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 Posted: Jun 25 2012, 02:03 PM
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Here are a selection of pre-made characters either with a specific function (like Leader of a Group, etc) or an idea for useful characters on the site.

All Playbys are suggested, and may be changed to someone else who fits a similar idea of the character description. If you would like to change the playby for an adoptable character, please PM one of the staff.

Characters are noted whether they are available or not by the 'OPEN', 'TAKEN', or NPC at the end of each entry. You do NOT need to claim a character in this thread, simply post up an application, and it will be classed as your claim unless you are declared inactive.

NPC noted characters are still available to be taken by an individual member. If you would like to claim a current NPC, please contact staff.



Owner of Oscar's Underdog Fry-up in the Oprust district, Oscar is a very useful man to know. He's been known to fake Registration papers, employment licences, even marriage certificates. Even though he is not a member of a Sect, he believes firmly in what they are doing and will help whenever he can. That being said, a man still has to make a living, right?
Ian McShane . 43 . Registered . NPC


FATHER DONOGHUE was on holiday when the Adveni revealed themselves and he decided to stay in Adlai and help the people in the city. Quite relaxed for a priest, he now performs religious wedding ceremonies for those who can not get permission through the Adveni, and general services in the Camps, as well as helping those in the sects when he can. No one would suspect a priest, right?
Sean Maher . 30 . Registered . open


Whatever it is, KNOWLES can get it for you. If you need information, he knows a guy. If you want drugs, just look in his back pockets. Willing to work for the highest bidder, human or not, the only thing you won't get from KNOWLES is trust.
Please contact Chele or Cizzler regarding on site history
Jonas Armstrong . 28 . Unregistered . taken

Janus McAllister

Violent of nature there is little Janus would refrain from doing. Sent to Lyndbury after committing murder, he and his brother has taken over the rule on the inside of the prison. He serves as the muscles. He's a brutal man and favors picking on the weak.
Luke Goss . 39 . Registered . open

Shawn McAllister

The younger out of the two brothers, Shawn is the brains. He plays his cards smart and has never been seen getting his hands dirty. As one of the rulers of Lyndbury he demands respect. He has little patience, and expects to be treated like a king amongst the other inmates.
Joaquin Phoenix . 37 . Registered . open


Much sterner than his two leader counterparts, PRINCE always worries about the security of the A.I and is much less trusting of the new members that are brought in. Some people think he'd be more suited to the Eighth Army as an ex marine medic, but he prefers fixing people up to beating them down.
Timothy Olyphant . 51 . A.I Leader . TAKEN


Mara Rosales works in Lyndbury compound, cooking for prisoners. She feels for the prisoners, but can do nothing to get them out, so instead she helps them by passing messages in from their friends and family if she can.
Rose Rollins . 32 . A.I Member . NPC


GUNNYR refuses to take a human name, she likes her name and believes that the more Adveni accept human names, the less humans will actually accept them into life here on earth. Instead, she uses her talents to help humans, though it sometimes makes her unpopular with her kin.
Rose Byrne . 30 . Employed . NPC


BODEN maybe doesn't look the part of her position as Compound Guard, but any prisoner will tell you that you do not mess with BODEN, she can be damn scary when she wants to be.
Katee Sackhoff . 29 . Military . open


Please speak to Cizzler or Chele regarding history of this character
COMPTON was very good at his job. So good, that he became an aid to the President of the United States while assimilating. As a reward, when the Adveni revealed themselves, he was given his human colleague O'NEILL as a present. Now, not only does he get his own work, but the spoils of the work he sends O'NEILL out on as well.
David Gandy . 35 . Employed . open


MARIC has moved from being the puppet to playing the puppeteer. He's lived on earth since before the invasion started. His younger brother was killed by the Belsa and so he dedicates his time and energy on rooting them out. He currently owns a number of Drysta and is known for mistreating them. MARIC also serves as one of Keiran Zanetti's part-time handlers.
James Purefoy . 40’s . Volsonne . taken


While ERIERTY has no power of her own, and can be dropped by the Volsonnar NAUTRIA at any moment, she plays off his power, using it to help her friends, and get what she wants.
Michelle Pfieffer . 48 . Volsonne . NPC


Previously Adveni Military, he's now one of the senior guards at the Lyndbury Compound. Stern and brutal, he believes violence and pain is the best method to keep humans in line. Hendrix also runs the club Equinox, a Rion District establishment known for human cage fights in the basement.
Ryan Gosling . 28 . Self-Employed . taken

----- NORTON

Despite being young, NORTON is the Volsonnar's right hand man, and many believe, the brains behind the operation. Of course, this makes him hated by a lot of humans, but he doesn't mind, he's going to rule the world as soon as people realise his age isn't a hindrance.
Bradley Cooper . 36 . Volsonne . OPEN


When her older brother got his Nsiloq at 19, Reyes went to watch, still a child, but she was fascinated. She vowed she wouldn’t wait that long and so by 15 years old and unable to wait any longer, REYES got her Nsiloq, going all the way to blue/green just for the design, no matter the pain. Becoming a Nsiqo, she now has multiple markings on her, and is desperate to learn about the way the humans pattern themselves.
Michelle Rodriguez . 28-35 . Employed . OPEN


The leader of the Adveni race, NAUTRIA knows he is better than everybody else. He is used to getting everything he wants before he even thinks he wants it, and has absolutely no time for humans.
Kevin Spacey . 60 . Volsonne . NPC


Part of the Military Emergency Medical Response, UTTRIDGE may look about as dangerous as a puppy, but he is the last person you want against you in battle. Actually highly trained in combat and the body, UTTRIDGE can kill you as soon as look at you, he just chooses to put his efforts to healing instead.
Topher Grace . 29 . Military . NPC

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