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Luka Volkov

Adveni Military

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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Luka Volkov
Adveni Name: Yanjya
Age: 33
Birthday: November 6
Registration Number: ATS812T693
Occupation: Tsevstakre
Level of Education: Full Military and Combat Training


Father: Logk – Tzelik Doctor
Mother: Yaryna - Tsevstakre
Siblings: Onz (35), Hyanih (27, Delta Forde), Lykin (29), Tzad (24)


Height: 6'1" (185cm)
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: hazel green
Nsiloq Tattoo: blue-green
Playby: Karl Urban


Likes and Dislikes: More than anything, Luka likes being respected and admired by others. He likes physical exercise, preferably in actual combat. He also likes Adveni women, at least in his bed, although he would never put his trust in one. The human ones are pretty enough, but they seem so fragile!

What he doesn't like are people who are weak, who don't know what they want or what they stand for. He hates sitting around with nothing to do, he'd rather be out doing something, keeping busy. Sitting around thinking about things would probably just turn into brooding. He's very competitive and will go all the way in everything he does, doing what ever he can to win. He hates losing, it just causes bad moods and bad moods can be dangerous to anyone close by. He wouldn't think twice about striking out at someone.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Selfish and loyal to himself only, unless he finds someone he can truly respect and admire, which is not likely to happen very easily. He is very loyal to the Adveni cause, as long as it means he will be the one to win. He is not afraid on stepping on other people to gain something for himself, in fact, it wouldn't be the first time he had done it. Luka is ambitious, determined and focused, knowing what he wants and then going after it, while being guarded and reserved at the same time. He is strong willed and can be seen as cruel, particularly his enemies, but he knows how to reign in his anger and stay cool and in control. He can demand much of those around him and be a bit controlling, and if he gets disappointed, he will not forget.

General Personality: Luka is stubborn, which can be both a good and a bad thing. When he puts his mind to do something, then nothing will sway him, nothing or no one will change his mind. It has got him pretty far, as he is an accomplished soldier. He wants to advance, to go as far as he can go within the Tsevstakre, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve that. Like his sister, Luka likes an adrenaline rush and the thrill of the chase, be it in battle or otherwise. Like other Adveni children, he was taught strength and resilience from a young age.


Thoughts on Earth: parts of it are nice enough, but it's overrun with humans. He doesn't see the point in learning about their culture or history, the Adveni are here to take the planet, not to acquire new pets.

Thoughts on Humans: Vermin. He can't understand why the little rats haven't managed to die out long ago, as they seem to have no discipline or the strength to see anything through properly. With their primitive technology, it's a wonder they even survived the war. In the end, Luka made the mistake of underestimating the humans and is now paying for it.


Luka was the result of a Tletonise pairing. He did not grow up with either of his parents, instead he spent his childhood in a group raising, being prepped and conditioned to become a soldier. He did see his parents and his half siblings enough to know who they were, but he was never close to any of them. Having siblings only meant he had to work harder, to prove that he could be better than any of them.

He did well, learning and thriving, accepting orders from his superiors and doing as he was told. Sometimes he questioned those orders, but tried hard to not let it show. He always felt there would be a time when he would be the one giving orders, to be the one deciding what to do.

As a young man, he went for his Nsiloq and came out with blue-green. He was disappointed and ashamed with the result, having gone in for the full green one. He wasn't sure what had happened, his body had betrayed him and displayed the pain he was feeling and the process had been interrupted. He has always felt that if he could do it all over again, just one more time, he would end up with a green one.

As a soldier, he was was excited to learn about the conquering of a new planet, Earth, and to get to be a part of the take over. As he expected, he was sent to war on Earth, to take the planet and quell the rebellion. That was what he was born and bred to do and he was thrilled.

But somewhere something went wrong. During an important mission a mistake was made and the enemy gained a foothold they weren't supposed to get. The humans had found their strength and Adveni soldiers were paying the price. In his arrogance, Luka had underestimated the enemy and disregarded orders from his superiors, believing he could end the mission in success if he could just make his own decisions. The mission backfired and he was blamed for the incident at a disciplinary hearing, being charged with Failure to Obey an Order from a Superior, which ultimately resulted in a demotion and loss of privileges. Luka kept himself calm and collected during the hearing, knowing that any explanations or show of impertinence would only get him into more trouble. He couldn't afford to disrespect anyone at that point, he could only count himself lucky he hadn't been kicked out of the Tsevstakre for good.

After the hearing, Luka was transferred to the US and the City of Adlai, where he now needs to keep on his commander's good side, hoping to once again gain the privileges and ranks he has lost. He can not afford to make any more mistakes.

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Once upon a time... do I have to?

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