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» The Breeding Programs, A/A, H/A, H/H
 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 10:16 AM
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The Adveni/Adveni Program

Not all procreation in the Adveni race is organised. In fact, only roughly 15% is organised through Tletonise Pairing, though all Adveni are screened for their genetics upon coming of age. Partners are matched based solely on their genetic compatibility, creating the most lucrative combinations.

Someone who is incredibly smart, but not brawny, would be most likely to be paired with someone else who is incredibly smart, in order to create an intellectual superior. Good soldiers are often paired together to create the next line of military. This is not the absolute, merely the more common choice. Apart from physical attributes such as strength, speed, and agility, appearance does not factor into the breeding process at all. Race, hair and eye colour, height, are not considered as deciding factors in pairings.

Once a genetic match is chosen, both the male and female are contacted and informed of the date (based on ovulation) and place of their pairing. A neutral location is determined and they are given a day, (which is the equivalent of 37 human hours on Otvenlaist.)

After the pairing has taken place, the male is completely free of his obligation. The female is put under strict monitoring for four weeks until they can determine with accuracy if she is pregnant. Once it is determined she is pregnant, she is taken to a facility so that they can monitor the pregnancy at all times.

Once a female Adveni is pregnant through Tletonise pairing, her life is not her own. She is treated well, but she makes no decisions as to the progression of her pregnancy. The only decision parents make in the pairing is after the birth.

The Human/Human Program

If you don't know how humans have children, I'm not explaining it to you.

Adveni organised Human/Human pairings are personal affairs, and are not organised by the Government or scientists. This is often conducted through private channels, and will be pushed for between owners of Slaves. Some Adveni become quite well known through their 'business'.

Like animal breeding, an Adveni will have a 'Stud' male, and will sell his services on to owners of female slaves who want their slave to have a child. The pairings the Stud pairs in is the choice of their owner, and owners of female slaves may have to 'woo' this owner for the chance to pay to use their Stud.

Slaves being considered for pairings are often put through many medical tests, and genetic screening, almost like their Pedigree. This can be asked for to make sure a Stud, or a mother, will not produce a child with medical or genetic problems.

How the actual pairing is organised, and the care of the pregnant slave, is completely up to their Adveni owners.

The Human/Adveni Program

Still in it's infancy, the Human/Adveni breeding program is constantly changing. As it currently stands:

Adveni are selected to take part and they are given the chance to choose a human breeding partner (Cinyty). These Cinyty can come from anywhere, but once selected are given vigorous tests to prove eligibility. Once the Adveni has selected a number of possible candidates, the most genetically suitable is chosen for the Adveni.

Female Cinyty are kept under strict watch in a facility, due to the infancy of the program, and kept to much harsher guidelines than Adveni women. Once a Cinyty has completed their position within the program, they are paid or given the opportunity of work (in the hopes of keeping them willing to be used again) and released. The child is kept under Adveni care, and only if the parent keeps to all Adveni law, are they to be allowed to have a relationship with their child.

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