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Aaron Kelso
 Posted: Jan 15 2016, 11:10 AM
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She walked right into his arms and he closed her in, wrapping himself around her and keeping her close. He pressed his nose into her hair, not even minding the faint smell of smoke from the restaurant. After the kind of night he'd had, all he wanted to do was keep her as close as possible and never, ever let go of her again.

Her fingers trailed into his hair and he bent his face down towards her, eyes half lidded.

"It's not fine," he mumbled, his lips meeting hers. "That really shouldn't have happened that way." Her lips were so soft, and he put his entire focus into the kiss, but the thought of his siblings laughing and ridiculing him pressed in from all sides.

He kept pressing up against Emily, as is someone would be ready to snatch her away the moment he let go. As if Luka was standing right outside the door, waiting for his chance. Well, he'd never get that chance, not as long as Aaron was alive.

She smiled and tried to make a joke of it, but Aaron shook his head.

"It's not the same. My brother is in a league of his own. I wouldn't blame you if you decided you didn't want to do this anymore."

He unwrapped his arms and instead reached up to gently grab her wrists. Her hands were so warm against his cheeks, and he'd die if she decided to pull back, but he had to give her the option. Never would he keep her by force, or try to string her along with false promises.

"You're not a wuss if my brother scares you. Hell, he scares me from time to time and we're family. We knew it'd be difficult, but I wasn't expecting the full show he put on."

Seeking out her eyes, he offered her a way out, while his heart beat up a steady pulse in his ears.

"So, if you want to call this quits right now, I won't get mad. We can just decide to end this here and now, and go our separate ways. That way, he'll never find you or touch you."

And neither will I.

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