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 Posted: Jun 25 2012, 02:02 PM
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Here are a selection of characters that members would like filled as they are connected to active characters. If you would like to submit to this list, please do so Here after your character has been accepted.

All PBs are by the suggestion of the member submitting the character. All PBs should be considered negotiable, but please speak to the member in question. The staff have no influence over PB selection for these characters.

Characters are noted whether they are available or not by the 'OPEN' or 'TAKEN' at the end of each entry. You do NOT need to claim a character in this thread, simply post up an application, and it will be classed as your claim unless you are declared inactive.



Connected to: Ty Addison
Hawker was forced by his parents to disown his sister Ty when she joined the military. Having not seen his sister in 7 years, Hawker has changed a great deal. Forced to fight to survive since the invasion, he’s come west looking for the only family he has left.
Sam Worthington. 28-31. undecided . OPEN


Connected to: Seamus Hardwick
As the middle child of the Hardwick family, Nick always felt like the odd one out. His parents would use that as an excuse to explain his troublesome history. Nick is the kind of guy who does what he wants and doesn't care whether you like it or not. His brother, Seamus, is the only one he cares about though it's hard to say whether he likes his company or the quality meth he cooks more than the other.
Justin Chatwin. 20. undecided . OPEN


Connected to: Nicolas Harper-Flynn
James proved to be of incredibly high intellect from an early age, the brain to his brother's brawn. Between his grades and his parent's influence, he became Head of Analytics at the FBI in Washington under Maric de Valence. No one knows what happened to him after the Invasion.
Daniel Craig .34 . drysta . taken

Kelly Marco

Connected to: Jack Yorke

Kelly grew up in Santa Fe, joining the Air Force at twenty-one. When the Adveni attacked their base, Kelly became trapped in the rubble of the workshop with Jack Yorke. The two of them were trapped for three days and traveling together, they became best friends. Now she's joined the Eighth Army with Jack, and the two make sure they look after each other.
Vanessa Ferlito . 30 . Registered . open


Connected to: Theodore Nash
The baby of the Nash family, Juliette's siblings are very over protective of her, especially her brother. Don't they realise she's not a little kid anymore?
Danielle Campbell . 19 . undecided . OPEN


Connected to: Theodore Nash
Whilst her brother claims to be the protector of their family, the actual day to day stuff often falls to her. Lara finds it amusing and frustrating that, despite not having a husband, she's pretty much become a wife and mother at age 27.
Shantel Vansanten . 27 . undecided . OPEN


Connected to: David Prince
The oldest of the Prince children, Tina had only just started out as a freshman in high school when the Adveni invaded. Being with her boyfriend at the time, she was later on captured and sold as a drysta by the owner of Zselket's. Due to her young age at the time, she's been acting as a servant but recently she, too, has started working along the other olcinyty.
Rachel Hurd-Wood . 17 . Registered . open

Travis Delaney

Connected to Leigh Delaney
Travis arrived on Earth at the age of 25, intelligent and with enough brute force to infiltrate and work in the human prison system. Travis fell in love with Leigh Delaney, a nurse where he worked. Charming and confident, Travis managed to hide the darker sides of his nature and keep Leigh in the dark, even after they were married. When the invasion came, he kept Leigh safe by registering her before leaving to join the fight. He's not seen his wife since, and is now working as a guard at Lyndbury Compound.
Tahmoh Penikett . 35 . Military . OPEN


Connected to Dan Goretti
as a chemist, Fyia was undercover with the mafia before the war, creating more addictive drugs. When the war was done, Fyia found the son of her old boss in Lyndbury, so she bought him. Only, when he got her pregnant, she panicked. Under questioning for not reporting the pregnancy, she got help from Chow of Zselkets, and Fyia was forced to lend Dan to the brothel to leverage the debt. Their daughter was born four months ago, but is kept in the breeding program. Fyia has not seen Dan since she sent him away.
Dichen Lachman . 30 . chemist . NPC


Connected to William Sutcliffe
Adrienne is very much a daddy’s girl. She was only seven years old when her father left for Earth, and so had grown up to idolise the man who left to take down traitors.
Saxon Sharpino . 15 . minor . OPEN


Connected to William Sutcliffe
Evelyn is certainly her father’s daughter, and through years of hiding things from her father (who could see through practically any lie due to his position and training) she learned how to keep her nose clean while doing exactly what she wanted.
Dove Cameron . 19 . undecided . OPEN


Connected to William Sutcliffe
Lachlan is the eldest of the Sutcliffe children, and with 7 years between himself and his sister Evelyn, he got used to doing things alone. He is ambitious and stubborn, like his father, and the two do not always see eye to eye.
Alex Pettyfer . 26 . undecided . OPEN


Connected to Jax Webb
One of the first to arrive at Earth, Tyrone served as a scout. He was one of the Adveni’s best but when he fell in love with Ebony he spent more time with her and less time focusing on his mission. He loves his family fiercely and will do anything to keep them safe. Being well-connected helps.
Keith David . 63 . undecided . OPEN

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