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 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 10:15 AM
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As an RP is not just one person telling a story, but many people coming together, I have decided to leave weaponry open for members to decide upon and create. If you create a weapon to be used by the Adveni, please contact the staff and let them know. If it fits with the information given on the Adveni, it will be put here for all members to see and use, (with your permission, obviously.)
If you are unsure about a type of weapon, please contact the staff and we will give you any information we can.

Mkahnol / Interitus The Interitus, as it’s known on Earth, in both it’s Human and Adveni name means ruin and destruction. This bomb is best likened to a Nuclear bomb, and will destroy everything it touches, and the blast radius, like nuclear fallout, just keeps spreading. The Interitus’s radius, however, can be contained by two pillars which stand equidistant from the bomb on opposite sides, which create what can only be described as an arced forcefield, containing the blast. This bomb was the weapon used to destroy many human cities including London and New York.
It is believed that there is an Interitus bomb placed in every city on Earth (including Adlai) to be detonated if the Adveni are ever forced into a retreat from Earth, to be set off and destroy all human cities and wipe out most of the population.

Noreroki tactical sphere: Spherically shaped, deep gorges run through the sphere giving it the appearance of orange segments. These segments light up with corresponding colours when the sphere is activated or switched into safe mode. So you end up with green segment lines for activated, red lines for device preparing to explode and blue when a command is cancelled.
Chase Galleon has dubbed this weapon 'Rubix Cube of Death'

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