the crowd a little bit which is why she often changes the way she looks. This mostly applies to her hair. She likes to color it and so far she's had black, brown and red hair. Red as in really bright red, not ginger. The only thing that doesn't change is the length, she likes having long hair.
Nsiloq Colour: Blue
Playby: Rihanna


Nilaq loves people and for the most part, they love her too. She isvery social and has a likeable personality. You know that sort of awkward silence that can settle in when you meet new people? That doesn't happen with her. She's quick to take newcomers under her wing and to help them settle into the conversation. The only people she's a bit more reserved towards is humans as she feels she can't trust them. Even more so after her longterm boyfriend, Tehl, was killed by their kind.


Nilaq had a very rocky up-bringing. For the biggest part of her childhood she and her twin sister, Fana, was raised by their mother and father. They were given everything they needed and then some as their parents made sure to spoil them rotten. Before long, the authorities came knocking on their door to take the parents away. Turns out, they'd been acquiring stature in the hierarchy by illegal means and tried to use their standing to secure their children's future.

Taken from her parents and separated from her twin sister, Nilaq was raised by a man who normally served as a caretaker for children born through Tletonise pairings. She had a very difficult time trying to adjust to his new life. Where her parents had made sure she had everything she needed, this man was of the opinion that she was to look after herself instead of expecting him to do it for her. She learned to be independant which is part of the reason why she chose to become a Nhyrahby pilot.

Training for the Nhyrahby, Nilaq came in contact with two men named Arcai and Tehl. She became friends with the two, growing increasingly close to Tehl and together they pushed through training and fulfilled their dreams to fly. Shortly after becoming a Nhyrahby, Nilaq and Tehl began to date. They followed each other everywhere and in 2013 it was announced that they were going to take part in the war against the humans. They were all sent in early during the invasion.

Once the war ended, Nilaq and Tehl both settled in a city called Adlai. They both found work in Human Control where she worked in Employment and he in Punishment. After spending about a year working in Human Control, Nilaq was approached by Arcai -- or Jacoby Hendrix as he called himself -- and was offered a position in his new club as the assistant manager. She accepted. Shortly afterwards Tehl was offered a position as a bouncer in Equinox as well.

Before long, Nilaq discovered her love for music and began to DJ for the club. She's worked there ever since and until recently, so did her boyfriend. It was when he disappeared only to be found dead, his murder blamed on the Seven Sins, that Nilaq grew wary of the humans.
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