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Dante Webb
 Posted: Jan 22 2015, 02:30 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Dante Webb
Age: 30 yrs
Current Status: Registered Owned
Current Occupation: Dreta


Father to a five year old little girl named Julia Webb.
His spouse, Kendra, died in the line of duty before the war.
Was adopted by Tyrone (Adveni) and Ebony (human) at a young age.
Has a total of eight adoptive siblings, ranging from 33 to 13 yrs old.


Dante has short, dark hair and dark brown eyes.
He's 6'2" tall with a lean and fit body after working construction.
Has a cinystalq around his neck, courtesy of his owner Navarro.

Playby: Zachary Quinto


Dante was always a very empathic person. Growing up, he would often go out of his way to cheer up his siblings or his parents when one of them were having a bad day. His ability to empathise with people was why he set out to become a paramedic. It was his way of contributing and knowing that he was helping people always motivated him.

Since then, a lot has changed. He's still the same guy, he still values his family over everything else (especially his daughter), but due to his precarious situation he's been forced to adapt. Trying to settle into this new way of living has been the biggest challenge for Dante by far and that in turn has put a strain on everything he is. For every passing day, he can feel himself slipping further and further.


Are you a Sect Member: No


Like most of the Webb kids, Dante was adopted. He was put into the fostercare system due to his mother mother who abused substances. The long term plan was that his mother was supposed to have a chance to regain custody of her kid if she cleaned herself up and got her life together. She never did, and as a result Dante was permanently adopted by the Webbs. At this point, he fit in well with the family, that continued to grow with each year as the parents continued to take in other children in need of a family.

Growing up, Dante became a paramedic. It was through work that he met Kendra, who he later married and started a family together with. They had a daughter who was named Julia. A year passed before Kendra lost her life in the line of duty, leaving Dante to care for their daughter. With the help of his family, he was given time to mourn his wife's death, but that wasn't the end of it.

As another year passed, the Adveni revealed themselves. More importantly, the Webbs learned that the father in the family was one of them. Rather than up and leave them, Tyrone stayed with his family, finding it more important to ensure their safety than being at the frontline in the war that broke out. The family went into hiding, waiting out the war, and once it was over they moved to Adlai where they all registered.

When things started to settle down the boys in the family were able to land jobs in construction, much thanks to their father. They were slowly starting to build up a life for themselves again when an Adveni set their sights on one of his siblings, Willow. After harassing her and trying to force himself onto her, Dante and his brother Jax decided to do something about it. They sought out said Adveni and beat him up to teach him a lesson. They thought that was the end of it. It wasn't.

Weeks later, what they'd done came back to bite them in the ass. A patrol showed up at their door, arresting Dante for the crime. He never understood why Jax wasn't brought in with him, neither did his brother. He spent two weeks in Lyndbury before it was decided that he was to be sold at the yard, where he was bought by a man named Navarro.

The life of a slave was one that never sat well with Dante, who later tried to escape. He was caught in the act, brought back to his owner, where a cinystalq was clamped around his neck to dissuade him from trying to escape again. So far, it has worked out in Navarro's favor.
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