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 Posted: Jun 22 2012, 09:57 AM
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Welcome to the Interitus dictionary. Here you will find a selection of words created specifically for use on Interitus. These include job/group/place names, insults, Adveni words for Human things, and Human words for Adveni things.

The dictionary will be constantly updated, so if a word wasn't here last time, check again.

Also, please PM the Staff if you create a word and would like it added to the dictionary, or would like a word created for you.

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ADLAI • City that Interitus is set in.
-- (Pronunciation: ad-lay)
ADVENA • A single member of the Adveni race.
-- (Pronunciation: ad-ven-ah)
ADVENI • An alien race currently inhabiting earth.
• Plural to 'ADVENA'
• Can be used to reference a single Advena, if not talking about a specific person.
-- (Pronunciation: ad-ven-ee)
ADVTENIS • Language spoken by Adveni race.
-- (Pronunciation: ad-tven-eese)
AGRAH • Land and Sea division of the Adveni Military
-- (Pronunciation: ag-krah)
A.I. • Amnesty International, now reduced to a rebel organisation.
ATULRIS • Tzelik Cargo ship that travels between Ovtenlaist and Os-Veruh
-- (Pronunciation: at-ul-riss)
BELSA • Member of the Eighth Army Sect.
-- (Pronunciation: bell-zah)
BELSAZ • Adveni insult for member of the Eighth Army
-- (Pronunciation: bell-zaz)
BURYD • Adjective to describe an inmate of Lyndbury Compound.
-- (Example: "He's buryd, we won't see him again.")
CHEMICAL CARTEL • Group of rebel humans, mostly drug dealers and mercenaries.
CINYSTALQ • A tracking device placed on Drysta.
-- (Translation: human servant collar)
-- (Pronunciation: sin-ih-stalc)
CINYTY • A human chosen for breeding with Adveni
-- (Pronunciation: sin-ih-tee)
COPAQ • Adveni word for Gun
-- (Pronunciation: coh-pack)
DRETA • Adveni word for group of human servants.
• Plural to 'DRYSTA'
-- (Pronunciation: dreh-tah)
DRYSTA • Adveni word for Human servant.
-- (Pronunciation: dree-stah)
EIGHTH ARMY • Group of rebel human fighters.
GRUTT • Human word for another human chosen for breeding.
• Insult to a human that associates with Adveni.
INTERITUS • An Adveni bomb
LYNDBURY COMPOUND • Prison facility to the west of Adlai.
MKAHNOL • A mass destruction bomb able to wipe out entire cities.
-- (Pronunciation: muh-kah-knoll)
NHYRAHBY • Air division of the Adveni Military
-- (Pronunciation: nih-rah-bay)
NSILOQ • Noun: Tattoo given to Adveni at progression into adulthood
• Adjective: Tough/Strong/Brave
-- (Pronunciation: tsny-lock)
NSIQO • Adveni trained to administer Nsiloq tattoos.
-- (Pronunciation: tsny-koh)
OLCINYTY • Adveni word for prostitute
-- (Translation: human chosen for breeding who will not give birth.)
-- (Pronunciation: olc-sin-ih-tee)
OS-VERUH • A Planet colonised by Adveni
-- (Pronunciation: oz-veh-rue)
OVTENLAIST • Adveni home planet
OYOBUKS • Adveni insult meaning 'fuckers'
-- (Pronunciation: oi-oh-bucks)
PRYN • Adveni swearword, loosely translated meaning 'fuck'
-- (Pronunciation: prin)
QUELLENICH • An Adveni food dish, known for it's strong smell and flavour.
-- (Pronunciation: kwell-en-eesh)
STAKKRE • Adveni word for Executioner.
-- (Pronunciation: stack-cruh)
STAKKRON • Adveni insult meaning poor excuse for a soldier.
-- ( Translation: Executioner of oneself)
-- (Pronunciation: stack-crohne)
TLETONISE • Adveni word for 'genetics'.
-- (Pronunciation: tlet-ton-eese)
TSENTYL • Hand held communications device.
-- (Pronunciation: tzen-till)
TSEVSTAKRE • Adveni Elite 'Special Ops' Military group.
-- (Translation: Just Executioner)
-- (Pronunciation: tzev-stake-reh)
TZELIK • Space division of the Adveni Military
-- (Pronunciation: tzel-ick)
VAELAR • Adveni word for hunter.
• Most commonly used for Tsevstakre who choose hunting.
-- (Pronunciation: Vay-lar)
VARSONNIR • Adveni Insult intended for someone whose ego is too big for their position.
-- (Pronunciation: Var-sohn-eere)
VEDEA • Adveni term of endearment, though can be seen as quite condescending.
• Most commonly used for children from an adult.
-- (Pronunciation: Veh-dear)
VEDELNA • Adveni term of endearment.
-- (Pronunciation: Veh-del-nah)
VEDESHA • Adveni word for baby sister, seen as condescending.
-- (Pronunciation: Veh-deesh-a)
VEDESHI • Adveni word for baby brother, seen as condescending.
-- (Pronunciation: Veh-deesh-i)
VOLSONNAR • Leader of the Adveni.
-- (Pronunciation: Vol-sohn-ah)
VOLSONNE • Name for Adveni in position of power over the speaker (I.E: Boss/Parent/Elder)
-- (Pronunciation: Vol-sohn)
VOLSONNAE • Something intended for the higher ranking Adveni. (I.E Volsonnae housing)
• Plural to Volsonne (I.E if talking in general about people higher than oneself.)
-- (Pronunciation: Vol-sohn-ay)
VTENSU • Adveni insult, meaning ‘bastard’
• Insult commonly used by humans for Adveni.
-- (Pronunciation: tven-sue)
VURICHE • one of the languages spoken by people on Os-Veruh.
-- (Pronunciation: vuh-reesh-eh)
ZSELKET'S • Brothel ran by Adrian Dale
-- (Pronunciation: tsell-kats
ZSRAYKIL • Person with undesirable genetics.
-- (Pronunciation: tsray-kill)
ZSRYLIQ • Insult for Adveni with a red Nsiloq or undesirable genetics.
-- (Pronunciation: tsril-ick)
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